*Patwa post

Sometimes the best way for me to express myself is in patwa. This especially true when I’m frustrated or angry. So excuse me for a second…

Mi feel a weh tideh. Mi nuh know wha trouble me suh but it come like mi cyaan res mi mine. Mi granny did always ask mi wha mek mi so haunted. (Mi neva have nuh repsonse edda caw mi nuh really know). She seh mi always a bunks bout like mi nuh ave nuh home. Cyaan res miself noweh. Truth she a tawk because all now mi tink bout move- AGAIN. And mi fus come yah when? January? Mi miserable yuh si? Cha! Mi cyan fine noweh mi like. One deh mi here, nex mi ova dere. Fram yu tun yu head mi deh pon road again. What a life… Restlessness is a trouble. And yu know wha? I fah one is tiad a de aggravation. Sometimes mi tink Granny speak di trut when she tell mi seh mi too craven. Mi nuh know… But mi fi tap di foolishness an mek up mi mine. Midwest, East Coast, South Florida. Cyaan have di man falla mi fram one place to di nex. So, Miss Sweetie [a mi name so] wha yuh gwine do? Mek up yu mine and sekkle yuhself lady. Tap di foolishness, cha!

*This post brought to you by Jamaica, West Indies and the grandmother who taught me the best way to express frustration and tribulation is through the use of Jamaica patwa. Tanks!


9 responses to “*Patwa post

  1. Musa Abdul-Aziz Evans


  2. TrinaBritTrousers

    I feel so tired.I don’t know what troubles me so much,but it seems I cannot rest my mind!My darling Grandmother always asks me what makes me so worrisome.(I never have a decent answer,because I don’t really know why myself).

    She says I move around like a homeless person.I just can’t seem to settle down.
    She is telling the truth because I’m thinking of moving-yet AGAIN!And when is this going to happen?January?I’m miserable,don’t you realize my pain?!Darnit!I can’t find my “ideal home” anywhere.It’s like one day I’m here,the next there.Every time you turn your head,I’m on the road again.What a life..restlessness brings so much drama with it.And you know what,I for one am tired of the aggravation!
    Sometimes I feel my Grandmother is rightwhen she tells me how high mantainence and indecisive I can be.I don’t know…but,I need to stop all of this craziness and make up my mind.Midwest.East
    Coast,or Soth Florida.Why can’t I have aman follow me from place to place?So,young lady,what are you going to finally do?!
    Make up your mind and settle down for your own sake,honey.Stop being so hard on yourself.

    howz dat?!LOL

  3. My best freind growing up was jamaican..this reminds me of her……….

  4. I love this post. I can relate also abotu being restless. I am the same way been all over the Us and jamaica nd now th eMiddle east and still cant find my spot in the world!!!

  5. Trini, excellent translation. Three things:

    (1) I just moved to my currrent city in January and I’m frustrated because I’m moving (insha’allah) AGAIN
    (2) I was saying I can’t have “dis man” (i.e. my husband) follow me all over [because of my restlessness]
    (3) “Sweetie” is my nickname from Jamaica

  6. Wow. And to think, I actually understood all of that. Must be all the reggae I listen to….. So lyrical..

  7. as salaamu alaikum
    i got most of it and would ask my husband to help me with the rest but then he would know too mush about what i am up to (lol). moving again????? have you considered tha bay area?

  8. Walaikum salaam muslimahlocs,

    Yes, I’ve considered the Bay Area. My Best friend just moved out there. We’ll see where the blowing wind takes me…

  9. Salaam Alaikum,

    I loved reading that and I understood that and I’m not sure how. Is it listening to reggae, watching Desmonds (although the main cast members were Guyanese, so it’s not quite the same) or reading some Benjamin Zephaniah?

    Anyway your frustation came across very clearly. Insha Allah, I hope you find somewhere you settled soon.

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