More random thoughts

-So, if you haven’t heard already, Black women and Asian men are the least likely to get married. I could cite the reasons why but I am sure you can come up with your own. Anyhow, my mom, my aunt, my sister and I were discussing this and how unlikely it is that the two groups would get together. (We were thinking about the cultural differences, the fact that Black women, generally speaking of course, don’t marry outside etc.) My sister, the youngest of the group, was hopeful. Fast forward. Last Friday my sister and I were in the mall and she pulled me into Forever 21. (Sidebar: I must be getting old because I hated every single minute of being in that store. Between the thumping music, flashing lights and the sensory overload from trying to look at the clothing which was crammed into every nook and cranny of the store, I was starting to get a headache. I really felt like I was being tortured.) Guess what I saw? A Black woman with an Asian man and their two kids! Of course I had to find my sister and show her. We really wanted to go up to her and say, “That’s right, do your thing girl!” But we knew we’d look crazy…lol (P.S. In Jamaica it is not uncommon for Chinese-descent Jamaicans to intermarry with Black Jamaicans. I have a couple of friends who are half Chinese).

-Speaking of Black men. I was having a mini-debate with my mom about Blair Underwood. I was telling her that he “looks very good for his age.” My mom was trying to say that he’s not that old. She swore up and down he’s younger than Denzel Washington. I disagreed. I remember Blair Underwood being on “L.A. Law” when I was kid and he was an adult! My mom finally relented when she recalled other shows and movies he’s been in along with the corresponding year. We could’ve just looked his age up on the internet…

Case in point:

– Has anyone else heard of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente? They’re running for president and vice president on the Green Party ticket. By now you know I’m not too hot for politics but I actually liked some of the things Cynthia McKinney had to say (especially about Barack Obama.) I’m tired of people telling me I’m “wasting my vote” by voting for a Green Party candidate. I’ve also had people tell me that “people like me” are responsible for the likes of George Bush winning. They say Green Party candidates are taking votes away from the Democratic candidate. Like I said, I’m not too hot for politics but I have eyes and I can see that the Democrats take the Black vote for granted…

– I have a summer cold. BLAH!

-It’s official: I have the weirdest dreams on the planet. I dream that I’m all kinds of people, speaking all kinds of languages. Last night I dreamt that I was Chinese. In my dream I was speaking Chinese…and I worked in a Chinese restaurant. WTH? The only logical explanation I can come up with is that I was reading this month’s copy of Saudi Aramco World magazine which features Chinese Muslims.

-Speaking of which, the magazine has some nice pictures of the “women’s masjid” in Lanzhou. I started daydreaming about a women-only masjid. I was thinking about how clean it would be, how nice it would be to sit in the front of the room for once or to just be comfortable there knowing it was all women. Then I was dreaming about all of the classes we could have, programs and even what iftar would be like. I was thinking about the number of sisters who would flourish in that type of environment. However, my little reverie was cut short by reality. Would any Muslim (including Muslim women) in America support a women-only masjid? As awful as some of the brothers treat us in the masjid I am sure they will be hooping and hollering about “bidah” if women went off and started our own thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the women-only masjid received threats and condemnation from local imams. But hey, look at this way, we wouldn’t be a “fitnah” for the men. You guys could luxuriate in your filthy bathrooms, funky carpets, front door entrances and never have to worry about a lock of hair or an ankle tempting you! (For the record, I don’t believe that a women-only masjid would contribute to the building of ummah).

-How irritated am I that the MANA Conference is taking place, insha’allah, during Thanksgiving weekend? Grrr! That’s the busiest travel time of the year!!! My friend looked for airplane tickets on-line and they were a whopping $600. I’m just wondering how likely it will be to find a hotel that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Last year we stayed at a hotel way out by the airport while the conference took place in downtown Philadelphia. It was very inconvenient to say the least. I’m not ashamed to admit that we took a wrong turn and almost ended up going to Atlantic City…ANYWAY, how many of you are planning to go, insha’allah?

10 responses to “More random thoughts

  1. Mary Ann a.k.a. Sister Seeking

    Wow Jermican, I never thought I’d “meet?” another Muslim who wasn’t apart of the democrats or republican party.

    I just joined the Libertarian party.
    I’m happy here…

  2. Assalaamualaikum-
    Your random thoughts are hysterical.

    My mom was just talking to me about voting for the Green Party. She’s been studying their platform and she is really into it. I’ve always liked Cynthia McKinney.

    I try to understand that Barack has to pander to “middle America” or whatever that means but every time I hear that commercial where he talks about his values coming “straight from the heartland” and then goes on and on about welfare to work I could just puke a little. How many different ways is this man trying to say “I’m not a scary black.”

    It’s kind of sickening and reminds me why I don’t like politics. I had enough of that stuff anyway when I tried to be on the student government in college. Too many miniature Hilarys in training for me.

    Sis, if you’re coming to Philadelphia you might do well to perhaps stay outside of Philly in South Jersey where I live. There is the speed line and I hope to be going, Insha’Allah.

