Random thoughts, complaints, and controversy. (sleepy again)

-I am so sick of the feminization of today’s men. I’m not on some ole 60’s version of men and women’s roles but this madness has got to stop somewhere. My gripe is with fashion. For instance, dudes in skinny jeans- NO! DON’T DO IT! Men in low rise jeans- NO! (Okay, anybody in low rise jeans with their butt crack hanging out- stop the foolishness). What’s with men and the long, pressed out, flat-ironed do? Or the curly do they sport after taking down their braids? The other day this dude was trying to holler at me (don’t ask!). His hair was slicked back in a ponytail and braided (kinda like my mom used to do my hair when I was a little girl). EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So here it is, Jamerican’s personal gripes with men’s fashion:

(1) Long hair unless you have locs. (I am obviously referring to Black men here. Though I don’t like long hair on any man). White dudes and locs? Uhh…no!

(2) Men with their ear(s) pierced. I especially hate the men with two big, blinging earrings in their ears. Give your grandmama back her earrings and stay out of her jewelry box!

(3) Skinny jeans and men.

(4) S-curl and other curl kits. Especially when said man is trying to pass it off as being “natural.” NEGRO PLEASE! Just fade your junk and be done with it.

(5) The sagging, wet baggy pants. I watched a guy trying to jump over a snow bank while his pants were sagging…not a pretty or safe sight. It was a good laugh though!

(6) Grown men with cartoon characters on their clothing. Seriously…

(7) Grown men with braids and beads in their hair. Really?

(8) There is a whole line of F.O.B. clothing I could get into but that’ll take all day. Let’s just say tapered jeans and New Balance sneakers are not the lick.

I’ll stop there…

-One fashion I do like is the Black Man Mohawk. (Sorry for using him as an example but it’s the best I could find). I’m sure some Muslims probably think the do is unacceptable.

-And while I’m at it, I am really trying to be as tolerant of really conservative Muslims as I want them to be of me. More often than not that means staying quiet unless they’re trying impose their views on me. I’m just on something different right now. Yeah, I could use an iman boost (we all could) but I have no intention (insha’allah!) of returning to the glory days of ultra-conservative Muslim thinking. My mind won’t even bend that way. I’ve changed and some people can’t accept it. They think I’ve fallen off…And you know what? I don’t even care. So, how do you deal with Muslims of other Islamic interpretations when they’re pushy with you?

-I’m in need of some new nasheeds. Not Arabic or acapella nasheeds. Some new hip hop nasheeds. *sigh*

-I’m struggling to complete the 4 days of fasting I owe from Ramadan. Insha’allah I’m going to fast tomorrow. My nafs would like otherwise. I hope my intention wins out this time. (I was supposed to be fasting last week).

-I went shopping again this weekend. I am so excited that wide leg pants and jeans are back in style. I need to stay out the stores though. I think I’ve been shopping every weekend for the past month. After I get a pair of black heels and patent leather flats then I’ll call it off, insha’allah. This weekend I successfully found a purple cardigan and completed this outfit:

PURPLE PASSION - by Jamerican Muslimah on Polyvore.com

I need to stop inspiring myself…lol!

-Speaking of weekend, alhamdulillah, the weather was nice. I was out yesterday and today with no coat on, just a light jacket. I heart spring…

-Anybody like my new ring tone?

-I need a vacation. Insha’allah I’m thinking something within the U.S. (can’t really afford anywhere else right now). Some place on the east coast. Any sisters want to host me? I’m cool as long as you don’t have roaches. 😉

Gosh, I’m sleepy…it’s only 5:30pm. *sigh*

13 responses to “Random thoughts, complaints, and controversy. (sleepy again)

  1. I agree, those things you mentioned are so icky, totally not “man-like” or cool at all.
    It seems like every time I go shopping I find at least 1 thing to buy as well – I think my hubby is a *little* tired of seeing me bring shopping bags home with me everytime I go out. 😉

  2. sistafromanotherplanet

    I TOTALLY feel you on the men’s fashion thing. I hate to see men with their pants around their knees. It looks completely ridiculous and who would ever take them seriously about anything. I also hate the brothers that try to look prettier than me with their hair done and longer than mine. GET A HAIR CUT!! The other thing I hate is men with locs that have them “done” as well. What I mean by done is that they are dyed, curled or wavy. Not cute! The hubs has locs and we would seriously have a problem if his stuff was all waved up.

    I’m not even going to touch the conservative Muslim thing. I am so far to the left I don’t think I could bend back if I tried.

    Your outfit is way cute. You should start a fashion mag for hijabis. You have a whole lot of talent with that! (among other things:D)

    Love the ring tone too.

    Peace Lady!

  3. Let’s not forget the new craze for men reshaping their eyebrows with string or wax…

  4. This is hilarious, even more so because it’s TRUE. “I said, Jerome’s in the house!!!” (If you never watched the sitcom Martin, you won’t get that reference.)

