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Inside My Head: More Random Thoughts

  • I took the 35W bridge yesterday. I thought I would be freaked out about being on it again but I didn’t. I’m actually happy it opened up early. It’s the fastest connection to the halal store and to the masjid I’ve been attending for Iftar and Taraweeh.
  • I’m excited because my husband is coming for Eid, insha’allah. I haven’t seen him since May. Can you imagine? This whole long distance thing is starting to wear on me. Insha’allah he will make his permanent move soon. (Hopefully, before winter). I’m tired of being here by myself…
  • How many times in a day must I become enraged by reading the news? I was scrolling through the MSNBC site and came across this story. Basically, Israeli security forced a Black (Alvin Ailey) perfomer to dance. But there’s more! He was singled out because of his Muslim name- Abdur-Rahim Jackson. I was through when he said that they told him he should change his name. UGH! Guess I won’t be making a trip to Israel any time soon, LOL.
  • Since I’m trying to listen to more Quran, I have been on the look out for a really good Qari. Alhamdulillah, I found one in Sheikh Muhammed Jebril. I get chills when I listen to his recitation of the Quran. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Rhapsody has a couple of his recitations. Naturally, I’ve put them on my mp3 player. Yay! Insha’allah I want to order the complete set of his recitation.
  • I aslo want to order this movie from the Islamicbookstore. It’s about a Muslim man who is trying to be a pilot and the challenges he faces as a result. It’s called “On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly.” It looks pretty interesting.

Here’s the trailer:

Hear the joke nuh…

Tonight, I was at the masjid praying Witr. In between the first two rakahs this sister came up to me and said that she had something to tell me. I asked her to give me a second so I could finish the last rakah but she insisted she needed to tell me at that moment. You know what she had to say?  She wanted to let me know that my toes were not curled properly while sitting in Jalsa! (My toes are flattened to the floor while sitting in jalsa opposed to having them curled with my foot pointing upwards- does that make sense?)  According to the sister I had to be leaned to right side or have my toes curled. I told her that I found it rather painful to position my feet in the way she was describing. In broken English she asked if I was “sick” and therefore unable to do it. I just nodded yes to get her to go away so I could finish praying.

I cannot believe someone actually approached me about my toes! Seriously! How nit-picky is that?

I’m not sure what the ruling is on the position of the feet while sitting in Jalsa but I do know that there is more than one way to do it. (And also if a position is causing you pain during salah you have a right to adjust it to your comfort level so you can focus on the main goal- worshipping Allah, s.w.t.) I also find it rather absurd that someone would interrupt another person’s prayer to tell them about the positioning of their toes!!! She didn’t even ask me my name, if I was new Muslim, or anything. Just a drive-by correction with no daleel to support her claim.

May Allah grant me patience. Ameen!

Checking in

As salaam alaikum all,

Ramadan Mubarak. Just checking in to say hello. Ramadan is such a busy time for us all. I usually come home from work, try to catch an hour nap, go to the masjid for iftar, stay for part of Taraweeh and then come home and go to bed. On the weekend I have so many errands to run. But I’m not complaining. This is a blessed time of year and I really love it. I wish I could always feel like this…

I’m working a temp job at a university’s school of business. (I still haven’t found a permanent job but I have some prospects, alhamdulillah). If I spoke about White privilege and office culture before I really hadn’t seen anything until I started working at this job. Not only is the office culture White but in my opinion the program itself whips its students into conformity.  I’m thankful every day that I never went to business school. Based on the dress requirements alone I would not be a good fit. (Yes, they even tell their students how to dress!)  I’m not sure how people of color (and moreso Muslims) survive those programs without completely losing themselves in the process. It seems like when people come out of the program they’d be fully indoctrinated. Then again, maybe that’s my bias having graduated from a liberal arts school.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work there and earn some money but I could not imagine being there long term. Compared to the rest of the university, the business school has a completely different feel to it.  I can’t wait to be back in a non-profit/government agency again.

Somebody make du’a for me- FOR REAL!

From Allah we all came to Allah we shall all return

I received an email about the death of Imam W.D. Muhammad early today. I have to say I’m shocked. Though I know we all must face death at some point, I just didn’t expect his to be so sudden, so soon. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannat. (Ameen).

Janazah info for those in the Chicago area:

Thursday, Septemeber 11th

Janzaa Prayer around 1:45 PM (following Thur Prayer)
Islamic Foundation

300 W Highridge Rd
Villa Park, IL 60181
(630) 941-8800The Mosque Foundation (Villa Park)
Mt. Glenwood Cemetery
18301 E Glenwood Thornton Rd
Glenwood, IL 60425
*No Repast
Friday, September 12
A Collective Jummah Friday
On the CPC Property across from 2979 W. 167th St. Markham, IL
*Bring Prayers Rugs
 Saturday, September 13
 Memorial Services around Thur prayer
On the CPC Property across from 2979 W. 167th St. Markham, IL
*Bring Prayers Rugs

Muslims’ America: Women in Islam

This video is kinda long but it’s so worth watching. May Allah reward them! Ameen.

Click here to see the rest: Muslims’ America

The block is hot; RNC protesters and anarchists

Man, I’m so glad I decided not go anywhere near St. Paul. (I was supposed to go down there to see Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco perform on the same day as this incident).