This is some crazy shh…

Photo courtesy of Stringer/iraq / Reuters

Female suicide bomber blows self up in middle of Shiite religious procession


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  1. I’m still stunned. May Allah have mercy on those that were murdered by that callous, wicked, and misguided woman.

  2. I do agree with you, this is crazy.this is not Islam

  3. Chaos. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.

  4. strangenesslover

    What is crazy is how Shia curse the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) family, and the sahabah. What is crazy is how Shia celebrate the man who killed Umar ibn Khattab(ra) That’s crazy, and that’s not Islam. Wicked and misguided woman, lol! Are you serious making duaa for these grave worshippers?

    Do you sisters know how much the Shia curse the Prophet Mohammed family. Is grave worshipping from Islam?

    We are commanded by Allah(swt) to love the Prophet Mohammed even more than ourselves. Allah has said in the Qur’an (what means): “The Prophet
    (SAAW) is closer to the believers than their ownselves…”
    [Al-Ahzab: 6].

    Narrated ‘Abd Allah bin Hisham: ‘We were with the Prophet
    (SAAW) and he was holding the hand of ‘Umar ibnu Al-Khattab
    (RAA). ‘Umar said to him, “O Allah’s Messenger (SAAW)!
    You are dearer to me than everything except my ownself.”
    Allah’s Messenger (SAAW) said: “No, by Him in Whose Hand my
    soul is, (you will not have complete Faith) untill I am
    dearer to you than your ownself.” Then ‘Umar (RAA) said:
    “However, now, by Allah, you are dearer to me than my
    ownself.” He (SAAW) then said: “Now, O ‘Umar, (now you are
    a believer).”

    Okay, so now the Shia who people can’t seem to understand is not worthy of a thought.

    The Shia celebrate the man who killed Umar ibn Khattab(ra)Abu Lu’lu’ah is hated by Sunnis, though respected by Shias for killing Umar. They gave him the title “Bābā Šajā ud-Dīn” (“the one who is brave in the cause of religion”)[2]. He has a shrine in Kashan, Iran.

    Isn’t Umar ibn Khattab(ra) the son in law of the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him)? How can you side with people who curse the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) and his family? How we can have a care in our heart for people who curse the intelligence of the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) and his family?

    Here is a link of the Shia cursing Aisha(ra) one of the Mothers’ of the believers. No, Samah, I can go with you with most post, but these people curse the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) and his wife and family members.

    Margari and Fatima, if you hear someone cursing Aisha(ra) and the Shahabah would you pray for them? Come on now.

    If you hear someone cursing the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) and you slap his mouth is this haram? How can you hear someone calling the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) a child molester, and a mad man and not get upset? How is that possible? Everyday in Iraq these people hear the Shia calling not Allah(swt) but Ali, Ali, Ali.

    That’s not from Islam. Shia in Iraq confessed to killing Sunnis, that’s not from Islam. These people in a Muslim land committing shirk…

    “pilgrims streaming into the Shiite holy city of Karbala for religious rituals that culminate Monday.”
    What religious rituals do the Muslims have that will be over on Monday? That’s what’s crazy!!!
    It’s even crazier in the land of the Muslims. The Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) said “Messenger of God said: ‘The blood of a Muslim is lawful in three
    cases: apostasy, adultery, and the one who kills except in legitimate
    retaliation for another. These people are “apostate” from the deen. They hate the Prophet family, the sunnah of Islam. Now, regardless if you like it or not. Apostasy from Islam is a reason to be killed period. We might not practice that in Western countries, but in the land of Muslims, it’s legitimate. You either except the words of Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) or you don’t. We might not like a lot of things here in the West, but standing in front of Allah(swt) we will answer for it. Is the Prophet Mohammed crazy for allowing killing for apostates from Islam? Are you all calling Prophet Mohammed crazy as well? Yes, let and let live right? I can hear some of you now. “It’s not right to kill someone who don’t believe in Allah” It’s not right to kill them because they grave worship, let them live. These people make hajj to the graves and celebrate and commit all kinds of shirk. However, you feel more love and compassion for them than Allah(swt) and the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) and his Sunnah. Hey why dont you all just go and celebrate with them. It’s no compulsion in religion right? If they want to commit shirk in the Muslim lands, let them right?

    “The bloodshed also appeared to be timed to the climax of an annual 40-day period of mourning for Shiite Muslim faithful” what is this 40 days of worship? is this shirk or what? is this from Islam?
    This post sucks!

