Goodbye Burger King!

It’s not like I eat Burger King very often but if I’m on a road trip or something it’s one of the places I go to. Sadly, they fry their fish with their pork products. Here is the daleel: Burger King Site. If you scroll down past the ingredients to the section entitled “Fried Products” you’ll find the info.

Sorry to ruin it for you BK fans but I had to pass the knowledge on.


6 responses to “Goodbye Burger King!

  1. Salaams Sis:

    ugh … May Allah (swt) reward you for the knowledge!

  2. That’s too bad,although im not into BK like that either….

  3. Oh man, how disappointing. 😦 I bet all the fast food places are the same. *sigh* Now it’s going to be even more difficult to travel with my family. They already think I’m some kind of troublemaker. 😦

  4. You can still eat the fries though – they have their own special frying bin. (But they use partially hydrogenated oils which are REALLY REALLY bad for you.)

  5. TheAngryMuslimah

    No Bk fish for me…………….oh well……..

    thaks sis I will be sure to pass it on……

  6. Yes, BK, MickieD, Churches Chik, etc., uses LARD for frying. That’s old news. When traveling take a frozen bag of vegetables that you’ve cut up, not the pre-packaged pre-cut. Also, take frozen grapes, almonds, peanuts, trail mix, dried fruit, etc., and plenty of water.

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