Obama’s victory and my personal one


As salaam alaikum all,

As you all know, I was never much of an Obama fan. (i.e. I didn’t post too much on the elections, had my concerns about some of his views, was a little jaded about politics in general etc.) However, I must admit that tears came to my eyes as Barack Obama delivered his acceptance speech last night. There is no denying the historical significance of his election. I think about the struggle of Black people in this country and I know how great an achievement this was for “the race.” I never thought we’d see a day when a Black man would become a United States president! (And in my lifetime). Subhanllah.

One concern I already have is the language some White Americans are using when discussing the history of racial exclusion in relation to Obama’s election. In nuanced ways some people seem to be suggesting that Obama’s election proves that we have come a long way and that racism and discrimination are no longer barriers to African-Americans’ success. (Just look at Barack Obama!) I agree on one level. We have come a long way. That is obvious. And yes, Black people can and will continue to overcome major barriers to our success (including the crippling effects of racism, discrimination and poverty.) If Allah decrees something for any of us we will get it no matter who is standing in the way. At the same time, I do not want White people to use Barack Obama’s election to deny the impact of racism on the lives of Black people and people of color in general. Racism, prejudice and discrimination will continue to exist. They will continue to be obstacles for people of color. I also don’t want White people to have this attitude like, Barack Obama won so it proves race isn’t a major issue in this country anymore. The anti-racism struggle continues on…


On to my personal victory… MASHALLAH, after being unemployed since January and working temporary positions since June, I am happy to announce that I just accepted a permanent position working for the county. I had another job offer at a non-profit organization as well. I was in dilemma because the non-profit job pays more and is a management position whereas the county position is entry level but is better for me in the long run in terms of becoming a probation officer. (Yes, I want to be a P.O.) I’ve spent the past few days weighing my options, trying to decide which position to take and of course praying that Allah assist me in making a decision. Now I have my answer. It’s scary (not to mention nerve racking to take such a chance) but I trust that Allah will guide me.

So, yay for Barack Obama, yay for me and yay for the country!


8 responses to “Obama’s victory and my personal one

  1. Salaam!

    It’s true we can’t forget that racism still exist. He didn’t win 99% of the vote, so a lot of people are tick off right now.

    May Allah(swt) make your new job fruitful to you and may you be of good service to mankind, in’sha’Allah.

  2. Aaminah Hernandez

    AlhamdulALLAH – YAY for you, ukhti! 🙂 Mabrook!

  3. You are so right, we cannot forget that racism still exists! And I too had tears in my eyes as Obama won last night. It was amazing, mashAllah!!:)

  4. Barikallah! Congrats on your new job!!

    I bawled my eyes out last night. Obama is our president! Allahu akbar!

  5. Salaams Sis:

    Yay for him and Yay for you, too! I work in a state prison for women. Insha Allah you will be a great p.o. Muslim women can make a huge impact in corrections and law enforcement!

  6. Salaam Alaikum,

    Masha Allah on your new job.


    Post Racism, even more annoying than Post Feminism.

  7. Barack Mabrook and Mabrook to you too miss lady!

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