Muslim women’s fun

I was reading a friend of mine’s blog (who is not Muslim) and one thing I have to say about her is that she is sure to enjoy life. She’s always exploring new interests, new hobbies and going places. I started thinking about myself and how I tend to veg out on the sofa when I come home from work. On the weekend I run errands and then come home. On occasion I get together with my friends and go out to eat. I started thinking that I need to get out and do more. Have some halal fun every once in a while.  I think it’s important to read, study, and memorize Quran. I also think it’s important to devote time to doing Dhikr. But I also think Muslimahs (given all we deal with in the society and in the Muslim community) need an opportunity to blow off some steam.  (Laser tag anyone?)

So, what will I do? What do I really enjoy? (Besides blogging or reading other people’s blogs)? What new, halal endeavor can I try? (I never did take the Capoeira class I spoke about a while back). I’m thinking about it and I’ll come back to share my ideas with you. In the meantime, What do you for fun?


14 responses to “Muslim women’s fun

  1. Salaams.

    Laser tag sounds awesome!

    At the Eid prayers this year, afterwards while the kids played games and all, the men took over one of the soccer fields to play. I said, out loud, “Next year, we need to tell them the sisters get the field, and they can sit out here gossiping and dealing with the kids”. No one else seemed to find that amusing…

    That said, I’m pretty sedentary, LOL. Even at the sister’s party last night, I didn’t dance because I just am not comfortable doing that in “public” yet. But sisters asked if I thought dancing was haram! Which I absolutely don’t, I just wasn’t comfortable to do it myself…

  2. I cook. Ok, I know I have to cook or I’d starve, but since I have to, I might as well have fun doing it right? I search out new foods and find recipes to go with them (this last week was butternut squash, mmmmm). I pick a country off the map and make some recipes from there.

    I (want to) run. When I’m motivated and on a roll, it’s a wonderful way to get out there and enjoy Allah’s splendor, and get exercise at the same time. Alas, I’m lazy, so I haven’t done this in months.

  3. Assalaamualaikum-
    You know this is an even harder question with the state of the economy right now. B/c a lot of time fun cost $$.

    Because I am a graduate student who teaches and has my own work AND commutes being at home can be fun. I do like to shop! But I like yardsales and thrift stores too.

    I have a little beat maker that I used to pull out all the time before things got really hectic. I’m getting into painting-I’m not artistic like that but it’s nice to do little stuff for the house. WALKING! For exercise and for exploration is one of my favorite things.

    But I don’t have the type of group Muslimah fun like the picture above ) :

  4. CAMPING! I haven’t gone camping in a couple of years now. But its always fun…especially near a park or a beach somewhere, and with lots of other people. But if that’s not possible, I think your backyard could be a good option too 🙂

  5. Salaams,
    For fun I shop and read. I can read everyday all day and never get tired, I just get lost in the story of someone elses life. I love to shop although Im a full time student and there is not much time for it anymore. I am also attached to my laptop so my idea of fun is spending a whole saturday reading and learning about islam. What would I do without the internet? 🙂

  6. Assalamualeikum. I love shopping but I also love doing things outdoors. Last weekend my husband and I went to this picnic in a farm, played softball, went on a zipline and got a wax of our hands and all that in one day lol. It was pretty fun, I will blog about it later.

  7. ASA ladies,
    I belly dance. I was instructed buy my physician to loose weight after my second child so I shimmy and shake it away. Here in DC we have a studio that is all women and obscure so I sweat for days. There is always bowling that NH and I do with other couples.
    Although we do eat out with friends and as a family…lol.

  8. Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

    I like to drive into Seattle and go for walks in downtown area. I like to go to Pike’s Market and other farmer’s market type places. Now that I have a little one I am trying to find more ‘baby & me’ type activities to do as well.

  9. asa,
    treadmill? does that count?

  10. As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

    I drum! I play daf and West African djembe. I am also an avid indoor gardner. When I get motivated, I make jewelry.

  11. Salaam everyone: In this big city I spend most days working; but I love to read; we go to the movies and the museums; we go window shopping on the major avenues; and when the weather permits we go on picnics to the different parks- I rarely get together with any sister’s since I prefer as does hubby to do family outings- and when its vacation time we go on trips far and away to see new sights and experience new things.

    We set aside yes time for Quran, and going to Muslim events- but it does not dominate our lives -we don’t see it as the only things we must do.

    So when we get back to the daily grind on weekdays we do it with a littler spirit and renewed energy.

    Get out there sis- see the world even if it is just at the planetarium…take up a hobby, a sport, anything that adds depth to your spirit.

  12. As a college student, my girlfriends and I have a good time whenever we are together. We like to go on randon adventures be it the beach, the mall, volunteering together, or just getting lunch together. I also enjoy trying new things and being adventurous once in a while, rollercoasters, horror movies, sailing, hot air ballooning, or more conventional activities like bowling, playing pool, sisters parties etc. I personally love makeup and love to try new looks even if I am just going to wash it off an hour later. Having fun spontaneously is more memorable than spending days on planning the perfect activity in my experience. Try something new! There are so many ways to have fun if you just make an effort to try =)

  13. Salams! You mentioned capoeira – you should join it! Not only is it healthy and it is a full-body work out, it is a blend of music, art, culture and acrobatics.

    I’m a hijabi and I’ve been in capoeira for 2 years now, and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done!
    There are so many benefits one can gain from capoeira. You feel a sense of belonging to your group (strong camaraderie – even if you’re all from different races, religions or nationalities). You also feel more comfortable with yourself and your body.

    Capoeira is different from other martial arts (= And it is worth every sweat!

    • I totaly agree it is defintly s great thing to have fun and ejoy our selves.But one mustn’t forget that this isn’t actually the last world for us, we will have a hereafter, and the only way to actually have paradise in the end is if we live the hala way according to the rules of allah(3asa wa jal).
      may allah give all of the sisters in islam and brothers khar and deeds.
      Jaskom allaho khair for reading.

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