My People, My People (SMH)

This guy came into the Probation Office a couple days ago wearing one of those “I wish you were here” or “R.I.P.” tee shirts. You know, the ones that some people in the hood wear with the picture of a relative or friend who passed away? It usually has the person’s picture and their nickname on it. Well, this guy had his fallen homeboy’s picture on it but above the picture in bold, white block letters were the words “FOR MY NIGGA.” 😮 I couldn’t believe someone would actually walk around with those words boldly printed across their chest. My co-workers and I did a double take. We joked about kidnapping him, knocking him out and him waking up to find himself in a different shirt. Meanwhile, we’d burn the old one.

I have truly seen it all now…

Watch the video (it’s actually kinda sad):

*sigh* My people, my people. 😦


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  1. If I’m not mistaken, I remember my African history professor saying that the whole “picture of someone on your clothing” thing is sort of a cultural continuity from West Africa. I wouldn’t take it to mean that someone literally had a T-shirt on with their dead friend’s picture airbrushed on it, but maybe the “honoring” was done in another sort of way. But it’s kind of weird, because after he said that, I noticed in “Coming to America” at the part when Prince Akeem was going to meet his “Queen-to-Be” while he was still in Zamunda, people were outside of the palace selling shirts with his picture on it. And at my family reunion in Miami a couple years back, some family from Mississippi came wearing matching shirts with a cousin’s picture on it who had recently been killed in an automobile accident. Though they’re family, and I love them (and saddened by my cousin’s death), I couldn’t help but feel that the shirts demonstrated a kind of “hot ghetto mess” that’s too common in the black community.

    But the video shows both some good and bad aspects of their local culture. There’s a strong sense of community, it seems. But obviously, the fact that death is almost seen as an honor is negative, particularly because the likely circumstances surrounding many of these deaths may involve crime, drugs, gang activity, etc. But at least they don’t fear death. They’re ready for it, no matter how it comes. But sad that being killed is such a normal thing, and nobody seems to care enough to be even remotely saddened by it.

  2. As salaamu alaikum
    With all due respect sister, when is the “African-American” Muslims going to separate from the kaffir “African-Americans” and establish a new identity? I’m a revert to Islam myself, and I cringe every time, I hear a “BAM” call a non-Muslim kaffir “my people” when you became Muslim, these kaffirs are no longer are “your people” and what they do is not of any concern to you. I’m not saying being mean to them, because as humans we are suppose to give dawah to them, and treat them kindly, and teach them “Allah is one” so, with that being said. When is the BAM, going to separate themselves from BAKaffirs? I’m not saying hating on anyone, even the white American kaffirs, I’m not a hater. I’m just saying, you literally don’t have any thing in common with these people, except skin color, and you were born in America. Your lifestyles are different, your practice of religion is different, your outlook on life and the here-after is different.

    Please, let’s make our own identity and leave these people alone. I say this, because everytime someone is talking about blacks in America. They put us all together as one group of people, and I see Muslims defending kaffirs, but I don’t see many kaffirs defending Muslims. Yes, I have family members who are nice, and they treat me well. However, if they had to choice between defending me and their church, they would leave me. I hope some of you get what I mean. As nice as my family treats me and leave me alone as a Muslim. I dear all of you to ask them one question. Ask them, if you were to leave Islam would they be happy? It will shock, or maybe not, some of you that they would say “yes” as I thought I got over the milestone with my family of them accepting me as a Muslim.

    I know this was about a t-shirt with the word “nigga” on it. However, most Muslims I know wouldn’t wear something like this. Being from the streets don’t impress us, most of us don’t even know this street life. I just want you bloggers who happen to be Muslims to understand. The web is world wide. We have a moral obligation to show people the best, and we need to let the world know, we are BAM, who are upright and moral. We have left the kaffir lifestyle, and we are upholding the tenents of Islam. I’m not speaking of this blog per sec, but, mostly what I’m reading about on BAM lately is talking about BAKaffir lifestyles, but not a whole lot of BAM lifestyles. Let the people know we do exist and what is going on with the BAM and make some positive information. What good is happening in the community? what are you doing if things are going badly? Do you make your voices heard, especially as men in the community. When are the BAM going to stop letting others speak for them? Most of you were doing fine, before you had any dealings with the immigrant Muslims. Please tell me what’s happening now? I guess, I want to hear what’s up positive. Sorry, for the ranting.

