Tagged again…

10 things I hope for in my life…

  • To perform Hajj
  • I can find a city I’m happy with so I stay there once and for all
  • That I can stick to my workout regimen
  • To continually increase in my level of Islamic knowledge and deen
  • For my mom and sister to take shahadah
  • That I will die in the state of iman
  • To complete the book I’ve been starting and stopping for the past 5 years
  • To learn more Quran
  • That I can pass the tests Allah gives me and learn from them
  • Complete my thesis


One response to “Tagged again…

  1. as salaamu alaikum
    having moved around a lot, i know how you feel about #2. ironically, i am back in a city that i once loathed. the city hasn’t changed all that much but i have. now, i love and cannot imagine living anywhere else…for right now.

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