I’ve been tagged

It took me a while to realize it but muslimahlocs tagged me on her blog. Now I have some homework to do too…

The rules:”Simply state any number of goals you want to achieve in the next 8-10 years. Let them be small goals, big goals, silly goals. It is always nice to think about a bucket list, write it down, and share it. But most importantly, tag others to do the same when you are done.

-Perform Hajj
-Write a memoir
-Visit Trinidad and Tobago
-Become a Probation Officer
-Make a Pecan Pie 🙂
-Find and utlilize a life coach
-Perform at a spoken word venue
-Have a relationship with my father without sacrificing my sanity or emotional well-being
-Invest my money (in a halal way)
-Do something crazy (but halal)
-Spend a day at a spa
-Finish reading The Sealed Nectar
-Join SNAP Fitness (soon!)
-Volunteer for a domestic violence organization
-Find an herbal or natural alternative to my allergy medication. (I don’t want to use Nasocort for the rest of my life!)
-Take up painting as a hobby
-Take a Capeoria class (No, I never went to the one I was thinking about!) Another marital arts class would suffice.
-Buy a camera and post video blogs in 2009, insha’allah

5 responses to “I’ve been tagged

  1. AOA Sister,

    I hope all is well. U gotta expand ur list. LOL. Im sure there are more things in there u 4got to add.

  2. I would also like to invest my money, travel the world and buy SLR digital camera to take professional photos, be fit, healthy and become rich inshallah.

  3. I’m not sure how severe your allergies are, but if they’re not TOO bad, maybe a neti pot may be good. Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but I used to use one, and it made my nasal passages feel really clean. 🙂

    I’d love to perform at a spoken word venue too! I used to be into the local spoken word scene, but I think it’s sort of fallen apart a bit over the last few months. And capoeira would be fun too. I don’t know if we have anything like that locally.

    Hope you accomplish ALL of these, sis.

  4. salaams. i meant to let you know that i tagged you but i am glad that you figured it out. those are great goals. i would really love to be there for your slam. it seems like every list that i read includes something about doing something crazy/fun. i am working on that one too, insha Allah.

  5. I can totally relate to your list especially the part about having a relationship with your father that doesn’t put you in a vulnerable position (or make you catch a case lol).

    ma’a salaamah,


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