Surviving Christmas

It’s almost over. A few more days and we’re in the clear. No more Christmas music, decorations, holidays parties, people saying “Merry Christmas” or Happy Holidays” etc.  This is what I keep telling myself.  You may say that I’m a Scrooge or that I hate Christmas but I really don’t. I’m just tired of people assuming that EVERYONE celebrates Christmas and looking at me like I have two heads when I say I don’t. HELLO! Did you see the scarf on my head? You know I’m Muslim. I love to see the realization creep across people’s face when the finally put two and two together. “OMG, that’s right! You probably wouldn’t celebrate Christmas then, huh?” Ya think? I really can’t fault people. They live in their own world and don’t often consider others.

Really, I’m not offended by Christmas. My family celebrates it. (My mom has put my sister and I in charge of making dinner).  Nonetheless, some people actually take offense to the fact that I don’t celebrate it. What’s so wrong with receiving gifts? Who wouldn’t want that? They wonder if I’m crazy. (I know Muslims who say the same thing). Apart from the fact that I abhor the commercialization of Christmas, it has no significance in Islam. The two Eids are my holidays. I don’t even celebrate the Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w.) birthday. I surely am not going to celebrate Jesus’ birthday (s.a.w.) But then again, was Jesus really born on December 25th? Another can of worms…another point of contention…I’ll stop.

Since I’m new at my job I have avoided the tension that surrounds an invitation to the annual holiday party and my eventual turn down. In some workplaces it’s frowned upon when you don’t attend an out-of-the-office gathering. I don’t care. No one’s going to force celebrations down my throat. (Especially when it involves everyone getting drunk and the probability of someone saying something offensive becoming higher.) But I digress. It’s almost over. A couple more days.

Lucky for me, my birthday is December 26th. I do accept gifts for that though. Unfortunately, everyone’s broke. Oh well… 🙂

If I keep up my Scrooge-like behavior this will be me, lol:

8 responses to “Surviving Christmas

  1. Salaam Alaikum,

    Mabrouk and your Honourable mention! Masha Allah! It’s well deserved.

  2. I wanted to say congrats on your honorable mention as well. 🙂
    I know what you mean about everyone assuming that everyone else celebrates Christmas … I mean, COME ON, there are Jews & Jehovah’s Witnesses + most of the Muslims I know who don’t celebrate Christmas. geez. It’s always been an awkward time of the year for me, I love lights but there is no justification for me to put them up. Maybe I can just hang lights all over inside my house and have them up all year. 😉
    Being a convert, I don’t have any “happy memories” of Eid celebrations, not really, compared to growing up celebrating Christmas.

  3. Oh, and I was listening to NPR the other day and they were discussion Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. They mentioned that at the time the book was released, Christmas was not at all celebrated the way it is today – and that was only like 150 years ago. Most Christians viewed it as a pagan celebration.

  4. asa. i am counting the days with you sister. i wish our family would stop sending us xmas cards…like we really want them. argh!

  5. Thank you, thank you. thank you everyone. It was honor just to be nominated. (excuse me, I’m in a goofy mood).

    Aynur, I agree. Eid is not like Christmas. I’ve only had one outstanding Eid in my 17 years of being Muslim.

    w.a. muslimahlocs, I’m so happy I don’t get the cards. My boss put some candy with a small card on my desk. Speaking of candy…where is it???

  6. ASA ladies,
    I too am ready for XMAS/Saturnellia to be OVER. I’m taking my kids out of town for the 25th of December( that’s what I call it). My husbands family is dissappointed but they’ll get over it. We are planning to be away for the 25th of December for the next couple of years. Buy the way..we’re going to visit I have no worries about trees and lights and the other XMAS madness.

    Oh and I sooo agree with you on the WRONG date for the birth of Esa (aas)…they don’t want to talk about that though…lol.

    Keep your head up..and we will too.

    ma salaama

  7. Assalamu allaikum sis,

    Wow. Muslim for 17 years that’s great, Mashallah. I thought you reverted in your twenties and I thought you’re still in your twenties. I don’t why I assumed that still. But regarding this blog, I hate it how the commercialize Christmas too and all. What bothers me is that there are Muslims that seem to be more into Christmas than Eid. I wish people made Eid seem bigger than Christmas. I have yet to enjoy Eid since my last 10 years in this part of the world.

  8. oh. This is in advance sis, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I just had mines yesterday.

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