Trying new things


So, I’ve talked about wanting to do something different but halal. I’ll have you all know I finally committed to something…alhamdulillah. I’m taking Tai Chi. Granted, it’s only for a half an hour and once a week but I’m doing it. When I came back to work from my class several people commented that I looked calm and relaxed. I felt like it too. (And that was only after one class. Imagine me in 6 weeks from now, insha’allah). Even though I researched Tai Chi before enrolling in the class, I expected to be kicking and punching…no such luck in the beginner’s class though, LOL.

Maybe I’ll take a kick boxing class…I have a one-time (free) personal trainer appointment on Saturday, insha’allah. (I also joined SNAP Fitness which was one of my goals for 2009). I’m feeling very energetic these days as you can tell…

Are you trying anything new?

6 responses to “Trying new things

  1. Serenity Love Divine Earth

    I am!

    I signed up for a belly dancing class. I am new and really bad at it but it’s fun and I always wanted to try it. I think this will be one of my long term hobbies.

    I’d love to try Tai Chi at lunch. WOW!

  2. Salaamu alaykum… It’s almost the summertime, girl! Just a few months. I don’t know about you, but once it starts getting warm outside, I just feel ready to conquer the world. I’ve been thinking about taking yoga or something like that to sort of help me calm my nerves. I took a bellydance class several months back, and I really enjoyed that. I may look into that again. I wanna get active, get outside, and do something! 🙂

  3. One of my (non muslim) friends does FEMA – – and really enjoys it. I’ve always wanted to try it, but haven’t had the time.

  4. You go girl!

    I like Yoga and have been able to practice on and off for a few years- though there is this new style available in our area I would like to try- called Partner Yoga (or something to that effect)- wish me luck trying to convince hubby!

    Tai Chi- yep that is very good it really centers you- literally- you’ll see how your walk, stance, and posture even while sitting will change- all those people in the Far East have a gem in this for sure…

    My son practices the advanced and rapid version used in hand to hand combat- it looks like an art form- though I would never want to be on the receiving end with him for sure! LOL

    All the best- gives an update as you progress…

  5. That is so cool! Good luck with that!

    I’m taking a Turkish-style painting on porcelain class at the Konya-Sarajevo cultural center. It’s fun!

  6. That’s great MashaAllah. I started attending a self-defense class a few weeks ago, its so much fun 🙂

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