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How is that these women can lose half their body weight but I struggle to lose 10lbs? Something must be wrong with my will power. Off to the gym I go…



8 responses to “Random Question

  1. welll…. medically speaking it is easier for an morbidly obese person to lose 100 pounds than a healthy weighted person to lose 10 pounds because of the different activity levels. If someone weighing 700 pounds goes from doing nothing all day to clapping their hands 10 times a day it is likely that they will lose weight. however if a healthily weighted person does the same thing, there will be no results whatsoever.

  2. JAM,

    You can do it!!! I find that it is the hidden calories that do it…It might sound so annoying but keeping a food journal really helps. I’m a Weight Watcher myself. If you’re into it you might consider getting with WW because they make you pay attention to both activity and food.

    @Inesa Although I ain’t no where near 700 I can tell you that losing 100 pounds aint’ easy at all. I’ve done it. After the initial water weight it is blood, sweat & tears. I’m talking about stair stepping it for a half an hour, then jumping on the treadmill then busting those weights. In addition to boot camp cardio running up hills & sprints. Not eating after 8pm and measuring the small amount of cereal you do eat in the morning even thought that’s the only carb you’ll be taking in for the whole day.
    S–t is hard at any size.

  3. Exercise is important, but nutrition is more important. And mentally one has to make sure you are ready to lose the weight and make the commitment otherwise you will never get there!

  4. I also recommend this book to you Move to Lose by Chris Freytag a personal trainer who works for ShopNBC who hosts the GET FIT program. On the surface it looks like a typical tiny, blond trainer type but her book has so much realistic wisdom about eating, exercising in a sustainable way and having a positive attitude. It dispels so many myths.
    Her website is http://www.motivatingbodies.com.

  5. I’ve been trying to loser weight for 4 years, and here I stand, heavier then when I started. inshaAllah I’m planning on going for at least a 20-40 minute walk everyday throught the skyways at lunch.


  6. Assalamu Allaikum,

    Wow. Look at the difference it makes to ur overall appearance when u lose wight. But, balance ur diet si. and exercise and dont stop exercising even if u reach ur goal.

  7. Asalaamu Alaikum sister. 🙂
    I recommend reading “French Women Don’t Get Fat ” by Mireille Guiliano … I too have a hard time losing just a few pounds, but after reading that book it changed my outlook. I bought one for my mom too. 🙂

  8. Saalam!
    Girl! I ask the same question. Willpower, willpower!

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