The Rudest Incident Ever (Warning: Contains Profanity)

Note: I chose not to edit the profanity so you could see how truly offense and unnecessary the language was in this particular incident.

So, last night I was waiting for the bus.  Snow was falling and the temperature had dropped significantly. Everyone was huddled inside the bus shelter trying to keep warm. I pulled out my book and decided to read for a bit. Suddenly my nostrils and then my throat started to burn. I felt like someone was running a sharp fingernail up and down my throat. I knew there could only be one culprit- CIGARETTE SMOKE. I thought to myself, would someone really be so rude as to light up a cigarette in a crowded bus shelter? Especially when no smoking signs are posted in several places on the shelter walls? My question was immediately answered as soon as I looked to my left. Yep, a young woman and her boyfriend were sharing a cigarette with little regards for anyone else standing in their proximity. As outraged as I was, I believe in picking and choosing your battles. Would this be one I wanted to fight? Should I say something or just keep quiet? I looked around at everyone else in the bus shelter and noticed that some people looked irritated. I couldn’t take the burning sensation in my nostrils and throat any longer. Here is what happened:

Me (trying to sound as nice and sweet as possible): Excuse me, ma’am could you please smoke outside the bus shelter?

Young Woman (looks at me like, Is she talking to me?): Hmph.

Me (getting testy): Some people have asthma, some people are allergic to cigarette smoke…

Young Woman (loudly with much attitude): BITCH! You don’t tell me what to do! If you don’t like it go take your ass outside in the cold! Stupid bitch. I should fuckin’ slap you!

Me: [speechless, bug eyes]

Young Woman: Fuckin’ bitch aint talkin’ to me. I’ll smoke anywhere I like. I’ll slap her.

Middle-aged Woman (speaking to me): It’s the ammonia and other chemicals in cigarettes that bother people. I get nauseous.

Young Woman (looking from me to the Middle-Aged): I don’t give a fuck!

Elderly Woman also in the bus shelter: Young lady, there’s a sign that says no smoking [she points] right there and right there.

Young Woman: I don’t give a fuck bitch! I don’t care about no fines. If you wanna call the police I’ll give you my cell phone to do it.

Elderly Woman: Okay, give it to me, I will!

Young Woman: Don’t you wish. [Laughter]. I should fuckin’ slap everyone in here. If y’all don’t like it you can kiss my ass!!!

Fortunately, the young woman’s bus came. You could see the relief on everyone’s face as she boarding her bus. Once she was gone a woman admitted she wanted to say something too but was afraid. She said she thought the young woman was going to assault me. She asked if I was ever afraid. The funny thing is, I was so shocked by her reaction and so disgusted, I didn’t think about being afraid. Once she became hostile and started threatening to slap me (and everyone else) I was appalled- not afraid. Somewhere in my mind I might’ve asked myself, could I take her if I have to? But I just knew it wasn’t going to come to that because I wasn’t going to stand there and argue with her.

Anyhow, I can’t believe someone could be so rude.

What is the rudest encounter you’ve ever had with a person?


19 responses to “The Rudest Incident Ever (Warning: Contains Profanity)

  1. There is not too much you can do with those kind of people, other than fight them that is. They’re just ignent.

  2. Wow, it reminds me of a similar thing that happened to me a while back…
    two girls walk past me while i’m minding my own business…then one of them looks at me and whispers to her friend…then it got all uncomfortable
    Girl2 shouts: What are you f*ckin luggin at b*itch!!
    Me: What? I don’t even know you, so you should just leave
    Girl2: You need to take your ass and get the hell out of here
    Me: (oh man)
    Girl2: (says to girl1) Look, she’s scared, that’s why she ain’t following us!
    Girl2: What are you looking at b*tch?
    Me: (mumbles) your ugly face…
    Girl1 &2: Walk away cursin and laughing…

    Yea girl, people can be like that. But don’t let it get to ya, just brush ’em off and move on. Many other things like this have happened to me, and I’m not a confrontational person and for a while these things would get me so bad I would just want to burst into tears (sometimes I did)…but yea, ppl like that will get what’s coming to them. But don’t pay them any mind, they’re not even worth it….really!

