Random Vlog


3 responses to “Random Vlog

  1. sistafromanotherplanet

    That turkey is funny to me!!! I saw a turkey last summer just strolling across the street in front of my house. (Then again I do live in the south and folks down here have chickens and goats as “pets”! Alabama. *sigh*)

    You’ve baited me. I want to see what you bought. I’m nosy like that.

    Maybe you would consider a Jamerican fashion show? You could just put some outfits together and lay them out on the couch. (This would be for the fashion challenged, like ya girl, me!)

    I really like the videos. Please keep them coming!


  2. As salaamu alaikum , samah I would luv to see what you’ve purchased and how you’ve put the outfits together as well. I’m so into fashion, and always interested in new looks and ideas,insha Allah. Also looking forward to your new post rather in video or print I’m sure they will be great topics and topics worth viewing as always ( smile) , keep up the great work! insha Allah . As salaamu alaikum

  3. Salaam sister thanks for the shout out it was nice meeting you . Im usually the silent reader type and don’t usually post lol. The event was alot of fun and then afterwards when i was with my sister i was like i think thats jamerican she writes the blogs i read and my sister was like well then go on an introduce your self.
    once again nice meeting you

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