Happy Father’s Day…to my Mom!

Unfortunately, my father has not been much of a parent to me. The truth of the matter is that he has been absent for most of my life.  He has not been there for any of the important moments: when I took my first step, when my first tooth came in, when I started primary school (elementary school in the U.S.), graduated high school or college. He was not there when I experienced my first heartbreak, broke my first bone, went through puberty, converted to Islam or got married. If you ask him what I majored in, which university I graduated from, what I do for a living, what my hobbies are or even the name of my husband he would not know. The reality is that he doesn’t know me at all.  I am a stranger to him and he is a stranger to me.

But my mom has been here. She has been the one to support me through it all. So I say Happy Father’s Day to all the mothers out there who have had to be the mother and father all rolled into one!


4 responses to “Happy Father’s Day…to my Mom!

  1. I knew it was coming.

  2. Oh but I didn’t go there like I wanted to. I just cut and pasted a paragraph from the document I was working on…you have no idea.

  3. ditto. tritto. quadritto on that one. i know you really held back.

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