Early Morning Reflections


Stretching out my hand
My soul quivering
Standing before you
There is no place I’d rather be
The soul cries out for this moment
When I stand before my LORD
Face wet with tears
Pleading for your mercy
For your guidance
Because without it I am lost

I can attest to the power of faith
To the existence of ALLAH
I’ve seen the improvement in my life
I’ve seen the changes in myself
And I know it is only by the mercy and compassion of ALLAH that I have come to this place
My soul is screaming it…
Allahu Akbar!

Now I depart from all the frivolities of life
The ignorance that has kept me enslaved
And I try to do better
To shift the paradigm
And begin anew
Stretching out my hand
My soul quivering from your magnificence
My mind astounded by your mercy
There is no other place I’d rather be
I have arrived

© 2007 JAMuslimah


8 responses to “Early Morning Reflections

  1. Masha’Allah! just beautiful

  2. Sister Seeking, Miriam, Mary Ann

    That’s really good!
    : )

  3. That was really touching, masha’Allah!

  4. Masha’Allah, that’s great. 🙂

  5. As salaamu alaikum, ALHAMDULLIAH ! , BEAUTIFUL! As salaamu alaikum.

  6. Salaams Sis:

    Very nice 🙂

  7. Masha’Allah I really felt touched by this. Esp, the third stanza. WOW powerful stuff!

    I was wondering if I could add it to my inspiring quotes and POems blog Illuminating Within, featured of course by you and linked to you. Let me know 🙂

    Salam dear Sister.

  8. Salam Sister. Jazak Allah for posting such a lovely Hamd (praise of Allah swt in poetry). You are not only a beautiful in your words but your spirit’s beauty seems to have been unleashed to the universe via such a calm and truly deserving prayerful mode in front of Him (swt).

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