Confession: I Wanna Have a Baby

I can’t believe I’m saying it either. Up until now I’ve relished in the fact that I’ve been 100% kid free. I can get up and go when I please, spend all of my money on myself and only have to think about taking care of myself. It has been a nice feeling, I can’t deny it. But something has happened to me all of a sudden. I don’t know if it’s turning 33 or what but I’m really starting to feel “the baby itch.” I was thinking about it today and I was asking myself, why are you making such a big deal about this? You can handle it. And you know what, I think I can. I just have to stop being afraid. Stop worrying about losing my independence or freedom. The rest is up to Allah.


9 responses to “Confession: I Wanna Have a Baby

  1. Salaam.I came across your blog when I was looking for muslimah clothings online so I thought why not extend my salaam to you.I enjoyed reading some of your posts.I’m a virgin blogger..haha…Anyway,Insya Allah, Allah will bless you with a baby.It’s a beautiful thing,and something that you would love more than yourself.Hope we can correspond again.

  2. Take it from a mom… it has to be the most fulfilling, powerful and beautiful thing… being a mom and sharing yourself with the life that came from you, masha Allah, there is nothing like it. Insha Allah you will be rewarded with this blessing.

  3. Jamerican Muslimah

    Thanks wannder. Insha’allah I will be blessed.

    tru3woman, thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Having a child is indeed a wonderful thing. Just make sure that you chose the other parent well

  5. Jamerican Muslimah

    And therein lies the problem Tariq…

  6. I want one too, insha’Allah. In the future if Allah sees fit : )

  7. I was the same way regarding not want a kid until I turned 33! I’m not sure what happened but I actually wanted a baby and now that he is here I am totally sprung!

  8. Okay, so it’s February 6, 2009 and I DO NOT want to have a baby. See how I flip flop?

  9. @Samah. LOL! Yes a year ago I wanted one too. Now…not so much. Check in with you about this in another year.

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