On Body Image…

If found this interesting little gem on youtube and thought I would share it. It’s interesting how different cultures perceive beauty. (I can provide a translated summary for those who are interested. Or if one of the readers wants to do it, feel free). Enjoy!


4 responses to “On Body Image…

  1. This is too, too much! I’m like screaming laughing right now. But you know what, this women is speaking the absolute truth, brothers love them a little “fattie”. And if your a skinny women you better start eating, cause today’s man is falling all over these fatties LOL. This post was great.

  2. ASA Sister Samah,
    I really appreciated this. It made me and my husband enjoy a good laugh together.
    Fi Imah Ilah,

  3. niceness sis! just made me grab my hips and smile…..

  4. AR, I agree that there are still men who like women with “meat on the bone” but I am afraid that number is shrinking everyday (no pun intended). The influence from White, dominant culture is taking over many Black men’s perceptions of beauty.

    Najea, WS. I’m glad you liked it.

    Kavita, be proud.

    I am what many in the Black community would consider “thick” not too fat, not to skinny. There are days when I feel huge compared to some of the waif, prepubescent-looking women around me. Then I recall the communities I come out of- Jamaican and Black American. I recall the beauty standard in those communities and I tell myself I’m trippin’. But you know what, it’s not only about the validation from men. It’s about looking in the mirror and loving yourself. (A difficult thing to do in today’s society). I agree with the commenter. If you’re thick or “fat” but taking care of yourself, I say nuh watch nutten. Do you. I am not a size 2 or even a size 8 but I’m Muslim sexy. Mi nuh frighten fi man either. LOL! Confidence but not conceit…

    Let me stop here. 🙂

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