Is Allah Enough for You? (Some deep thoughts I’ve been having)

I pose this question to you and to myself. You see, I started thinking about it because of the kutbah on Friday. The khatib reminded us that Allah is not accountable to us but rather we are accountable to Allah. We demand an explanation for things but Allah does not owe us an explanation about the things that he does or why he does them.  The khatib also talked about how we, as Muslims, as human beings, say we love Allah and that we worship Allah alone but we do so with limitations. What does he mean? It means that we love and obey Allah within the boundaries of our own emotional and personal comfort zones. You know, as long as we are getting we what we want. Or enough to assuage our feelings of guilt. But when push comes to shove how many of can say that we REALLY love Allah and that we REALLY put our trust in him? Or do we utter the words but as soon as something goes wrong we start blaming Allah and asking why he is doing to us what he is doing to us? How many of us say “mashallah” and keep on loving Allah and worshipping him nonetheless because we know whatever tests he sends our way are all to our benefit? Even if it hurts…even if we don’t understand it.

What if Allah took away everything you had? (May Allah not test any of us with such a burden. Ameen). What if Allah took away some of the things you have? What if Allah handed you a very difficult test that you didn’t understand? How do you react? Do you become angry? Do you take pity on yourself? Do you ask, “Why me Allah?” Do you work tirelessly (against your own soul and better judgement) to try and fix things even it means disobeying Allah? Do you tell yourself your disobedience is okay because of your extenuating circumstances? Or do you turn to Allah and ask for guidance? Do you ask Allah to grant you patience? Do you ask Allah to help you learn the lesson you need to learn or pass the test you need to pass even if you don’t understand the test and it appears to have no rhyme or reason? I guess the question I am asking you (and myself) is do you REALLY trust Allah? How strong is your iman? And how willing are you to accept Allah’s Qadr?

I’ve heard about (and personally know) sisters and brothers who have left the deen because of the hardships or tests Allah is blessed them with. (That’s right I say blessed because every test is blessing because it is something Allah is trying to teach us). I know our ummah has it’s share of problems and that other Muslims sometimes make it difficult for us to exist as Muslims. But if a sister leaves Islam because Allah tested her with a horrible husband or a brother leaves because he fell out with some other brothers in the Muslim community what does it say about their trust in Allah? At the end of the day, what does the person or experience have to do with their obligation to Allah? (And believe me, I understand that sometimes people are new to Islam and they haven’t been shown the best example. I get that. I’m just sayin’.)  NO ONE, insha’allah, is going to cause me to leave this deen because I understand some things about it. Alhamdulillah, I am still Muslim because I KNOW that my relationship with Allah is bigger and heavier than any fitnah in the Muslim community, relationship with my friends, family or spouse. But mashallah, I have been blessed with this understanding by Allah.

And trust me, I am not speaking from a holier-than-position either. I struggle with these issues all the time. I “took a break” from Islam because of the things that happened to me when I was a new shahadah. But I never stopped wanting to be Muslim and I never gave up on myself or Allah. ALHAMDULILAAH! It took some time for me to understand the purpose of tests and to really get it through my head that I would not always understand why I was given the ones I was given. I had to accept that being Muslim is not always a comfortable ride. Allah says in Sura 29, Ayahs 2-3,

Do people think they will be left alone as long as they say, “We believe,” without their being tried? We indeed tried those before them, and Allah does know who were truthful, and does indeed know who were false.

During those times I couldn’t say “mashallah” about the tests I was given. And I certainly couldn’t stop trying to fix things even when Allah was showing me that I had no control. I  actually spoke about giving up control to Allah but I was never really in control to begin with. I was only kidding myself. But again, ALHAMDULILLAH, Allah started putting me in situations where I had no one else to turn to for help BUT HIM. And even when I couldn’t quite grasp that lesson, Allah kept putting me in the same predicament until a light came on in my head. Like, “Oh, I get it now!”  (Charles you wanted ‘Muslim testifying’, well, I’m testifying, lol).

We talk all the time about Qadr but how willing are we to accept it? Yes, we need to do what we can within the bounds of our limited free will. And no, we shouldn’t stand passively by in this life, watch things happen and chalk it up to Qadr. But there is way in which we can carry our portion of the load but at the same time accept Allah’s Qadr. (Even more so when things happen that we do not like). But I digress….

The question still remains. Is Allah enough for you? If you didn’t have all that you currently have or if you had to start from scratch or if things weren’t going your way, would your love, faith and trust in Allah still be enough for you? 

Mi done preach…


19 responses to “Is Allah Enough for You? (Some deep thoughts I’ve been having)

  1. Alright Jamerican. You win, that is to say, you really win when you annihalate yourself for Allah. A lot of us have twisted understandings about Qadr among other things, but I can tell you that if one doesn’t sail on the wings of Allah’s Glory, Decision, and Majesty then they are certainly choosing the devil’s company. It’s no wonder folks wrote thousands of pages about proper intentions and trusting Allah.

  2. Salaam Alaikum,

    Masha Allah sister!

    I often think when I am thankful for all my blessings, that even if Allah Most High took them all away, I would still have to worship him and do so with gratitude. Allah the Most High owes us nothing, we on the other hand…

    P.S Love your fashion blog too, Masha Allah I definitely need the inspiration.

