List of small pleasures and things I like

Hopefully this list will be as long as my annoyances. 😉

-Burning incense while offering salaat.
-Stepping into a clean, organized house. Ahhhh! Offering salaat in the same clean, organized house.
-Beautiful hijabs.
-Books. Lots of Books. Islamic books. Inspiring books. Scary Books. Books by women of color…
-Candy canes. My sister was making fun of the fact that “a Muslim girl” has candy canes. So what!
-Bracelets and bangles. I feel naked without them or at least one of them.
-Warm weather, driving with the windows down, smoothie in cup holder, Soca in player, and no particular destination in mind.
Curry Conch. I prefer it with Jamaican dumplings.
-Brightening someone’s day.
-Lip gloss. One day I’ll finally splurge and buy MAC lip gloss. I heard it’s the best.
-Watching Judge Judy. (Love her. I wish I could say the things she says at my job).
-My friend’s New Jersey accent.
This dude and this one.
-Finding the right outfit for the right day.
-Last night, at a family function, deciphering the words of a family friend who talks like Boomhauer from King of the Hill. LOL.
-Listening to two or more Jamaicans debate about current events, “what happened the other night” or what someone really said. It’s hilarious.
-Chutney Soca. That’s Caribbean Indian Soca music.

I’ll stop here. What small pleasures do you enjoy? What little things do you like?

10 responses to “List of small pleasures and things I like

  1. I really enjoyed this list! Like you I am also a book-aholic:-)

  2. I love books too, lots of Islamic books, beautiful hijabs, the smell of clean laundry, mango chutney, fried fish and festival from Hellshire beach, good conversation, ackee and saltfish and fried dumplings and fried plantain and avocado pear ..yummm, julie mangoes, getting someone to laugh or smile…those are a few of my simple pleasures

  3. Ooo, that curry conch looks delicious! Do you happen to have a recommendation for a good jamaican and/or carribean cookbook? I’m currently doing obscure indian cooking, but it’s always good to have something else to try next.

    small pleasures:

    *books. Lots of books. Especially getting new books in the mail or making a great find at a used bookstore.
    *a purring kitty on my lap.
    *a happy husband
    *the feel of tasbih slipping through my fingers while making dhikr.

  4. Mmm-mm-mmm, girl. I like “this one” too. 🙂 I have a friend who talks like Boomhauer too. He’s so sweet.. Incense is great! We have a store here called Wizards that sells the best incense. The “Isis” scent by Wild Berry is amazing! Soca Chutney is cool. I got into a little bit of it a while back, but couldn’t find anything as cool as what you posted. Thanks for that.. 🙂

  5. LOL at the Boomhauer comment, I definitely have relatives like that!

  6. sistafromanotherplanet

    thumbs up on the books, incense, bracelets and taking a drive with no destination!!
    Happy b-day btw!

  7. salaams,
    i like how this post follows the pet peeves post 🙂 i like incense during prayer as well. i am using nag champa these days. the scent is so relaxing. i have these nice smelling candles as well 🙂 thanks for the chutney soca clip…i have never seen something like that–had me over her dancing.


  8. a Sister after my OWN heart. I LUV HIJABS. I just found something at Ikea that can hold them and display them nicely in my closet… OMG… I really luv pretty hijabs.

    Okay..i can’t believe that you are putting cheep lip gloss on those pretty lips!! U need make up therapy. See Hijabi Apprentice or myself. MAC is good….amung the best but there are others out there. NARS, MAC, Nicole Miller…girl…get up on it!!

  9. as salamu alaikum sister im new to your site however i think your blogs are great i would have to agree i love candy canes also (smile) i also find joy in putting together my next outfits ,love a clean and fresh smelling house, love homeschooling my 5 wonderful children , love to read , love listening to quran and listening to nasheed ,love meeting and building strong friendships with muslimahs,ive never tried buring incense while offering salat im going to try that (i like that idea) i to like bangles i like the silver chucky bangles ,i love beatiful hijabs iam a hijab fanatic but most of all and im sure you will agree i love allah(swt) the most .

  10. lop gloss contains substances that comes from fish scales, i think that is the stuff that makes the gloss “

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