Inside my head: Random Thoughts and Indignation


I’m tired of Black people who behave as if being “hood” is the essence of Black American (or Black Caribbean) culture. When did this nonsense start? To me, it’s no longer about being proud of the hood you came from or refusing to be ashamed of it. Now it’s like, “Let’s revel in and celebrate ignorance.” I can’t believe it but an aunt of mine is going around from family member to family member trying to collect money so when my uncle gets out of jail he will have some money in his pocket. WTH? What about those of us in the family who went to college? I don’t recall anyone taking up a collection for me when I was a starving student. I guess Chris Rock was right when he talked about people getting out of jail receiving a better welcome than those who just completed college. *sigh*

This story has me pissed off to the highest level of pisstivity. It is clear to me that judge isn’t really concerned about upholding the law as much as he cares about using it to act on his/her own prejudices. I was sicked by most of the comments following this story. If some Muslims really believe that there are only “a few” cases of discrimination against Muslims (esp. hijab-wearing women) I ask you to read the comments. Yeah, most of the people can be written off as racists but I wonder how many of them would really say the disgusting things they’re saying in person. To me it goes to show how honest people will be when they can sit anonymously behind a computer. UGH!

-I am learning to no longer be shocked by some of things Muslims are doing. We live in today’s world where there’s a lot of crazy things going on. Yes, there are Muslims partaking in the madness. We’re gonna be influenced by our environment. We’re gonna lose people along the way. Ideally, yes, every Muslim would practice Islam fully and wholly. In the real world? Not so much. Lately, I’m hearing a lot of horrible stuff. Some of it would make your head spin. C’est lavie! Sad but true.

I can admit it, I’m addicted to Jamaican plays. Maybe it’s the drama. Maybe its the raw sense of comedy. I don’t know what it is but I confess, I love them! Si how mi love mix up? Cha!

-Who would even think there’d be a day when me, the tropical baby, would celebrate the temperature being 10 degrees? But after days of negative temperatures I was so happy to see today’s temperature. Depressing isn’t it? I miss Florida!

-Did anyone else see “Cadillac Records?” I saw it this past weekend. It was decent movie. Definitely worth it.

11 responses to “Inside my head: Random Thoughts and Indignation

  1. Hi, JAM. I will probably get creamed but here it goes.
    “February 2007 – a judge dismissed her small-claims court case when she refused to remove a head and face veil.”
    The veil has to go, imho. I believe in the reading of a face. I can see how one may perceive this as discrimination but the reality is that ones face and eyes sometimes make invoulantary movements when one is not being truthful. In fact during jury selection, I play close attention to involuntary movements as a truthfulness test of potential jurors. Also, The veiled hijabi is now perceived by some as a security risks, thanks to the PA bank robbers and the jailhouse hijabi drug smugglers. Sorry, but some have taken advantage and the inocent are made to pay. Although, here in NY they have designated female searchers, officers, etc., specifically to avoid these problems and lawsuits. I know several muslimah C.O.’s.
    As for Mrs. Hall, she could have asked if they make women remove their wigs, instead of bad language. To me it is the same thing as a head scraf “it covers ones natural beauty”, lol. I hope she sues (federal) because she will win. I know of some cases in NC, were the DMV refused to issue drivers licenses based on the fact that the clerk cannot see the muslimahs face or hair. But, the hijabi claim was not sustained by the courts as women die their hair and wear wigs. Not so much luck with the veil but then this case came from your favorite state, yep , Florida.

    My sincere apologies if I offend anyone not my intention.

  2. I haven’t seen Cadillac records, but I look forward to it. Maybe that can be a date movie with my “to be.” Was Beyonce convincing?

    I agree with you a hundred percent that it is time that people stop acting like the “hood” is the essence of Blackness and ignorance reflects authenticity. For generations, most Black folks lived in rural areas. Until desegregation, the ghetto was a location where black folks of all classes and professions resided. Folks try to act like you sold out if you moved out of crack neighborhoods being shot up all the time to the suburbs. Although there are Black suburbs, most folks act like they sold out too.

    I know that Muslims are human and subject to just an many foibles as anyone else. We can all hope that folks become more moral and ethical human beings. But I’m infuriated that there are people who abuse their positions of power and that many communities condone atrocious behavior to protect brothers (as long as they brothers are seen as useful). We have to begin holding people accountable because we can’t harbor predators and victimizers.

