The little quirks that make me…well…me!

So, I was thinking about myself the other day (another quirk, lol) and I realize I have a lot of little weird habits. There are also little things that unnerve me for no particular reason. Usually these are things that matter only to me- no one else cares about them. So here goes. You can call this my confession. I like to call it self-acceptance or self-awareness…

-If I eat a candy that has colors (like the ‘Tropical Typhoon’ Mike & Ikes I so love) I have to eat the pinks with the pinks and the oranges with oranges and so on.

-I sometimes put my hair in my mouth when I’m bored.

-I’m obsessed with planning. I even plan the music I’ll listen to when I’m in the car on the way to my destination.

-Some mornings I fight the urge to take a pair of scissors and wack off my hair until there’s nothing left. I wonder what it’d be like to have a clean-shaven head or only a couple inches of hair. (But then again, what will I do when I’m bored?)

-I cannot sleep unless the closet door is closed. There have been nights when I’ve finally gotten comfortably nestled in my bed only to discover that the closet door is open. UGH!

-I feel itchy as soon as I enter a thrift store. I’ve tried to look for clothing there (some of my friends have found some nice stuff) but I can’t seem to get over my “Jamaican psychological issues” when it comes to wearing someone else’s clothing. Hot gyal nuh borrow clothes…or something like that.

-I like to study people. I can tell a lot about a person if I’m able to observe them; watch their body language, facial expressions, mannerisms etc. Unfortunately, this particular “gift” has made it extremely difficult for me to lower my gaze because I unconsciously go into observation mode. Sometimes people (men!) have mistaken my gaze for interest. (I am now learning to be more careful).

-I am the only one of my friends who is on time- ALWAYS. That may not be a quirk but it sure feels like one.

-I’ve already told you about my lotion obsession. But in case you forgot- I love lotion!!! I usually have two or three in my purse, dozens at home, and two or three in my office or on my desk. I hate the feeling of dry hands or feet.  I’m the same way about my lips. I have tons of lip balm; in my purse, in the car, next to the night stand and one on my desk or in my office.

What are your quirks? (C’mon, out with them!)

14 responses to “The little quirks that make me…well…me!

  1. Assalamu alaikum, where do I start? If I hear a sound, or smell something, I am not satisfied/can’t relax, or go back to what I’m doing, until I can identify the source of the sound/smell and what it is. I think this is a “blind” thing, made worse by the fact that I was in a house fire a couple years ago, that I *didn’t* know was happening, until I had already gone outside, thanks to my dog, who we think barked at me to go out, *because* she could hear the fire burning in the attic.

    I have to have the radio or TV on low, I can’t wake up to complete silence, that frightens me. I have a terrible phobia of lightning, if I hear thunder I turn off the computer (unless I’m at work or telecommuting in which I have no choice but to continue working), or I get into the house as fast as possible. Why I moved to Central Florida “the lightning capital of the US”, only Allah knows.

    I guess I can blame my husband, lol. Well, those are enough quirks for now *smile*.

  2. hermana, I can’t sleep with the closet door open either. It must be a Caribbean thing. I also get itchy when I go to a thrift store but I get such good clothes that I just rush home and put it in the laundry.

    I can’t stand to see microwave doors and cabinets open in the kitchen. I will shut them even if it’s not my own house.

    When I ate Twix I used to eat the edges first and then the rest of the bar.

    I clean my bathroom sink while I am brushing my teeth.

    This was way too much fun. I should confess more often.

  3. Asalaamu alaikum.

    Hmm… candy by color – I am the same way. Also have same scissor urge and went ahead and gave into it for the summer… shaved it all off; it’s too hot & humid plus I figured that being shut up in the house all summer recovering from surgery it’d just be cleaner & easier. Closet doors, and as Maceo says, pretty much all doors… same way. I double and triple check locks on outer doors, cannot bear to have any door open even part way at any time when it’s not in use. Geez, I should probably just make a similar list on my own blog. But do I really want you all to know just how neurotic I really am? 🙂 Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  4. Walaikum salaam Ginny. Yes. Florida is the lightening capital. You’re in the wrong place.

    Maceo, I do the same thing in the bathroom!!! I forgot to add that one but I think that’s a Caribbean thing too. And in order to eat a Reece’s peanut butter cup I have to break it into pieces.

  5. Oh yes, and the on time thing… so glad to finally hear that I’m not actually the only person left on the planet who does.

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  7. Hijabi Apprentice

    I admit I am weird and quirky!

    Similar to Maceo if I eat a Twix I have to eat the top and sides first and then savor the cookie crunch.

    Juicy foods must not touch dry food on my plate with the exception of greens and cornbread.

    I’d rather not go some where than to be late. If I am late I am uptight the whole time.

    I can not shop in messy stores like Ross, Nordstrom Rack etc. It makes me feel like screaming and running out of the store.

    My list is rather lengthy so I’ll stop here.

    ma’a salaamah,


  8. Sallams Sisters,

    Let’s just list the one’s people tease me about…

    I’m a bit forgetful (or perhaps preoccupied) so I often check my purse and the door to make sure I have my keys, then that the door is securely closed and locked.