  3. Aboo Abdillaah U

    YOUR people are the Muslims. PERIOD. Sister, black nationalism is an evil thing that is dispraised!

    May Allaah guide us all

  4. Salaam alaikum,

    Oh Lord, people, sometimes the more I read on the internet the less I want to, sheesh…

    “when you became Muslim, these kaffirs are no longer are “your people” and what they do is not of any concern to you.”

    Read that over a couple of times Halima, and let me know if it still makes sense.

    Thanks for the video, that was interesting and very sad.

  5. Halima, if you’ve read my blog any amount of time then you’d know that I don’t subscribe to the Kafir vs. Muslim way of viewing the world.

    With all due respect, you can’t tell me how to identify or whom to identify with. Nor can you impose your way of viewing the world or your interpretation of Islam onto me. I don’t allow non-Muslims to box me into the “Muslim only” category and I certainly won’t allow Muslims to either. I am not “just Muslim.” I have many different affiliations and communities besides the Muslim community. The African-American community is just one of them. When I took shahadah I didn’t suddenly shed my skin and cease to be part of my two ethnic groups. Islam doesn’t ask people to change their cultural/ethnic backgrounds either. Where do we see the Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w. or his companions disconnecting from their communities? (Aside from when their people were oppressing them and fighting against them). They still maintained their tribal connections and affiliations. The only caution was that their tribal and ethnic backgrounds not take precedence over their new way of life or that we don’t behave as if we are better than someone else simply because of our ethnic background.

    Lastly, you said “…I see Muslims defending kaffirs, but I don’t see many kaffirs defending Muslims. ” I wouldn’t say that your statement is true across the board. Perhaps your view of people who aren’t Muslim (as ‘kaffirs’) has colored your interaction with them and theirs with you….

  6. @ Samah007

    Show some textual proofs from the Book and the Sunnah that supports the statements you made.

  7. Aboo Abdillaah U

    I see that you have a lot of shubuhaat.

    Firstly, there are not several “Islaams” but only ONE. That is the one which was brought by our Messenger (Sal Allaahu alaihi wa salam). That is the one that the noble Sahaabah followed and the one passed down through the ages by our ulamaa. This is where we learn our deen. Not from our own interpretations and desires. If you study this deen, you will see that the Muslims have ALWAYS had the Muslim/Kaafir worldview and this is what drove the Muslims to be uppermost on the planet. It seems that you are trying to use your own intellect to interpret this deen. This is blameworthy and should not be done. PERIOD. There is only one interpretation and that is the way that that Salaf interpreted. There is no shia Islaam. There is no NOI Islaam. There is no sufi Islaam. There is only Islaam pure and clear upon the way of our salaf.

    Secondly, I suggest that you read al-wala wa bara by our Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan which will explain in VERY CLEAR terms what your relationship with the black kufaar is supposed to be. Ibn al-Qayim wrote about this topic at length. He says, “Disbelief (kufr) and belief (iman) are mutually exclusive: when one of them disappears the other takes its place.”

    Then if you read the Qur’an you will see:
    You will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred 58:22

    So as you can see in the Qur’an, even our disbelieving relatives are supposed to receive our emnity. (although we give them their rights)

    You are a more noble creation because you are Muslim and this is clear in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Your ONLY duty to them is to call them to become Muslim. PERIOD. You are not of them and they are not of you. You are BETTER than them.

    Our ulamaa have clarified these affairs and it is with connecting oneself with them that there is safety in one’s deen and hereafter. They will clarify all of the confusion that you have about all of these issues. Stop trying to use your mind and desires as a guide and follow the ulamaa.

    Either one follows Islaam, or they can make up their own religion and call it “Islaam” as what is sadly happening today in which we see people following their desires and attributing it to Islaam.
    You can begin your journey to the Sunnah by going to to really understand what Islaam is.
    You want to be a better Muslim. Follow those who KNOW!

    May Allaah guide us all

  8. The entire concept of “blackness” is evil. You yourself said that it was terrible the actions of these people yet you associate yourself with them??? La hawla wa la quwata ilaa billah. The ignorance of this ummah is something to behold at times.

    You indeed SHOULD BE “just Muslim” as there is ZERO nobility in the designations “black” or “Jamaican”. You should be ashamed to say such things while claiming to speak for this deen.