  3. Salaams Sister:

    I had Allah (swt) test me in such a way – practically took everything from me all at once. Yes, I initially cried and asked why. But in the end, it made me stronger in my deen and in my iman. And guess what? He gave me back everything! And even added some, Alhamdulillah! Good post, sis.

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  5. As Salamu Alaykum

    Really good post. I’m in the midst of a break presently. I’ve been Muslim insh Allah for less than 2 years and that first year and a half were hardcore. Anyway, I came home for a break for a bit and pulled away for the last 4 months (especially in the last 2). I became Muslim when returning to college and after doing so my pursuits were derailed for a bit and now I’m looking at giving it a third try and moving back to a state in which it’s easiest for me to practice. I really appreciate your post. Getting over becoming a minority again (after becoming Muslim) and dealing with Desi and Arab American cultural issues has indeed been trying. Not to mention the heartbreak of watching Muslim men just be crazy. Some Muslim men have carved out a special place of their own in the land of wrong. I’ve only mostly been affected by helping friends while they go through things, yet being an eyewitness to craziness does indeed leave it’s mark. Your post is encouraging. I seriously felt that I had entered a realm in which I didn’t know if I believed in tests anymore. I just thought that stuff was whack and that I needed to take care of it myself and not allow for anything else to go wrong. I thought that making the decision to go an expensive school was indeed my bad decision (even though that’s what led me to being Muslim) and I’ve been trying to take blame for decisions that I made with the best intentions that I could muster, prior to being Muslim even though I made them with the information available to me at that time. The decisions have been purely financial that have caused me grief because being a person trying to find your way career-wise in the Muslim community is like being an orphan. Thanks Again for the post.

  6. I wouldnt call what im on a break-but my iman is definately low….i have my spurts where I feel like its rising then it goes down again….ive never wanted to stop being a muslimah…never….I want To be a better muslimah..I just feel so WEAK….sometimes I dont even know where to start,what to do to get my iman to be higher and stable….its constantly fluctuating…..

  7. JM,

    Jazaka Allah Khair for this post b/c this is indeed an essential part of the struggle. My struggle. Although, praise be to Allah ta ala, I have never lost any large material thing, I have felt empty or loss in side. The only way out of that kind of despair is through trust and belief in Allah. I did not always know this. I was not always aware or grateful for Allah pulling me out.

    The katib at my last Jumuah gave some interesting thoughts related to yours. He said that ingratitude towards other people who help you is ingratitude towards Allah because it is Allah who put those people there for you. How many times do we, have I, because of selfish desires or plain laziness not properly acknowledged or been grateful towards people in my life?

    I think it is easy for us to say Masha’Allah or other words but difficult to make our entire selves act in accordance to these words. Passive-aggressive behavior, secret selfishness or resentment that we mask as “being real” or even “ambitious” shows us to be false in our words. I realize that I have a lot more to learn from what you wrote.

    May Allah bless you for this reminder that you have given all of us!

  8. Ive tagged you sis…go take a look…

  9. I am so glad you wrote this, sister. it’s exactly what I needed to read. May your blessings be continuous.

  10. Asalaamu alaikum sister,

    Hey, would you be willing to allow me to link to this on a new blog I created at I think this post, and also Zayna’s comment, are really relevent to that. 🙂

  11. Walaikum salaam Aaminah, no problem…

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  13. Assalamu Allaikum sister,

    I was wondering what jamerican meant, then it came obvious to me right away. You posted a very insightful blog. Thanks. BTW, do you know any single jamerican sisters looking for a man. Sorry, for asking in the open.

  14. Masha allaha may allah bless you all with his mercy

  15. As salaamu alaikum sister samah ( smile), once again really good post , do I think Allah( swt) is enough for me absolutely, I accept Allah’s qadr every time , this came with many dua’s, patience, and understanding. I now understand and embrace that there is none grater than Allah (swt) . As stated above that there may have been times for some who may have questioned a particular situation knowing that this was Allah’s will, have I done this sure I have , do I do this now absolutely not, what I’ve realized is that I must not say oh this is what Allah ( swt) has willed for me , masha Allah. I must participate and really know and believe. If my belief is weak in that aspect I must continue to be present , so that just as Allah has willed , Allah( swt) is the almighty what has been done can surley be un done through him , and I know Allah( swt) and only Allah( (swt)can do this no one else , for me if I begin to question Allah(swt) who else is there no one , and believe me before deep searching , acceptance, patience and lot’s of prayer , I actually believed that someone or something else could be better , Allah please forgive me for my wayward way of thinking, and my ignorance, Ameen. sister I really enjoy reading your post as well as your fashion blog , I pray that allah ( swt) continues to bless you Ameen. As salaamu alaikum

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  17. Salamu a;aikum sister

    Loved the post, it’s just what I needed. I’ve been having a really tough time lately but this has cheered me up.


  18. It’s very exiting to read your report about the islam.
    And it is the truth. We won’t be allowed to change our
    ways. We will be able to take Allah’s way. Allah is
    teaching, protecting and selling us. We are using the opportunity to become a well people. He is wanna it.
    The questions still remains and Allah is enough for you.
    He’s manna brighten our day and care about us.
    We’re gonna grant our patience. A people, who’s granting his patience, is particularly granting all of the whole world. It’s was right. I was presenting my attention into your announce, which you have written very well.

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