Go Girls!

African-American women continue to demonstrate professionalism, intelligence and unlimited potential as they contribute to our overall struggle for unlimited freedom, access and opportunity in America. The sisters on Flights 5202 and 5106 (a jet owned by Atlantic Southeast Airlines) have proven that African-American women can do anything if just given a fair opportunity.

They made history on Thursday, February 12, 2009 as the first all African American female crew.


The crew included CPT Rachelle Jones, 2nd on right, FO Stephanie Grant, 1st on left, FA’s Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway!


4 responses to “Go Girls!

  1. asa. i would have loved to fly high on that flight!

  2. curiousmuslimah

    That is awesome!

  3. Thank you ,for this post and the inspiring message it has for our people.May Allah,reward you.

  4. This shows you that african -american can do any thing if they concieve and believe and this picture even more inspire me to become a pilot.

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