Hijab framing face

Material  flying in the wind

Round face

Doe eyes

That is me

A freedom unbeknownst until now

It’s like flying through time

Floating above myself

Worries tucked beneath a mattress

Anxiety dissipates

There is only the feel of velvet against my skin

Silk and satin

I want to soar

To fly away

But gravity is reluctant

I can live here if I choose

My imagination is electric

It will not be held captive

It roams free


I would live here if life weren’t such a bully

And reality such a killjoy


©2008 JAMuslimah


One response to “Imagination

  1. Assalaamualaikum:

    Shukran for sharing your poetry. I personally love hijab poems. I enjoy the movement in “Imagination”- from the description of your speaker to the moment when everything turns into satiny flight. So beautiful, Masha’Allah.

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