Meme: Seven Songs You’re Listening To Now

I saw this meme over at Safiya Outlines and decided to start my own list. Here goes my list (in no particular order):

As you can tell, I enjoy a good love song.

1. Usher- What’s a Man To Do? Usher’s all grown up! I’m not really a fan but there’s no denying the strength of his new CD. I have to admit, it’s pretty good. This song is about a man that is in love with two different women. Since I’m kinda, sorta a near feminist, you’re probably wondering why I like it. Well, it’s honest. You get the idea that he’s not playing games. He really does love both women and he’s torn. It’s kind of a sad song. (Esp. with the East Indian voice sample). Metaphorically, I can relate to having your heart be “in two different places.”

2. Sara Bareilles- Love on the Rocks. I like the lyrics first and foremost. That’s what caught my attention. However, the vocals and music are excellent. As the title suggests, this is a song about a relationship that is on the rocks but neither one of them seems to want to leave it so they keep going round and round. (Been there!)

3. Etana- Warrior Love. This has to be one of THEE BEST reggae CDs out now. I like Etana because she’s positive. When other women in reggae are trying to capitalize off of their appearance, body and sexual lyrics, this rasta woman is standing strong without being “preachy.” The song is about a love that is so strong that no amount of interference from people can undo it.

4. Estelle feat John Legend- You Are. I like Estelle and I like John Legend (oh la la) so of course I’m digging this song. I describe it as mellow, relaxing and soothing. Not the deepest, most complex lyrics (which I’m used to getting from John Legend) but it works. But it’s not some bubble gum radio tune. In a nutshell this song is about falling in love.

5. Patrice Roberts- Wukking up. MADNESS!!!! I’m bouncing in my chair right now. I like to listen to this tune when I’m working out, going for a walk or dancing around the house. But it’s dangerous to listen to when I’m outside because I have to fight the urge to “wuk up” or dance. 😉 As you can guess, this is a soca song. And of course, it’s about carnival…what else? Big up my Trini fren dem. Weh unno a seh now?

6. Jagged Edge- Whole Town’s Laughing. Even they admit “here’s another song ’bout tryin to get your girl back.” JE’s always been great at singing songs like this. I call ’em “baby, baby pleaaaassse songs.” Once again, I like the honesty, the realness. He opens the song admitting that he’d probably have broken up with her if their positions had been reversed. How often do I get to hear a brotha admit he’s hurting, he was wrong and he just flat out messed up? Not often. I think this is gonna be one of those songs that I’ll hear years down the line (insha’allah) and be like, “Awww, turn that UP!!! That’s my jaaaaam!”

7. Dwele- Open Your Eyes. If you know Common’s song “The Light” then imagine it being crooned; mellowed out and flipped R&B style. That’s “Open your eyes.” A sweet, tender, love song. And to think, I never really liked Dwele.


4 responses to “Meme: Seven Songs You’re Listening To Now

  1. Etana has a an amazing voice, soft, strong and sensual at the same time, i have just watched this song on youtube, i like it.

  2. Hey girl, I’m a big fan of your blog for many different reasons. anyway, mariah carey is light years away from who she used to be and I didnt even think to check out her new album until my little sister got it for her bday. give a listen to ‘cruise control’… MC throwin a little Patois in the mix! lol.
    keep blogging! Salaam 🙂

  3. and i love that patrice roberts track! straight soca fire.

  4. Muna, thanks for stopping by. Mariah Carey huh? I have to say I don’t like her too much. And I hated hearing “Touch my body” for longer than half a second, lol. But I’ll give it a listen…for you.

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