Ode to Jamaican patwa

I found this video on youtube and it made me realize how much I miss hearing pawta everywhere I go. That’s one of the reasons I miss South Florida. It’s like being in the Caribbean without actually being in the Caribbean. These days I don’t get to speak it as much as I like. But I oh how I love to hear it and oh how I love talk it when I do get the chance. Big all Jamaican, all Caribbean massive!

And another video (dis gyal mek mi laff):


4 responses to “Ode to Jamaican patwa

  1. Lol @ these, I love the first one. I know what you mean about missing the patois around you. I went to visit Jamaica last year, and can I tell you that I had actually suffered a minor loss of understanding of my Spanish-Town friend?? But, given that I am not a born and raised Jamaican, you can give me some slack, right? 🙂 But it was nice to be around my grandparents and hearing them talk talk the way they do. As many years as I spent in Jamaica, a non-Jamaican like myself never gets tired of hearing patois, it is soooo entertaining to me!!!! Yuh dun know!

  2. ASA-I’ve read a few of your post and after viewing this one, I must ask, “What the heck was she saying” I know what ever it was it involved 2 girls at a bus stop.

  3. Umm Amiyr,

    Basically, she (the woman talking) was at the bus stop and she saw a girl who was ignoring her friend who was at the same bus stop. So she went to one of the girls and told her that she should go talk to her friend. But the girl came over to her and started pointing at her and telling off her saying she should mind her business etc. Of course, this shocked her (the woman speaking) because she didn’t think a young girl would be talking to her like that. She called them “satan’s children.”

  4. Jamaican Patwa is the real deal. I love to speak it, and do so at every opportunity. Gone are the days when Patwa was a trademark of the dunces; it is now a marker of national pride and identity.

    Jumiekan Patwa a di riil diil. Mi lov taaki, ahn mi no ramp fi letigo evri chans mi get. Lang lang taim ago, a pior dons piipl yuuz tu taaki, bot nou, it riprizent mi praid ahn aidentiti a az a Jumiekan.


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