Tomorrow’s the big day (insha’allah)

Insha’allah, tomorrow I’m putting in my two weeks notice for my job. I can’t believe I’m actually taking the step. It seems surreal. I’m nervous but also excited. There have been a lot of crazy things that have happened at my job. My boss is a real piece of work. She shows little respect for my religion, is very judgmental and gossips about her employees (with other employees.) In addition to that she shows favoritism to certain employees. There are a lot of other unethical things that take place in the office. It’s unfortunate because I think the organization does some really good work. I love my job but the office environment isn’t cool. Lately, I feel like I’m dragging myself to work. My heart’s just not in it anymore. If I wasn’t getting married and moving, insha’allah, I’d be looking for another job with every fiber of my being.

Now I need to think about what I want to do with my life. I’m a little burnt out on domestic violence work. (At least full time anyway). Today I went to court for a murder case. The defendant murdered his child’s mother in order to get out of paying child support. Shot her in cold blood with his child in the back seat of the car (in a church parking lot of all places!) As I sat there (fighting back tears) while listening to the victim’s family members talk about how the murder of this young woman affected their lives, I said to myself, I need a change. I’m ready to do something else. I’m definitely committed to the cases I’ve been working with for the past three years- sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse cases- but I can’t do it full time anymore. Maybe I can volunteer a couple of hours in the evening.

I really miss working at the university. Aside from the benefit of getting to take free classes,
I miss the energy and vitality of university life. I liked the fact that a university is kind of a middle road between working for a non-profit and working for a corporation. It’s as big as a corporation but has a non-profit feel (depending on which department you work in of course.) Insha’allah we will see what is in store for me. I’m just welcoming a change…


One response to “Tomorrow’s the big day (insha’allah)

  1. First time coming thru…Nice blog you got here…commentary is on point!Definitely wont be my last visit!

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