Ramadan Aspirations, Looking Back

Sis Amina posted her Ramadan goals a couple of days ago and I’ve started thinking about mine. (Mashallah, I finally finished making up my fasts from last year). Overall, what I really want is to keep moving forward in my understanding of this deen. I want to successfully implement Islamic practices into my lifestyle and keep them. I want to move to another spiritual level and not find myself trying get back there again come next Ramadan. (Ya, Allah!) Alhamdulillah, I have successfully maintained some of the goals I set for myself last Ramadan. I’m doing all of the Sunnah and Nafl salaah (alhamdulillah), I pray Witr almost every night (mashallah) and I read a little Quran everyday (subhanallah). Goals I haven’t successfully achieved? Reducing my “dunya intake” (less TV, less magazines, less STUFF), praying Tahajjud more frequently, and spending some quiet time doing dhikr.

Needless to say, I will be working on the aforementioned goals from last Ramadan and one new one. So, here are my goals:

(1) Dedicate at least a half an hour per day to the remembrance of Allah (dhikr).

(2) Pray Tahujjud at least twice a week.

(3) Learn at least two new Suras

(4) Reduce my “dunya intake” by replacing it with Islamic activities or self-development activities. (Connects to number 1)

More than anything I want to use the month of Ramadan as time to strengthen my iman. May Allah help us all to achieve our goals. Ameen.

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