Weird dreams…again!

 The weird dreams keep on coming. Last night I dreamt I was a hair stylist at a Black salon. Some of my co-workers who were Christian would, at times, start singing Gospel music because they believed I was like the anti-Christ or something and I was confronting them about their behavior. Anyway, I had the supereme talent of taking any client and determining the right hair cut or style for their face.  Apparently, I surprised people because they didn’t think a hijabed up Muslim chick could “do some hair.” 

Here’s the joke: I can’t even do my own hair. I pay Lilian good money to take care of mine. So why am I having this dream?

2 responses to “Weird dreams…again!

  1. Mary Ann a .k.a. Sister Seeking


    You know what they say about women having wild dreams?

    Is somebody expecting?

    : )

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