  3. I dont know what city you are in but Chicago has some of the worst public transportation ever!!! If I had been in your shoes I would not have had something. Perhaps if I was with someone else I would have, but people are crazy!!! You never know someone might try to shoot you or seriously hurt you, so at times I think its best to just deal with considering most of the time you will never see the person again. Thats sad and shows how low her character is. Perhaps she was having a bad day but dang have some decency!!

  4. Salaam!

    Good for you for standing up to her! Good for the older lady too. You actually did that whole bus shelter a public service.

    Look, she couldn’t slap all of you. More people need to speak up in situations like this.

    Jamerican my hero : )

  5. Salaams ukhti!

    I have had many a rude situation… but subhanAllah, I don’t think any of mine could top that.

    ::shaking head::

    some people’s children…

  6. I think you did right by speaking up. And it would have been foolish to try to fight or argue with her. That’s a Jinn.

  7. Wow,
    You are a better woman than me. I’m working on my serenity now…tryna to represent the peace in Islam. But she was ultra silly for saying she’d slap everyone. This incident reminded me of that souljah boy girl on the subway. Now that was nuts. Whew!! Serenity now…serenity now!!

  8. Assalamu Alaikum,

    alhamdulilah the people actually stood up with you. On my bus routes, no one says anything because no one will come to their aid for fear of being beaten down.

    The husband and I were taking the 64 home a few months ago, and a group of “young adults” were showing off their drug stashes to each other in the aisles. They were completely oblivious to the fact that with their wild gesticulations, they were smacking people. He tapped them on the shoulder and said, excuse me, could you please watch where you put your hands? I thought they were going to shoot him right there from the looks they gave him and the curses they were muttering. I was desperately tugging at his arm, trying to get him to shut up.

    And a few years ago, I was sitting on the bus, minding my own business when a woman dragged a screaming 3 year old into the seat next to me. The child proceeded to kick the crap out of my ankles. I told him to “stop that” and then turned back to my book. The mom flipped out and called me every name in the book and threatened to smack me around. No one said anything, not the bus driver, not the 30 or so other people on the bus. I eventually moved seats and the mother continues to yell at me. The kid then started to kick her, and she smacked him and started yelling at him instead. *sigh*

    Ah yes, I’m one of those people with asthma that’s made worse with cigarettes. I would have just stood next to her and coughed all over her. That’s about as aggressive as I get.

    In conclusion, buses in the twin cities suck.

  9. Lol Margari I saw that clip on youtube about the lady on the train…that was some crazy crap, lol!!! Me n my girls watched it over and over and had a ball laughing, but yea…people are crazy so be careful ladies!

  10. Abdur Rahman, I certainly wasn’t going to fight her unless she started with me. I wanted to slap her!

    Halal Honey, I’m appalled. I just can’t believe some people can be so nasty. It’s so sad. Not to mention very unladylike.

    Ihsaan, I’m in Minneapolis and unfortunately I take the bus to work. This isn’t the first time I’ve asked someone to stop smoking at a bus stop. I have a pretty good idea about when to say something and when not to.

    Samira, Thank you. I guess little, 5’1″ me was the only one courageous enough to say anything. There were grown men there and they didn’t say anything.

    Aaminah, This is the rudest thing that has ever happened to me. I still can’t believe it!

    thelegacy, LOL @ the jinn comment.

    Margari, I saw a follow up story about “Souljah Girl” and apparently she suffers from severe mental illness. (She was off her meds that day). I was wondering if she is Muslim because of her name and when they showed her mom in court she was wearing a head wrap and modest clothing. Hmm…

    rahma, walaikum salaam. The youth on Twin Cities buses are crazy. Do you remember not long ago when they attacked a bus driver (while he was driving) causing him to crash the bus? WTH?

  11. Wow, I didn’t realize her name is Nafiza. We got some crazy folks out there with Muslim names, like the VH-1 buffoons Ahmed and Kamal Givens. Sigh….

  12. Assalam-alaikam Sister Samah,
    I’m glad someone else spoke up for you, all too often no-one does. I have to take public transport every day here during the time all the kids get on (now that the busses are free for kids) and I just keep my face in my book, because people just go looking for trouble.

