My list of annoyances and pet peeves

Beware, I have a lot of them:


(One my least favorite ways of spending time…waiting for the bus)

    -When a CD skips on my favorite song.
    -Cocky, arrogant men who look good and they know it. You know, the type of dudes with sunglasses on at night, gel packed in their hair, prettier than you. I secretly wish they’d get jumped…I know that sounds horrible but it’s true.
    -Road trips.
    -When I’m in an artistic, creative mood and the phone won’t stop ringing.
    -Shopping for bras.
    -Going to the dentist. I hate the entire process. I’m already 6 months overdue for a check up. I procrastinated until the very end, until I had no choice but to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was living on Anbesol, eating soup and the whole nine just to avoid going to the dentist.
    -A snag in my favorite hijab.
    -Cold weather and snow. Driving in the snow. Lucky me, I live in Minnesota.
    -People talking on their cell phone during Jumah. People’s cell phone ringing during Jumah. People talking during Jumah. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!
    -Going to the hair salon.
    -Windows Vista.
    -New shirt, nothing to wear it with.
    -Dry skin, lips, face…okay, dryness on my body in general.
    -Habitually late people. My sister isn’t on CP time, she isn’t only on African time, she’s on pre-colonial African time and it annoys me to no end.
    -The Tyra Show.
    -People that talk during movies. Missing the previews because I deal with people who are on CP time. Or my friend who insisted upon smuggling chicken into the movie theater but didn’t have a big enough purse so she looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and asked me to put it in my purse….pretty please. (You know who you are!)
    -Black American Muslims who suddenly adopt an accent once they become Muslim. Also, BAMs who feel the need to pepper their sentences with random Arabic words in order to gain some type of prestige or acceptance. “Na’am uhkti, I did ask him…yeah…I mean, na’aam, shukran uhkti…that brother is majnoon…hahaha uhkti” *rolling eyes*
    -Tripping on my skirt, abaya or dress when going up the stairs.
    -Undisciplined kids. If your kids are bad don’t ask me to babysit them. Especially if you don’t believe in spanking. I have about this much patience for bad kids. Umph!
    -Old dudes who dress like they’re young. Old dudes at the masjid trying to holler at young sisters. Nobody’s checking for you papi! Gweh!
    -Standing next to someone with B.O. during salaah.
    -Finding a clothing item online, falling in love with it, ordering it and when it comes realizing it doesn’t look as good as it does in the picture.
    -Long blogs where I do nothing but complain about what I hate. 😉

Okay, I’ll stop here.  What annoys you?

11 responses to “My list of annoyances and pet peeves

  1. JAM,
    RE: hijabi Arrest.
    Off topic but it is one of my pet peeves, that a DUMB BOSS HOG (POLICE CHIEF), can issue a STUPID press release and still keep his JOB!

    The Douglasville police news release said that although Rollins prohibits head coverings in his courtroom, he “has also made an accommodation for those people who, for legitimate health, religious or other serious reasons, either cannot remove the headgear or, where doing so, would subject them to violating religious tenants or suffer extreme embarrassment or distress.”

    “In such cases, the judge has heard cases involving those people outside the courtroom at another location,” the release said.

    Are you kidding me?


  2. Wow, what a long list…. Would love to hear about things you like/are passionate about.

  3. zeemsmom, LOL@ the name Boss Hog. This guys has got to be kidding me.

    Solace, hey, I said the list was long. What can I say, I’m a miserable person. 😉 Actually my next list is little things that make me happy.

  4. I loved the list and I hate ppl talking in movies too and OMG it kills me when CDs skip ARG! Most the thing you said I agree lol.

  5. – People who come to visit without warning. (and find me about to sleep)
    – During teamwork, people who are unable to listen and who speak more and louder than others, just to take the leadership. pff!
    – Toilets without papers
    – Touching handles in public places or whatever that anyone in the street can touch
    – To wake up and realize that sleeping has not resolved my problems. They are still real.
    – Having a repetitive nightmare in which I convince myself that I am not dreaming this time.
    – and many other things…

  6. All I can say is…dang chicken in the movies!

  7. People who send text messages @ the movies, yes it’s silent but the light from your cellphone is on my face!
    People who ask me if Im hot with a scarf on my head
    People who come late and ask you if you’ve been waiting for long. wth

  8. stage moms, soccer moms, ballet moms, gymnastics moms, my child drooled before yours moms…
    george bush et al
    cold weather
    BET flashbacks
    the list could go on and on and on…

  9. Also LOL @ Boss Hog!! HaHa!

    “-Shopping for bras.” Yep, me too. For one thing I hate underwires, and then I hate that bra makers seem to assume that someone my size MUST want some extra padding…ok, that may be tmi…

    “-A snag in my favorite hijab.” I usually hand-wash mine but I got lazy and threw them into the washing machine and my favorite ones ripped. And they are out of stock at the place I got them!

    “-Cold weather and snow.” I’m lucky enough to live in Florida. For now. Next year this time I will probably be in a place even colder than Minnesota!

    “-Black American Muslims who suddenly adopt an accent once they become Muslim.” Some white American Muslims do this too. I heard of one who actually developed problems speaking English even though she couldn’t speak any other language either! Last week I had some white guy with convertitis calling me a “mushrikun” on facebook, obviously not knowing what it actually means or that it is in the plural.

    “-Finding a clothing item online, falling in love with it, ordering it and when it comes realizing it doesn’t look as good as it does in the picture.” Or that the fabric feels like burlap!!

  10. yo… she said ‘pre colonial african time’ hahaha!
    im always late.. its bad, you would so always be mad at me. how do u chronically always on time people do it??

    kudos for mentioning the Tyra show… hell just Tyra period.

  11. sistafromanotherplanet

    Tyra! Yuck! Ameen.

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