I Saw the Weirdest Thing Today

I was driving this morning with my mom and I saw the weirdest thing. A strange bird-like creature was standing in front of a car that was waiting at a red light. It was flexing its wings and staring at the people in the car. I was in the left lane but as traffic slowed down I asked my mom what kind of animal it was. She said it was a turkey. “A Turkey?” I asked. “What is it doing in the city?” She shrugged.

After dropping my mom off, on my way home, I was looking for it. Sure enough, I saw it stretching out its neck, peering into traffic. Once again when someone stopped at the light, it walked into the road and stood in front the person’s car. I was fumbling with my cell phone, trying to take picture of it. Unfortunately, I was out of memory and didn’t have time to delete a picture before the light changed. 😦

What a weird thing…



5 responses to “I Saw the Weirdest Thing Today

  1. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Some farmers here in England keep pheasants (which people like to shoot, if they have the money), and some of them don’t keep them in properly so they run on the road. I nearly hit one a few years ago when driving along a rural by-pass road (which is a fast-ish road, so clearly the keeper was careless). A couple of weeks ago someone braked hard in front of me as I was driving down to the coast, and I nearly hit the back of him. I thought, why put the brakes on suddenly for a bird? A person, yes, but don’t put your safety on the line for a bird whose owner should have been taking better care of it.

  2. Assalaamualaikum! So strange, I saw about 15 wild turkeys on the side of the road on Sunday afternoon, too.

  3. migranting maybe?

  4. I work for the City and we recieve a lot of calls about wild animals in the city. They usually like to hang out around Hiawatha Ave. We get calls about Turkeys, deers and other animals that you wouldn’t normally see in the city. I guess the animals are like, we were here first!

  5. Sakeenah, that’s where I saw it- on Hiawatha! And that’s what my mom said, “we keep moving into their territory”.

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