    My husband always say that the meanest thing you can do to a rude person is ignore them because if you don’t say anything they will carry on till someone gives them a smack. That moron girl with the foul mouth – she’s definitely asking for one.

  13. What is it about public transportation and rudeness? Seem they go hand-in-hand.

    One time a sistafriend and I were leaving Screen on the Green in Atl and we couldn’t get in touch with our ride, so we ending up having to catch the very last bus home. Mind you, we are also with her little 7-month old baby girl. So we get on the bus and little Zizababy is starting to fall asleep and pretty soon, she’s knocked out. Three guys get on the bus and one sits up front near us and the other two go to the back. Then, they proceed to have a very loud and profane conversation, sprinkled with f-this and bitch-that, ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE BUS.

    At some point in the madness, Zizababy jerks up, wide awake, probably wondering what the heck is going on and why it is so loud. The elder woman next to the young man in the front asked him to please not speak so loudly and that they woke the baby up. The young guy in the front shouts sarcastically to the back that he is going to be quiet because he doesn’t want to get into trouble. The elder woman then tells him that he can go to the back if he wants to continue his conversation. Well, the other guys in the back keep cursing and say that no one is going to make them shut up or they can get it. The bus driver says nothing, no one else does either.

    Masha’Allah, my biggest concern was that she, I, and the baby get home safe at such a late hour. It really irks me how so many young people have virtually no respect or decency, even if someone checks them.

    BTW, the “souljah girl” sista on the train, she is Muslim…or at least was. I know the family and unfortunately, she is bi-polar and schizophrenic.

  14. asa. as i was reading i kept thinking…oooohhh, i hope she wasn’t black. no that it reallly matters but you know how we hate to see ourselves act so ugly.

  15. muslimahlocs, she wasn’t Black. She was Native American.

  16. It seems like souljah girl’s family encourages her to get treatment. You know a lot of Muslims are against that type of stuff. A few writers have begun to address mental health in the community. The insane are not held accountable according to Islamic law. But we should do something as a community and society to protect them from themselves and make sure that they don’t harm others.

  17. To this day I don’t which of the incidents was the worst:

    1)Got on a NY MTA Train during rush hour- and sat down next an elderly African American lady…she started hmphing and puffing and sucking her teeth- I ignore her; she can’t stand my presence any longer and says “I don’t know why we have to have these people around; they shouldn’t be allowed around; and why should they have sit next to me!?” I calmly turned to her and said “Ma’am aren’t You glad Rosa Parks didn’t sit at the back of the bus!” The young lady standing in front of us could only bury her face in her book…

    2) Walking down the street to turn onto the hospital where I work a black SUV suddenly screeches to a stop blocking my way as it exits a private under ground parking lot…four anglo saxon young men with heavy Irish lilts start cursing at me and telling me I should get on a boat and go back to the sand that spawned me… “Perdon pero no les entiendo” was my remark (spanish- Sorry but I don’t understand you) as I quickly circumvented the vehicle that luckily had to turn in the oppsite direction…

    Glad you said something- but it shows how people can degenerate when hate fills their souls…

  18. Salaam Alaikum,

    Good for you for speaking up. I try and do that when I see someone drop litter because it bugs me so much.

    Margari – We definitely need to wake up to mental illness in our community, instead of filling the pockets of unscrupulous individuals who claim to to drive out the jinn. Plus, I once heard a recording of a Muslimah giving a lecture where she stated that modern psychiatric medicine is rubbish and people with schizophrenia should take large doses of niacin instead. On hearing that, I felt like using some offensive language myself.

  19. Salam sister. I will walk very close (in-the-face) of such an abusive and rude person and let them start it. And I assure you in my 12 countries’ travels, nobody, let me state again, nobody has ever DARED to touch me. So, next time, anyone says something like that or acts like that to you, just move closer to that person in a very calm, smiling way. This will unsettle that abusive person a lot and will make an ass of him/herself in front of everyone over there. Btw, I’m very well-trained in Martial Arts, hence for any kind of move, I’m already prepared. This advice does not apply onto everyone (from safety point of view) as there are some who might feel threatened and might actually stab you and fatally strike you with anything they can get.

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