Old School Jam (this was probably made before I was born)

For some reason this song just speaks to me. Like really speaks to me. I feel her pain, her love, the 90% of her that is him. My favorite quote? “Gonna be the kinda woman that no man can move/I wanna have the kinda mind that no man can fool”


3 responses to “Old School Jam (this was probably made before I was born)

  1. My book store is carrying the new book calleed Slippery Stone an inquiry on the Islamic stance on music it is excellent reseach book.Barakah Books [914]469-2222 or kwaasiri@hotmail.com Sorry if I went to far but I know reading your blod you are a intellectual.

  2. Insha’allah I am going to check it out but I am a LONG ways away from no longer listening to music.

  3. I apologize if I came off as being a sunnah cop.I know that the post has music but defintenly that was not my intent.By the way I have enough shortcomings of my own.As I said you are a inllectual so Im sure you would enjoy the scholarship.Its the most authortive book on the topic in english even better then Bilal Mustafa.Keep up the good work.May Allah bless you and all the Islamic workerbees.

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