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Does anyone else subscribe to this magazine? If you do, have you received the latest issue? I have sent them at least five emails over the course of many weeks asking about my subscription. No one has ever responded…


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  1. Asalaamu alaikum.

    I am a subscriber and the latest issue was behind schedule, and I still haven’t gotten it. I believe that Tayyibah has been out of town (country?) for the past month or so, and since the mag runs on volunteers, without oversight (i.e. no editor to crack the whip), it is possible that no one has been manning the ship. Allahu alim.

    I will contact Tayyibah right now and ask what’s up, inshaAllah.

  2. Salaams – I emailed and got her out of office reply that she is still gone until Oct 7. By which time she will also have a ton of email to go through, (including a billion Eid greetings, I’m sure), so I don’t expect a super quick reply, but I can trust that she will not ignore the matter. 🙂

  3. Salaams Sis:

    This magazine has a history of not meeting its publishing schedule. I have not renewed my subscription. Shame. It is a good magazine. But so unprofessional.

  4. Salaams.

    The difference though is that Azizah does not base your subscription on the year but on the number of issues. So, unlike MOST Islamic magazines, when they run behind schedule, you get what you paid for. If you pay for 4 issues, you will get 4 issues, even if it ends up taking 2 yrs to get them. So many other Islamic publications run behind schedule as well (actually, every single one I’ve ever dealt with had this problem – with no exception) but they don’t give you what you paid for. With everyone else, you end up getting a bill again to renew, but you wonder where the last several issues are! In fact, I explained this recently to another publication and they changed the way they do renewals because of this.

    I am the first to hollar that I want more professionalism from magazines and other Muslim businesses. But if you could understand that Azizah is pretty much a one-woman show, with intermittent and constantly changing volunteers behind the scenes, you might be surprised at how she manages to put out such an excellent magazine at all. Also, that unlike some other mags, she does take these issues to heart and strives to do her best by subscribers, and never pulls anything shady, mashaAllah.

  5. I’m not a subscriber of the magazine, but I’ve seen and read it in the library. I just thought that it was me. I haven’t seen a new Azizah magazine in several months. The librarian was telling that they haven’t stop circulating it.

  6. Aaminah,

    I can appreciate the fact that it is one woman show but at time same I think there should be some communication to the subscriber about delays. It shouldn’t be that I have to email profusely just to find out where my magazine is (esp. when the latest issue is placed on the website). You can’t just leave yours subscribers hanging in the wind.

    Also, how many people who subscribe know that it is a one-woman show? It has not been communicated to subscribers. I never knew until you said it. I was just thinking it’s another example of unprofessional practices in the Muslim business world…

  7. Assalaamualaikum-This happen to me several years ago with Azizah. Basically I never received one of my issues despite my numerous calls. I also never received my $40 back ):

  8. Muslims being unprofessional… nothing new there

  9. hmmm…i am a subscriber but it has been so long since i have received a new copy that i almost forgot @ it. JAK for the reminder.

  10. as sabrun jameel :)!

  11. Your not the ONLY one! I wrote an article for them that is supposed to be in that issue and I was told I’d get it in Sept (infact I kept being told it would be out in Feb, then May then June, etc etc etc) and still NOTHING!

    I am really getting upset about this!!! I want the dang issue!

    Sooo uncool!!!

  12. salaamu alaikum Samah
    Azizah is NOT a 1 women show…they have quite a few people that work for them getting the magazine together!!!

    Frankly…it’s just uncool that it’s
    taken THIS long for an issue to come out. Their mag is printed in Indonesia…sure maybe thats an excuse but really, if it takes so long for the issues to get printed and shipped to the states…then maybe they should find a stateside printer!

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