One more youtube video

I realize I’ve been posting a lot lately but one more. Someone sent me this and it’s too funny! LOL.


5 responses to “One more youtube video

  1. Hi Samah,

    I just nominated you for the coolest blog award:

    You can check it out here:

    • As-salaamu alaikum. I have been trying to find the contact information for the blogger(s) of Chronicles of Super Hijaabi. I see it is read and listed in the blogrolls of many blogs that I read, but I can’t access it because it’s private. Could I please become a part of your blog reading posse!? Could someone please give me an email or email the author(s) on my behalf!? Jazakum Allahu khair..

  2. Thank you dear. I really appreciate it.

  3. HAHA! That’s hilarious! Yellowman reference was kinda mean… LOL@ “ay ay what ya cry fa? blow out ya *** cyandle!” :-p

  4. This is funny, thanks for posting!

    I appreciate your site. As the only muslim woman from a Caribbean family I can relate to some of the things you mention.

    Wa salaam!

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