  3. ASA… I feel you on the first part about being hood. It’s shameful.

    Any time I read an article online about Muslims or Islam, I have to brace myself in advance for bigoted comments. I remember when an article was published last year on one of the Eid festivals in our local newspaper, and people went crazy about it. Saying that facilities shouldn’t let the Muslims rent them out for prayer services and all that. Madness.

    I want to see “Cadillac Records.”

  4. Cadillac records was good—for me it was all about Mos Def as Chuck Berry (hysterical) and Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters. Jeffrey Wright can do anything…I saw the James Bond flick not knowing he(Wright) was in it-if you like action the Bond movie is the way to go.

    *I am tired of the criminalization of Islamic symbols. I never read comments after articles on/about Muslims because it shows you the hatred and base ignorance of many folks. Sometimes there is a light in all of that ignorance but most of the time it is just a few Muslims coming on trying to defend our faith against people who refuse to open their minds. Too sad.

    *Zee’s mom I get you but what bothers me is the way in which for many non-Muslims, and some Muslims, the niquab and hijab are one in the same. It is all veiling and they don’t like either. I believe in the case mentioned the judge of the niquabi sister used the idea that niquab was not obligatory (something he learned from his “Muslim friends”) to deny her claim that she was wearing it out of religious convictions. Now-this logic can easily be extended to hijab wearing women to deny them the right to cover.

    *The hood. This is a complicated thing for me. In many ways it has to do with the high numbers of blacks that are impacted by the criminal justice system. For instance, on my local radio station when the slow jams come on after nine they have Lockdown dedications. And believe me those dedications are endless. It’s about mamas who give anything and everything to their sons-Out of protection, denial & feelings of guilt mixed with love.

    I’ve felt the same thing you are feeling-like, hey, where’s my parade : ) The hood or jail should not be glamourized.

    But at the same-there are some real psychological issues around incarceration in our community whether they be the feeling of powerlessness love ones feel, the ritual it has become for many and the toll of institutionalization on the psyche of the repeat incarcerated. From witnessing it in my close family with my sibling I can tell you that there is some damaged attitudes. What really makes me sad is the toll this takes on the children of the incarcerated. I could write a book.

  5. Salams,

    The most ridiculous thing about the Florida woman wanting to put the niqab (face veil) on her drivers license is that in Muslim countries they don’t allow women to have ID without a picture. When I lived in Kuwait, I learned that it was illegal to drive with niqab on. Women did it, most cops let them go. However, all Kuwaiti women, foreigners, everyone had a real photo ID with a real picture on it. All the So, even if this woman performed hijrah to Muslim lands, she’d still have to expose her face some time or other, if she wanted to drive. I don’t even think she could just roll into Saudi Arabia without a picture on her passport. Frankly, I think she’s living a non-reality and I have to be harsh to say this, I really can’t support the niqab on drivers license case. In reality, this country does not have the manpower or means to accommodate niqabis in court by having women bailiffs identity them without them exposing their faces to men. The hijab ban in court is really about an old law about not having hats on in order to show respect for the court and deference to the judge. I understand that, but they can make exceptions for Jewish men who wear yamulkas, Jewish women who cover their hair, Muslim women who wear hijab, and nuns. Would the judge kick out a nun in her habit? Now that’s a good question.

  6. Brooke aka Ummbadier

    Zeesmom- Has anyone every looked you in the eye and lied? Happens to me. A liar doesn’t need a mask or veil to lie behind. I’m not buying that argument.

  7. as salamu ‘alaykum

    Firstly, mabrook on your Honorable mention ukhti.

    I’m not buying that ‘argument’ either. It reminds me of the arguments that the face must be seen for effective communication when the teacher scandal occurred in the UK.

    About niqab in courts… removal of the veil for identification purposes is one of those times where a veil can be removed (in the madhhabs where the veiling is obligatory). Identifying people in certain circumstances is a must and not allowing your facial features to show on a picture i.d makes absolutely no sense. I don’t understand why some sisters make it so hard on themselves. I have worn niqab for years so I know how hard it is to remove it because someone says so but if my deen allows it I don’t fight, especially in a country (as Margari mentioned) that doesn’t accommodate us very well.

    With the case of the sister with the khimar… I don’t know what to think of it. This is such a basic right in this country and they have no right to do this subhana’Allah. It’s hard not to get angry when we are picked on like this though.

  8. asa. now why did i have to read all the way through the comments and find out from samira @ mos def staring in cadillac records. you could have started and ended with that and i would have been sold (LOL).

  9. ws. muslimahlocs, he didn’t have a major role but he was in it.

  10. You were wroooonnnggg for that “lookin like flava flav grill ” picture…I almost fell out my chair 🙂

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