  5. Totally agree. There is a very serious problem with this.

  6. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I’m with you on the pants round the ankles (gross) and skinny jeans for men. How can men wear tight trousers anyway? If I try on a pair of trousers and find it at all constricting, it goes back to the shelf, no ifs or buts. Actually, it’s the same for me with any constricting clothing (e.g. top buttons and ties). If I was in a hot country where I could get away with wearing a sarong (e.g. Malaysia) I probably would. Most of my trousers are a size too big for me (but not big enough to slide down my butt, lol) and my Mum thinks I should be a 34-inch waist but many of my trousers are 36. Men just need room in places women don’t, think of that girls when you’re buying clothes for men.

    As for feminising men, the most common source of this among white men as far as I know is the “rock star” look. Often this is basically threatening – it’s a case of him saying he’s so macho that he can do his hair like a girl and dare you to call him one. It’s really unnerving when you see a feminine pony-tail behind them and you look at their face and you find lots of stubble, or you can’t tell someone’s sex as I’ve seen with one kid round here I used to see on the bus. Actual gay men, you know where you stand with them.

    Oh, and if you’re gonna have a go at us guys for dressing like girls, why don’t you look at some of the ladies who dress like boys? I see so many of them round here; the racks (in M&S in particular) are full of lovely, colourful skirts and they just wear dull jeans or other trousers day after day and look like overgrown schoolboys.

  7. Alright Jamerican, you need to stay out of my mind! I am always ranting and raving to my friend about these men walking around acting like women!!! I hate it. I would like to get married some time soon and I WAS down for the brothers(black men) I’m trying to stay down for them, trust me I am, but they are starting to get on my LAST DANG NERVE!!! They act like we owe them something? Or is it just me? Don’t they know that back when massah was in charge we had to hit the ground running right along with their goofy butts? And now they are feminized, switching harder than I do laying on the couch eating up all the food! Hopeless case.

    Whereever you go, take me with you!! I’m feeling just like you are these days and I don’t know how to shake it. I think I’m lonely 😦

  8. Yeah, I’m tired of men and their skinny jeans too. Especially when they try to sag them. GROOOSSS! Get that mess outta here!!

    I’m not quite on the East Coast, but Memphis ain’t too shabby. 🙂

  9. I can’t handle either of the two poles of atrocious fashion skinny jeans and the sagging. Skinny jeans look bad on most women, what in the #@$@ are these men thinking!! Skinny jeans should have been left in the 80s, along with pegging your pants and I thought sagging went out with the 90s. I’m not really feeling the Black man mohawk. Reminds me too much of high top fades, once again I date myself.

  10. It’s the re-emergence of the Afro-American & Caribbean dandy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandy)!

    I don’t know it’s definitely not my taste but I do tend to like a man in nicely structured and tailored clothing (my daddy’s from New York, what can I say?). I actually like a 60s retro look a la Coolio High (nice caps, tailored pants, turtle necks and sweaters) kind of vibe.

    Muslims with different interpretations:
    I actually am going through something like this right now. While I am not a conservative Muslim I do tend to respect more traditional scholarship. Recently I had a heated exchange (via email worse place to have real dialogue) with a sister I know who has become a Qur’an only Muslim. Basically she and her husband have embraced Qur’an only, stopped praying five times a day (two or three instead) and actually have come to believe that the Qur’an tells us directly to not use hadith.

    For instance, they believe that Prophet Muhammad did not bring the prayer instead that it was Ibrahim. They also have stopped evoking blessings on the prophet in the salah and have left out Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah in the shahadah.

    The reason I am saying all this is I really had a hard time understanding this (and honestly still do) but I realize now that I cannot change anybody’s mind-in fact it is not my job. You just have to at some point let people be.

    I really am not a debating type and I think it is important to always questions your intentions behind correction. I noticed in my exchange with the sister that it became more about refutation than understanding-emotion/argument instead of openness. I really want to work on perfecting my character & my Islamic knowledge instead of agenda pushing or debating.

    I actually think conservative, liberal and progressive Muslims have worthwhile things to say but by making carictatures of “the other group” they show their insecurities.

  11. asa. my husband and i abhor male feminization. for him, it’s a carib thing. just the other night, he was ranting, i mean telling me about how different things are here v back home. i am not a fan of eyebrow shaping for men. i mean unless you have a unibrow, leave it alone.
    i too am tired of the fundies. just the other day this new sister took her shahada and it seemed like some sisters were just ready to tie her down and put a khimar on her even before teaching her how to pray. from my perspective they pushed the scarf thing a little too hard…like harder than the 5 pillars, hard. me, i have been on sabatical from muslim events, functions for a while now. just tired of noting that when everybody is talking that only the sisters are told to be quiet (at eid prayer specifically), passing up questions on cards instead of sisters just being able to ask a question out loud, really just tired…so let me stop ranting on your blog and ask “why not cali?”

  12. Coolie High, of course, not Coolio. Them braids are too much!

  13. Nobody should wear skinny jeans! They’re bad enough on women (make our butts look huge!), but I just don’t want to see that much of a man. Why can’t more guys just wear normal, well-cut clothes and drop the silly fashion trends…

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