    I drink coffee with my favorite coffee travel cup and a straw. I travel everywhere with my mug and straw; I enjoy all hot coffee, cold coffee, soy lattes with a straw.. this ties into my clumsiness factor. It’s harder to dribble/spill on one’s self; it is also much less wasteful to reuse one’s own cup.

    I am so clumsy that if I am explaining the extreme clumsy problems to someone else I usually break or drop something in the process. Ooops. SO if I accidentally break a glass against the window one of our favorite sandwich shops Kenny and Zukes which has rockin beef/kosher salami and pastrami, at least I tip extra and nearly knock over the new bottle the waiter brought while the owner cleaned.

    I say “au-nt” not “ant” when referring to my aunties.

    My purse usually holds a book or 2, a notebook and the few pieces of makeup I wear. I almost always put on makeup in moving vehicles whether it is on the train, bus, car, lightrail MAX, or previously while working on an ambulance (let me clarify NOT while driving, only as a passenger). Easy since it’s usually only one or two of the following: a spot of coverup, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss.

    Yikes… that’s quite a list. 🙂


  9. Salaam Alaikum sis!

    Just wanted to let you know that I loved the Soca song “Pump Me Up” so much that I put it in this past Riyaadah’s sister fashion show. I so meant to tell you earlier – but thanks, and keep bringing the tunes;)

    As far as quirks, I just had to comment because I thought I was the only person obsessed with all doors being closed when I am sleeping. The door to the bathroom, the bedroom, the closets- you name it, I want it closed – 😉

    – I still eat all my vegetables before eating any meat on my plate and save my juice for last.

    – I need chapstick all the time, can’t stand ashy lips.

    – I smell my upper lip all the time, especially when I’m focused (this one has gotten me into some trouble during deep conversations).

    – I stare too! I super observe people and watch them talk and interact. Sometimes, I stare at people staring at other people – lol! It has definitely gotten better since I’ve been Muslim, but it is still a work in progress.

    -Sometimes when people are talking and making distinct facial expressions, I make the same ones with them.

    Til next time!


  10. As Salaam Alaykum

    Some quirks that I don’t think I would stop having are:

    – I cannot under any circumstances have the bottom of my pants touch the floor in a public bathroom. I have to roll my pants.

    – Once it gets dark outside the blinds/curtains must be closed in the living room.

    – I do not like the lights on in a room that I am not in.

  11. Assalamu alaikum, yeah, I know I’m in the wrong place, as regards lightning, but I didn’t know lightning was such an issue here until I moved here, and went through my first sumer/rainy season here. What’s bad now is that I work from home two days a week and I get really nervous when a big storm comes and I have to keep working on the computer and taking calls. I feel safer at work as I’m in a bigger building and all but I feel more vulnerable in my house lol.

    Another quirk I thought of is that I don’t like to clean when people are around, I prefer to do it when the house is empty or relatively so, probably because I don’t like people getting in my way.

  12. As salaamu alaikum.

    I hate dirty jewelry,or what I perceive as dirty jewelry on others. I hate open closet doors too. I like to stare at people too. I stare and scream in “my head” at the stupid things people do, because I want to go and drop kick them, lol! I’m at awe at the lack of “basic manners” people have so that’s why I have this “duh” look that makes me want to act out and drop kick them.

    I hate having my clothing dragging on the ground period. I often look at sisters with yards of fabric dragging and always think, sunnah? yuck? that’s no sunnah! that is nasty, lol! Maybe during the time of the Prophet(saws) they walked in the desert; but today with the nasty stuff you see on the streets, double yuck!!!! It also makes me sick when I see that they let their children touch them. Oh boy!

    Okay, I’m so full of myself I hardly ever notice things about people. I’m the last person to ask about what others have on in a group. I hate nosey people like that. “Girl did you see that 1.2 inch hole in Samah’s sock last night? hahaha! Naw gyrl! “rolling my eyes” why you so nosey?

  13. Assalamu Alaikum!
    Even I wonder how it feels and looks to have a clean shaven head ! 🙂 I also wash the toilet seat before I sit, every single time. And hmm…oh yeah when I am in a relaxed position, like reading a book or watching telly, my hand automatically reaches the end of my hair and I keep on twisting it between my fingers! You can just imagine how the end of my hair looks! And my mum have the lotion obsession. Even she has an extreme aversion to dry hands and feet. 🙂

  14. “Some mornings I fight the urge to take a pair of scissors and wack off my hair until there’s nothing left. I wonder what it’d be like to have a clean-shaven head or only a couple inches of hair. (But then again, what will I do when I’m bored?) ”

    Yes sis! Chop it chop it chop it! Went bald in oct 2007 after 7 years of locs, and BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! It actually makes me feel more feminine because I’ve since become EVEN MORE into girly stuff (Mac makeup addiction! hahahha)

    what’s my little quirk?
    Planning out what I’m going to wear. On Sundays, I decide my outfits for each day of the following week!!!!!

    don’t laugh!

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