More Random Thoughts…

-The term “got pregnant” annoys me. It makes it sound like a woman was walking down the street and all of a sudden pregnant jumped on her. Or like she went to the mall, purchased it, came home and said, “Look what I got! Pregnant!” The term “got pregnant” completely takes the man out of the equation. How convenient…

-I really want a camcorder. Wouldn’t it be great if I posted a few video blogs every now and then? I’d be a star!

-What was I doing this time last year? This is a thought that came to me suddenly. I think I was talking to the Trini brother. (If any of you used to read my marriage blog you know who I’m talking about). I wonder whatever became of him…I hope he found someone.

-Speaking of men, I miss my hubby. I try not think about it but how can I not?

-My golden shoes are cute. My friend calls them Dorothy shoes. (You know Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz):

-Tomorrow, insha’allah I’m going to the NAACP job fair. Maybe I’ll find something…insha’allah. I know it sounds corny and maybe you’ve heard it before but when you go for a job interview they’re not just interviewing you, you’re interviewing them. I’ve gotten a lot bolder over the years and I ask them tons questions. I like job fairs because sometimes you can get on-the-spot interviews.  

-Subhanallah, yesterday gas was at $3.73. I went out today and discovered it has gone up to $4.07! Yes, my car gets 30 miles to the gallon but still…I need to find a job that is close or on a bus line. This is madness!

-I have not completely gone green but I’ve decided to contribute in my own little ways. Here is my latest green contribution:


-I need some more Nasheed Hip Hop. (Real Hip Hop not the dated 80s sounding Nasheed Hip Hop). I hope Poetic Pilgrimage comes out with a CD soon. Is anyone else a fan? I love these sisters! They’re representing hijabis, converts, Muslimahs and the essence of Hip Hop. AND they’re Jamaican-descent Brits. What more can I ask for in an artist?

-Question: Will you take a vacation this summer or are the gas prices keeping you close to home?

As for me, insha’allah, I’ll make a trip to Ohio and maybe one to Chicago. That’s about it. More than likely, insha’allah, I’ll take the Mega Bus even though it’s hood because it’s like $25-$30. Now I know you’re wondering, Jamerican, how is the Mega Bus hood?  Okay, the bus itself maybe not be hood but some of the people who take it are. Let me tell you about my Mega Bus experience last summer:

Disclaimer: I’m a Chicagoan to Chicago ends BUT let’s be honest, some of the people from there are a little hood. (And I’ve already admitted that I’m a little on the Bourgeois side so there you have it).

The Mega Bus picks you up from certain locations in your city. It’s not like Greyhound where you actually have a bus depot. Everyone who takes it must wait at a bus stop like you’d do for any other bus.  As we waited for the bus to pull up, several teenage girls forced everyone to endure an hour of loud conversation peppered with curse words and insults towards each other (including calling each other the b-word.) I also learned what parties were crackin’ in the Windy City courtesy of another group of 20-something girls and their boyfriends. I knew it was going to be a long ride. A quick glance from my mom and sister (also Bourgeois queens) let me know they were thinking the same thing.

Once we had been on the bus for about 4 hours, the bus driver announced that we’d be stopping at Popeye’s Chicken for 45 minutes. This elicited a round of applause from several people on the bus. One man yelled out “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout nigga!” However,  the driver took a wrong turn and we got lost. Why did he do that? People began yelling and cursing at him. He responded by yelling back into the mic:

“Y’all niggas need to shut the hell up! Ima get us back on track so sit down and stop makin’ all that racket!”

 He eventually found his way back to I-90 but was unable to locate Popeye’s Chicken. Once again people starting cursing at him. They were upset that we had to stop at a complex with Subway/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. He cursed back at them. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful for my sister and I but I can’t say the same for my mom. She was sitting next to a Katt Williams look alike who was trying to desperately to get her to go out on date with him once we arrived in Chicago. My sister and I thought it was funny. My mom was not amused. Needless to say, I was VERY happy when we pulled in front of Union Station.

But $25-$30 for a ROUND TRIP bus ride? You can’t beat that!


7 responses to “More Random Thoughts…

  1. asa
    for some reason men don’t seem to like the “we’re pregnant” phrase but after the first one they come around and realize that they are “pregnant” too. (LOL)

    check out m-team for some real good islamic hip-hop with a boricua flavor.

    tha bus ride sounds horrific. i just might have to pay a little more for the peace and quiet.

    i hope that you and your hubby can figure out a way to be in the same city soon, insha Allah.

  2. I kinda missed those bus rides to Chi-town myself. Never know what strange birds you’ll meet. Maybe I can get the Somalis in MN to run buses for me. Folks’ll just have to leave the ol’ E and chitlins at the curb!

    Don’t forget to ask the grocers if they give ‘bag credits’. You can save some money that way too. In New York reusable bags are like coupon vouchers, so what it’s only 5 cents off per bag. Unlike you, some people have to put real gas in their cars. When you say Matrix not only do I think of Keanu but Rowan Atkinson too. (Mr. Bean if you didn’t know.)

  3. muslimahlocs, I like M-Team. When I was at MANA I was trying to get one of the group’s members to give me his scarf. He had this green scarf around his neck that was FLY…but yeah, I need to purchase a CD.

    As for the hubby, we’re working on a plan. If Allah so wills, he’ll be here by the end of summer or early fall. 😉


    You miss the bus rides? Yeah, some people can be a little entertaining but still…I need some peace and quiet. I don’t think you want to mix hood Chicagoans with Somalis. That might be a deadly combo.

    Thanks for the reminder. I do get bag credits. Does this mean I have officially grossed the line into Bourgsie land? You know, going green and all? Or does that make me “conscious?”

    Why are you hatin’ on my car? Just because I don’t have a gas guzzling SUV or a mini van like you, lol. 😀

  4. P.S. Charles, I am one of the few people on the planet who have never seen “The Matrix.” A friend actually brought the DVD to my house, put in my player and I STILL didn’t get around to watching it. Needless to say, she was disappointed in me and apparently I have “failed as a human being.”

  5. Assalaamualaikum-
    The round of applause for the Popeyes chicken stop. The near riot when the bus driver got loss. Priceless!

  6. Asalaamu alaikum.

    Bag credits??? Where is this? Geez, around here people act like you are making things hard for them that you brought your own. No such thing as credits…

    LOL, ukhti, I have watched The Matrix several times on DVD trying to figure out what the big deal is and I still don’t get it (perhaps because I am not a Keanu fan? Though it’s not like how I detest Tom Cruise… I’m just not into or particularly impressed with Keanu.). My dad’s Bible study group actually did a whole series on The Matrix… my dad says it has extremely important biblical reference but I have no clue what he is talking about.

  7. “Got pregnant’…I hear you on that one!

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