If I were a singer…

This is who I’d be. I’d write this song and sing it in this way to this rhythm. She’s very talented and so me.


7 responses to “If I were a singer…

  1. Yeah, I love Adele!

  2. I actually never heard of her before.
    Not bad!!

  3. Did you hear about the little beef she had with Estelle? I don’t know what the hell they’re drinking in England but these little white girls are jamming soul music.

  4. Nice song. But I dunno, this wave of white girls can’t touch Lisa Stansfied and Simply Red. I think they were always drinking something special in the UK.

  5. Samira, do you have her CD?

    Diali, I think she just won a grammy or two. Maybe she was just nominated. I don’t watch it…

    AR, What beef? Send me a link nuh.

    Margari, my, my, my. Aren’t we dating ourselves now? LOL.

  6. Estelle was complaining because young white women were being recognised for singing “soul” music while black artists were not, which has a lot to do with the fact that old-fashioned soul music is popular across the board here (and the newer R&B stuff is popular with the youth generally – I certainly noticed that at 6th form where white girls were listening to what was still being called Swing), so anyone who wants to make a soul record has to compete with all comers and not assume that their race will give them any more authenticity than anyone else. The usual suspects in this complaint are Adele, Amy Winehouse and Duffy. To be honest, when I first heard Duffy on the Robert Elms show (singing Rock Ferry), I thought it was some sort of nickname for Dusty Springfield, but the influence of Suede (a gay British pop group from the mid-1990s) was obvious and indeed Bernard Butler from said band was in on it.

    As for Amy and Adele, their music seems more jazzy than soul and it seems to mark a return of the jazz influence in British pop music which seemed to go on the wane in the 1990s – you don’t often hear brass or even saxophones much nowadays, when they were very common up until the mid-80s. Adele has a bit of the old-fashioned female singer-songwriter about her as well.

    I read an interview with Adele in the Guardian a couple of months back and she was very laid-back about getting a Grammy. She said she didn’t want to be remembered all her life only for this record, but wanted to still be making music when she’s 50. If her Grammy was for Best New Artist, it’s not surprising that she was not interested, because that award has been associated with one-hit wonders.

  7. Margari- I do love some Lisa Stansfield and Simply Red.

    @ Samah Yup, the CD is good. My husband even likes it.

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