If There Were Peace

If there were peace,
if there was a way to touch you from the inside,
the core of you,
then I know love would eventually follow.
Could you open yourself to the possibility?
Because this is what I represent- possibility.
The smooth lines of qiblah,
a direction,
a focal point.
There is so much that lurks behind the mystery.
So much reward and so much benefit.
For the first time he refuses to be blinded by the illusion,
he refuses to be dissuaded by the impenetrable wall I’ve carefully constructed.
He’s scaled it with such agility and expertise…subhanallah.

If there were peace…for even a moment.
I’d finally surrender to the silence.
I’d be a whirling, elusive band of light.
The realization of fantasies and wild dreams come true.
I’d be the key that unlocks ancient treasures recently excavated.

If there were peace…I’d finally be free.

©2009 JAMuslimah

2 responses to “If There Were Peace

  1. peace is that place we constantly reach for … in this world of turmoil … stress … disorder … and challenge … it is the One Thing we can dream of. Sometimes it comes in sleep, sometimes not. But when we get a taste of it … it it wondrous.

  2. Nice poetry if it is. 🙂

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