Random (sometimes disjointed) Thoughts

-Why is the Muhammad Asad translation of Quran so incredibly expensive?

-I’m thinking of retiring my fashion blog. My heart is not in it much these days and I can’t seem to keep up with it. Or maybe I should merge it with this blog. I don’t know…

 -Man short, man short! Would you share your man? Listen to these [Black] Canadian and Caribbean Canadian women talk.  I found the mix of responses interesting to say the least. Wonder how some of these ideas play into the Muslim community and our understanding, perceptions, and/or acceptance of polygyny…

-The gas prices…WTH? I have a Toyota Matrix and it usually costs me anywhere from $25-$30 to fill up. Now I’m coming in around $42. This is insanity!

-One of my guilty pleasures is watching America’s Next Top Model. (Yeah, I know…) Anyhow, I was surprised that Whitney became the first plus size model to  win the show. Now, in “real life” Whitney is not “plus sized” but has curves (i.e. hips, booty and thighs). She might be what Black folks call “thick.” Says Whitney, “People always say you have to be stick-skinny, emaciated and unhealthy and I’ve kind of stood up for [being full-figured] my whole life…” Go Girl. Let’s hear it for the thick girls! And of course…one of my favorite thick girl representatives (Ms. Jennifer Hudson):

-Speaking of thick girls…I have a preview copy of Lalah Hathaway’s new CD. LOVE IT!This is for real grown folks music. Very mellow and no lyrics like “shawty you lookin’ hot” or “You’re so fine you blow my mind.”

-I’d really like to see more Islamic fiction. Yes, I’ve been working on my “book” for quite some time now but I can’t seem to really focus as much as I’d like to. I appreciate Umm Zakiyyah’s Salafi-oriented fiction, Mojha Kahf’s more liberal The Girl in the Tangerine Scarfand Leila Aboulela’s Minaret (British-Sudanese inspired fiction). I just need more. More, more, more!

-Why are some Muslim sisters warring on myspace? I guess it’s not enough for us to tear each other to bits in the masjid or on the blogosphere. We have to do it through our bulletins and personal pages on myspace. It’s sad. And you know what, I don’t expect everyone to get along but seriously…

-I need to go home. (Home=Jamaica). I’m due for a visit. I need it desperately. *sigh*

-It’s amazing how much I’m like my mom. The older I get the more I hear her in the things I say. The other day I was talking to her on the phone and she said, “you sound like me.” One time I was speaking to my mom’s best friend about something (I don’t remember what) and she was like, “You sound just like your mama. You really are your mother’s daughter.”

-If you were married to me would you be upset by this pic? (My friend sent it to me on my birthday because she knows I like dancehall artist Baby Cham).


9 responses to “Random (sometimes disjointed) Thoughts

  1. I really love your Islamic fashion blog! But if you’re tired of it-you’re tired of it ) :

    Yes, we need more Islamic fiction AHORA! I’ve read all that you’ve mentioned and I am working on my “book” too. Did you ever read If I Should Speak or A Voice by Umm Zakiyyah? I read If I Should Speak but found the characters to be a bit flat. A little too much preaching, too…

  2. Zayna, I’ve read all of her books. I have to agree with you about the characters being flat and certainly about the preaching. It seems the author was more interesting in preaching than anything else. But alhamdulillah, I appreciate the effort…

  3. as salaamu alaikum
    re: the fashion blog. ooooohhhh, no! if you are tired of it, enlist some assistance. make it a group effort.
    re: man short
    i’m mad that there were little kids in the room during grown folks conversation. and was someone actually applying the creamy crack in at the “natural salon”?
    re: the war
    glad i missed that.
    re: home
    i need a vacation. i really want to go back to paris but who knows when that will happen.
    re: mom
    being “your mother’s daughter” is a compliment and a blessing.
    re: pic
    no, i’d laugh it off. and ask about making another one with me in it. but you know men, even the cool and seemingly self-assured ones…

  4. walaikum salaam muslimalocs,

    I’m thinking about merging the fashion blog with this one. I haven’t reached a decision yet…

    You’re very perceptive! As much as I’ve watched the video I never noticed the child in the room or the fact that he was applying a relaxer in a natural hair salon! LOL.

    About the pic…I don’t see anything wrong with it…

  5. As Salaamu Alaikum Sister:

    I think you would enjoy the work of this author:


    Try her “Echoes” Series: Echoes, Rebounding, Turbulence, and Ripples. She is currently writing the last book of the series: Silence.

    Although each book can stand on it’s own, I suggest reading them in order.

  6. Assalaamualaikum,

    Haha Muslimahlocs. They switched salons quickly. The first one was the natural hair salon and the second was called “Urban Textures”.

    Not that I’m making any excuses for the crack.

  7. joie de vivre

    I love Caribbean women, it brought back many memories from my past. The older women were trying to tell them they are sharing men already. My Grandfather, his brothers and all the other older men I knew with money had 2nd families. All the women had their own houses and cars and knew each other. Sharing men is nothing new, women share rich and powerful men all the time.

  8. assalamu alikeum

    Na’ima B Roberts- “From my sister’s lips”
    – “From somalia with love”

    The 2nd one isnt out (14th june) and its more of a book for young people-teens. Im going to buy one for my little sis (i’ll proabaly read it too). Its about time she finally had a book, where the character represents someone like her: black, african and muslim and in a postive way.

    I read umm zayyikah’s collection (if i should so speak and the other 2 sequels) I found it too prechy as well and almost quite judgemental in a way. its a shame because it could have been a really good series of books, but it turned me off.

    erm also you could try ‘the reluctant fundementalist’- moshin hamid i thought it was ok. i dont know if i could call it islamic fiction though.

    theres not that many authours who write ‘islamic’ fiction in the mainstream (maybe some with small publishers)- which is proabably why im stuck thinking of more names.

  9. p.s assalamu alikeum 🙂

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