Celebrating 16 years, alhamdulillah!

Alhamdulillah, today is my “shahadah anniversary.” I’m celebrating 16 years of being Muslim, mashallah. It’s be a little rough but Allah has continued to offer me guidance and protection. I’ve learned so much along the way and grown so much as a person. I’ve finally reached the point where I can say “mashallah” for every trial and hardship that befalls me. (That took me a while!) I think about where I was 8 years ago and where I am now and I can’t believe it. I also think about how I grew up and where I could be in life if I didn’t have Islam…subhanallah…

In commeration of today I created a little amateur video. Yeah, it’s a little conceited since it’s all about me but I’m allowed every once in a while right? (Hey, I included some not so flattering photos too). The song is from Remarkable Current’s Tyson and Sidi Yassir and it’s called “Girl of My City.”  I could identify with what he’s saying about “the girl.” For those of you who don’t listen to music, the song is a nasheed but has instruments…I think the Oud, saxophone and drums…also the song is available on Belike Muhammad’s, “Songs in the Key of Imam.” You can purchase it at Astrolabe if you’re interested.


13 responses to “Celebrating 16 years, alhamdulillah!

  1. Barikallah! Here’s to sixteen more years!

  2. mashallah! i reverted only 2 years ago and i already feel the deep change and i am constantly developeing, alhamdulliah!

    But, where did your video go?



  3. Jazakhallah, thank you both. Najima, I can see the video…

  4. hmm it always says ” we’re sorry this video is no longer available!”…

  5. as salaamu alaikum wr wb
    mabrook sister. may Allah continue to reward, protect and increase you .
    what happended to the video????? you really would have enjoyed living in the bay area. the remarkable current artists always put on a phenomenal show. your “favorite” imams’ son even performed at one of them.

  6. Okay, it should be working now…

  7. Salaams Sister:

    It’s OK to be all about you – because it’s YOUR day! Mabrook dear!

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  9. Sixteen years! You look younger than me and I’m 25! Congratulations on 16 years and a sparkling grape juice toast to 16 more!

  10. Mabrookulations on 16 years with many more to come inshaAllah!

  11. Musa Abdul-Aziz Evans

    WOW! Maha’Allah and Congrats to YOU Sister!
    You’re truly an inSPIRation.
    Love~Brother Musa

  12. Mabrook sis!


  13. Congrads on 16 yrs 🙂 what i love most about that video is the way you look like a beautiful strong WOMAN and then you flash the most innocent and sweet looking smile…. luv it. Your husbands a luck man.

    Your sis Sophie

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