Inside my head (more random thoughts)

-I was looking for a good, solid video on youtube about Muslim women and spirituality or Muslim women and their connection to Islam. Unfortunately, all of the videos that relate to Muslim women are either about hijab or gender equality in Islam. I have to say that I am severely disappointed. Is that all there is to us? Hijab and gender? Man, I need a video camera soon so I can start making my own videos. *sigh*

-Is anyone else hooked on the television show “Ghost Whisperer”? I forget about it some Friday nights but now I’m catching up on the episodes I missed during the regular season.

-I can’t believe Bernie Mac is dead. I knew he was sick but I didn’t know he was THAT SICK. I loved Bernie Mac’s comedy. (BIG UP CHICAGO!) He always reminded me of one of my uncles; the suits, the accent, the candid way of speaking. Something was very familiar about him. From Allah we all came, to Allah we shall all return.

-I saw this clip on  What About our Daughters and not only did it bring a smile to my face but it also made me laugh; made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s hope for Black relationships yet.

-There’s something that is simultaneously exhilarating and irritating about working temp jobs. For the most part I like it but I’m anxious to move on to something permanent. I swear, it feels like I’ve been on a thousand interviews…but I keep telling myself, we’re in a recession. George Bush and camp can deny it all they want but those of us on the ground know better.

-I realize that the new “hijab curiosity question” that I’m being asked these days is whether or not I make my clothing. It’s only politeness that prevents me from laughing in the inquisitive person’s face. I can’t even hem my own dresses, skirts or pants. I have to beg my mom to do it for me, take them to a seamstress or use hemming tape. I told my mom that people have been asking me this question lately and we had a good laugh about that one. One lady asked me if I buy my clothing from a custom made or “special” clothing store. Are long skirts and long-sleeved shirts really that rare nowadays?

-Speaking of hijab, when the weather gets cooler and I can rock a turtle neck with a jacket, I have decided that I’m going to start wearing my African head wraps (pictured below) again. I’m not going to do it every day but I think it would be a nice change every now and then. I personally don’t believe that there is only one of kind of hijab that Muslim women must wear. I believe it can be tied different ways. It just needs to cover what it’s supposed to cover.

I also like this style which designer Rabia Z is rocking. (Thanks to Jana over at Hijab Style for posting the article on Rabia Z and subsequently giving me the idea).

-I can’t believe that I’m saying this but I’m starting to come down with the baby blues again. You see, I go in and out of wanting to have a baby. For weeks or sometimes months, I am perfectly content with the way my childless life is. Then as abruptly as the feeling came, it dissolves and I start wanting to have a baby again.  Of course, it’s all in the hands of Allah but sometimes I think I just need to “do it.” Stop fretting about it. But it’s such a big responsibility that it scares the hell out of me. Seriously.  Fortunately, my husband doesn’t pressure me either way since he already has children and then there’s the separation right now…*sigh*


11 responses to “Inside my head (more random thoughts)

  1. why does everybody have an uncle who sounds or looks like Bernie Mac? lol

  2. LOL, I’m not sure. Maybe he’s that universal.

  3. Samah, I think the african wrap is beautiful. It can definitly be used with a turtleneck.

  4. Assalaamualaikum:

    Girl you must be my twin! I too love to experiment with a headwrap and the style that you picked is very, very nice. I actually picked up a wonderful cream turtleneck on sale this summer with the hopes of rocking it with a wrap when it gets cooler, Insha’Allah.

    Here, here on the enough already with hijab and protest videos. Can I get a little more spiritual sweetness?

    *Baby Blues* I got it too. I just have this great fear of letting go. Should I-Shouldn’t I. The thoughts go up and down. Sometimes I almost feel paralyzed by my indecision. It’s so funny because, I’m sure you understand this, sisters are working on their third, fourth and fifth, and they’re not even thirty!

    But it’s not about age, ya know? When I’m driving in my car, pumping my IPOD, zipping here and there I think about the change a child would make and I’m like “Whoah!” When I visit girlfriends with children and I find myself grating my teeth because I just can’t stand sitting through another kids video I have to laugh at myself a little.

    Then again who says a three month old needs to determine what everyone in the room watches : )

  5. I know how you feel about youtube and Muslim women. And if it’s not Non-muslims who are talking about Hijab it’s Muslims. Regardless we’re reduced to mere clothing from all sides. “sigh” too.

    YEAH I like the African head-dress, and my father bought me a some a few summmers ago, and man are they expensive. But their beautiful. What I love about them, is it illustrates how many, many different cultures have one form or another of a head-piece clothing. Certain South-American peoples, Japenese, some Chinese groups, some Africans, some Native Americans, Ethiopians etc. Some old ladies covering from the rain in their plastic wraps (lol).

    Once, a long time ago I wear an African piece to a halaqa and one Arab girl said to me “that’s not a hijab is it?” Which I nearly* proceeded to punch her in the face. I know what she meant by that! Whatever.

    Oh I forgot a lot of Caribbean girls wear one form or another of cool head-wraps. Have you seen the(I think it was like maybe Rastafarian girls maybe) multiple colours and layers of wraps and it looks really long, anyways I was going to do that and I asked the girl how she did. She showed me but it was too complicated, really it was mental gymnastics.

    Sometimes, I wonder why nobody asks these group of people about their clothing, but then again they don’t over-emphasive it like we do.

    Whatever just do your thing.

  6. Walaikum salaam Samira, you are SO my twin. Especially the part about zipping here and there and thinking about how a child would change all that. Girl, you’re speaking my truth!

    Laila, I expect to catch some flack from Muslim sisters when they see me in the headwrap. I expect comments like “that’s not hijab.” The good part is that I don’t care. 🙂 As for how expensive the wraps are- you know what I do? I go to the fabric store and get their African print fabrics from like $7-$12.

  7. I loved Bernie Mac. The Bernie Mac Show was one of the funniest things on television before Faux cancelled it.

    And, when you get you get practice with the headwraps, you’ll have to teach me. I’m getting a bit tired of the bun style + turtleneck as my only unusual hijab option. Although I don’t think you need to wait for winter. I wear turtlenecks + bun hijabs all summer. But then again, perhaps I’m just weird.

  8. i feel the same shock and sadness about bernie mac! his show was so funny i used to watch it every night on re-runs. and me and my hubby always say “tah-niiiiight” (tonight) the way bernie did. he’ll be missed.

    and i agree that we can wear our headscarves in different styles, there’s not only one way.

  9. asa
    i am getting bored with my usual hijab styles. must be the end of summer. i may have to pull out some of my west african fabic and join you with a headwrap. jak for the reminder.

  10. ” I have decided that I’m going to start wearing my African head wraps (pictured below) again. I’m not going to do it every day but I think it would be a nice change every now and then. I personally don’t believe that there is only one of kind of hijab that Muslim women must wear. I believe it can be tied different ways. It just needs to cover what it’s supposed to cover. ”

    Salam Jamerican,

    Personnally, I make it a point to big up my culture and my history. I don’t wear the hijab, but every now and then there’s nothing that I love more than to wear my african headdress. I personnally would find it very difficult to wear the hijab, but whenever I tie up a wrap, I fell that it connects me back to my people and my God. Allah (swt) is pleased, I’m happy, I’m representin’ my history: all is well!

  11. I am not Muslim but I have fallen in love with Head Wraps and I love that style you have on the picture. I have Muslim friends and family and I would love to see them change it up a little and try different styles too.

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