    The Shia call Aisha(ra) a hooker, and they said everything comes thru Ali and Fatima. What this post is crazy.

    I swear by Allah(swt) that I will never accept, love, and care about these Shia who curse the family of Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him). I swear by Allah(swt) that I can’t have a atom weight of caring in my hear for people who see nothing wrong in hating these Shia who curse the Mother of the believers Aisha(ra). I swear by Allah(swt) that I can’t care about people who care about grave worshippers.

    There is nothing worthy of worship and praise except Allah(swt).

  5. You’re suggesting it’s completely okay to kill women and children? What’s the point in even arguing with someone like you then? It’s really true, there are some crazy, wacko Muslims out there.

  6. I’ve never heard that the Shia hate the Prophet’s (saw) family, I think that’s one of the falsehoods floating around regarding Shias. I stayed with a Shia family when I first converted, and was reading their books, etc … never saw anything like that.

    @strangenesslover “Is the Prophet Mohammed crazy for allowing killing for apostates from Islam?”
    Why does the Qur’an say that there is no compulsion in religion then? Doesn’t that conflict?
    I believe as a Muslim you should have compassion for EVERYONE. That includes people of other faiths, or those of no faith. It’s up to Allah to decide their fate.

  7. strangenesslover

    If you are calling me crazy for loving Allah(swt)and the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon) and for not loving or caring for people who commit shirk. Thanks! I really appreciate it. I accept the titles and labels. I love Allah(swt) in totality. What is ever is written by Allah(swt) and taught by Mohammed(peace be upon him) I accept.

    What was these Shia doing when they were killed? Committing shirk in a Muslim land. Samah and others who think I’m a wacko and crazy for not loving people of shirk.

    JazkuAllah Kheir!!!

    It’s nothing worthy of praise and worship except Allah(swt).

    Lets see you lovers of Shirk write how American soldiers are killing the Muslims. Write how crazy it is to have those little kids head blown off. That’s crazy!!!

    Shia don’t love you and in fact don’t love Allah nor the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon). The Shia don’t think anything to insult the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) family, yet, you cry. Yes, Samah I’m crazy and wacko. These same women who curse Aisha(ra) you have love so much for. Don’t you have love for Aisha(ra) one of the Mothers of the believers? This women in the middle of committing shirk, and cursing the family of the Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) you cry because she is killed. Wow! The Muslims are truly lost.

    No point of arguing? are you serious? There is no arguing here. Anyone who worship anything other than Allah(swt) will go to hell fire. All Jesus worshipping Christians, and all, love it or hate it.

    This is crazy!!!!

  8. Did I miss something? What do Shias have to do with anything?

  9. Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference….

    @Aynur- well said

  10. As salaamu alaikum , strangenesslover, I am truly going to make serious dua for you , you seem to be extremely angry , going on and on and not saying anything of any truth what so ever , suggestion READ, READ, READ, !, use some of your anger to good use and educate yourself in the way of shia muslims , I know for certain that shia muslims show nothing , YOU HEARD, nothing but but true love and admiration for the rasooul (SAWAS) his family , and his righteous companions , I am not quite sure where or who you are receiving your mislead information , but I hope you didn’t spend your life’s saving on it because you got ripped off . I ‘ve never heard of any shia disgrace Aisha, ya Allah she was the prophet muhammad (SAWAS) wife she is just as repected as khadijah, or any of his other wives may peace be upon them both,masha Allah. secondly , I also know for certain that shia DOES NOT , DOES NOT, commit shirk of any kind , got it , I agree with anyr these are totally things of falsehood that has been and continues to be said about shia muslims. strangenesslover REMEMBER READ ! here’s a excellent book to start with it’s called ” THEN I WAS GUIDED” by Tijani. The hate you seem to harbor toward shia’s that’s not Islam and who are you to judge you poor misguided soul. The only , only one who can judge me ,you, or any one else is the all mighty Allah(swt) dont you ever forget that! yes Ali (as) was a great man but none is greater than Allah( swt) , and shia’s know this , I know that for certain .Now I dont know about this video you have suggested watching , but what I do know is if there are any shia’s cursing any of prophet Muhammad’s (SAWAS) family or wives that is horrible , however one video or any video does not speak for all followers of shia school of thought, got it , get some help for that anger and bitterness it will drain all of your intellegence and energy. As salaamu alaikum.

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