    So send me a line as the date gets closer and perhaps I could hook something up for you as far as hotel recommendations or other info(some carpooling too or what have you).

    *Women masjid
    I understand your sentiments-both the pros and cons.

  3. My turn!

    Yeah, Blair does look decent…until I look at his left ear! Who is going to tell straight men enough is enough. I remember being a huge Jordan fan until the dude started rockin hoop earrings. Nah.

    Dreaming of Chinese stuff huh? My Big Mama said that means something, can’t remember though.

    And you gonna stop bashing politics. Yes ‘politics’ is different than political science but people like you give people like me a bad name.

  4. Hey cool article! Can I ask you a question?

    Do you believe that the mostly men Majids contribute to the ummah?

    I know they can keep their filty washrooms and rugs (lol), and too add insult to it; they except us “Women” to clean their filty washrooms too. I’m still shocked that “women” and children have to use the back entrance or side entrance, while men have the rights to the front/ lobby entrance (weird eh?). I would have thought they would have chivalrous enough to least give us the front entrance and men could have used the alley entrance.

    I thought Majids was a setting marked by honour, generosity, and courtesy???????

    I believe that Islam gives a dignified and generous consideration to women but this doesn’t seem to translate through to some men! And the Majids area good example of our poooor state. Sometimes, I wish I was born a boy instead of a girl.

    I just had a very bad experience with my majid, I believe that a lot of other Muslim women also felt this and we just stopped going to our local Majid. i don’t feel welcomed (maybe it’s just me)

    It’s a boy’s club!

    So what do you think of all of our men Majids with their filty washrooms and rugs? lol.

  5. Sister Seeking, We’re out there!

    Samira, Walaikum salaam. Thank you girl! I am glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Obama.

    About MANA: South Jersey? How many minutes is that from Philly? My whole issue is that I wanted to stay downtown and not have to commute in.

    Charles, I’m feelin’ you on the earrings. Some bwoy need fe give dem grandmadda back her earrings.

    As for politics, you know where I stand. Is politirix if you ask me.

    Laila, No, I don’t believe men’s only masjids contribute to the building of ummah. We need every person to contribute to it- men, women, and children. I’m with you all the way on the entrances etc. Fortunately, I have found a masjid that is very “woman friendly.” (And there are no separate entrances for men and women, no balconies, no separate rooms and no curtains).

  6. Your thoughts are hilarious!
    It is really sad to hear that some masjids are not very welcoming to their sisters. The one I go to calls for both male and female participation and believe it or not, the guys do all the cleaning. Yes, the carpet is clean and the restroom smells lemony-fresh lol. Naturally, the ladies are happy to cook dinner and bring it to the mosque for the guys so it is like one big happy family.
    I am blessed to have found such an organization.

  7. asa,
    i hope you feel better soon, insha Allah. summer colds are the worst!
    my cousin is married to a chinese guy. they had a phenemonal afro-chinese wedding that celebrated both cultures. and i have another cousin (biracial- AfrAm mother and polish father) who almost excluisevely dates asian men. i also know of several other sister-friends who married to asian guys but what is anecdotal eveidence in the face of the statistics that attest to the rarity of these unions. however, ca may be a bit different, especially in the bay area., than other places. i happened to notice a few sisters with asian men when we were out at the man this past weekend and thought, hmmm…”do what you gotta do!”

    seems like blair would be older since he has been paying his dues for a long time but i think he is about 10 years younger than denzel. they both have aged VERY well!

    i agree that democrats take the black vote for granted. however, how much, if it all, do you think that this applies to obama. especially given all of that “black enough” nonsense and the initial support for clinton in the black community. and would your support for mckinney have anything to do with the fact that she was once married to a jamaican and lived there for some time (LOL)?

    i would attend, love and support a women’s only masjid BUT don’t think that the bathrooms would be cleaner and just trying to get sisters to pray together amongst themselves (not to be confused with leading men in prayer)…
    well, let’s just say that some sisters might feel uncomfortable with this depending on the madhab that they follow.

    maybe MANA was trying to pick a time when folks would be off of work?????

  8. Ladies, please stop showing-off! I’m so jealous, but I’m also happy to hear that there are Majids that provide and give consideration to women. Eventhough it’s not around my area. Perhaps, I should just move to China.

    Slowly but surely this will chance. Next up on the list, female board-members of Majids and female public speakers. Inshallah (lol).

    Too ambitious?, I think not.

    Thanks for the inspiration from China!!!

  9. Laila, some masjids have women on the board and women as speakers too. The masjid I go to has both. However, I recognize that other masjids have a ways to go on that front. I couldn’t wait around for those men to change their mind so I left and went to masjid that is under the leadership of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad. As it stands, I try not to go to masjids that exclude women unless I really, really have to.

  10. Assalaamualaikum-
    I live right outside of the city. About 15 minutes from Center City : )

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