Confessed Google Stalking (courtesy of The Black Snob)

So, I read the Black Snob’s blog everyday and she is an admitted TJ Holmes Google Stalker. I thought it was finally time to “out myself” as a Google stalker of dancehall artist Cham (or Baby Cham as he was once called.) Yeah, he’s not the best dancehall artist around and his songs aren’t always the most thought-provoking but he has a little vibe nonetheless. You may remember him from “Ghetto Story” which became very popular in the States a year or two ago.

So there you have it, my Google Stalking admission. BTW, a friend of mine (you know who you are!) claims to have him in “shahadah boot camp.” Since I have my husband already I let her live with her fantasy, lol.

Here is one of his songs that I enjoy most. I like the message he’s sending. I hope the Jamaican gun men will take heed!


3 responses to “Confessed Google Stalking (courtesy of The Black Snob)

  1. I am an unrepentant Queen Latifah Google stalker. I have a thing for overweight African-American women with beautiful mocha skin. Even though QL’s love is for women only, I will wait patiently.

  2. It’s OK, girl! I Google Stalk a lot of people! And it’s safer than actual stalking, which can get you caught up. I also Google Stalk Michelle Obama and Wentworth Miller. And I’m not very good at hiding my Google -Stan nature for them either. Welcome to the club!

  3. Baby Sham is cute, but he ain’t as foine as Idris Elba (Daddy’s Little Girls, The Wire, google the pics and you will be hooked!). Tall, AFRICAN, handsome, British accent – if that cat takes shahada, I’m gonna have two husbands!!

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