    The correct way to look at this is that THOSE PEOPLE are astray and far from this deen and you should be thanking Allah that he CHOSE YOU and guided you and not them. And then pray that Allah choses them for guidance as well.

  9. Self hatred is too deep.

    With the job that Samah has I doubt that she could or should regard non-Muslim African-Americans with such disrepect and mockery.

    It is nearly impossible to disconnect yourself from something that has bred you and lives within you whether for the good or bad. This type of cultural amnesia not only cuts away the positive characterisitics of our heritage but also allows us to turn a blind eye to the continued need to speak to the specifics of our multi-dimensional identities. Hijab or not I am a black woman in America and I have to reckon with that reality everyday.

    I think there is too much baggage dragging behind those BAMs with so much hatred towards other black-Americans, yet, with a I’m only a Muslim and perfect attitude they seem unwilling to reckon with what they are really hiding from and repressing.

    As Shakespeare said the lady doth protests too much.

  10. Funny that the prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all) repeatedly say over and over and over in the Qur’an, often to disbelieving bretheren:

    “Oh my people!”

    2:54, 5:21, 6:78, 6:135, 7:59, 7:65, 7:67, 7:73, 7:85, 7:93, 10:84, 11:29, 11:50, 71:2, seriously, do I need to continue.

    But what did they know, they were only prophets.

    I now have a strong urge to don a cheese head, indulge in (halal) brats and hang with my people.

  11. There seems to be a recent trend amongst some Black American Muslims who think that by taking shahadah that they have shed their blackness. They take a myopic view of Islamic history and our very purpose for being in this country, which is to give dawah. They are the reason why Islam is irrelevant in our communities, as opposed to be the solution to jahiliyyah practices. This is why I think the comments section in most blogs need to be shut down. Most commentors have nothing beneficial to contribute to solving any problems or addressing issues that effects us.

  12. “You are a more noble creation because you are Muslim and this is clear in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Your ONLY duty to them is to call them to become Muslim. PERIOD. You are not of them and they are not of you. You are BETTER than them.”
    “You indeed SHOULD BE “just Muslim” as there is ZERO nobility in the designations “black” or “Jamaican”. You should be ashamed to say such things while claiming to speak for this deen.”
    Okay, I’m going to choose my words carefully here because I have made a commitment to try and always speak with love as oppose to anger, hatred and frustration. I will not go on and on about the great leaders and people of progress (Black and not) who have not been Muslim. Nor will I point out that it seems highly unproductive of individual Muslims (I refuse to allow myself to believe people like you represent more than a minority view) to reject people because of some of the negative actions of some especially given recent world events. Instead I will say that you do Islam a very large disservice. Why would people want to join a religion that apparently preaches such a separatist, elitist, condemning and self-righteous mindset? Do you honestly believe that because you call yourselves Muslims and tell people to turn their backs on the black community that you are better than a black agnostic who commits their life to service, economic development and community organizing?
    And your only duty to us is to call us to be Muslims? Really? Their is no duty to organizing, radicalism (addressing the roots of a problem), and social justice? To me this is a prime example of why there are so many social issues plaguing a lot of black people. This idea that one only has to look out for their self and their immediate family. That the capitalistic pursuit of success is all that matters and that their is no responsibility to the community, even if it means less leisure for oneself. So this is the picture you would paint of Islam? One where people’s only responsibility is to call others to be Muslims? I wonder if you all give charity and pat yourselves on the back for giving and obeying G-d. How can you feel good about giving charity when you seem to be advocating that one has no responsibility to fight the institutional social injustices and self-esteem/worth issues that make such charity so desperately needed in the first place? That would suddenly require interaction, close interaction, with us heathens.
    If the people who made theses statements self-identified as black at one point I can not help but think that you have given up and taken the easy way out. Addressing the issues faced by black people is no easy task and not one that can be fixed by any religion or amount of charity. After all, one can call their self Muslim or Christian and still participate in the destruction of their community and others through greed, materialism, and willingness to shop at stores that disregard human rights all the while devaluing people in any number of ways.
    Also, what do you mean by identifying as just Muslim and rejecting the black community. Somehow, I seriously doubt that these comments would be leveled against a Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian or another Middle Eastern Christian revert. When you say rejecting “blackness” to become “just Muslim” are you sure what you don’t mean is rejecting “blackness” to become “what has been constructed to be Islamic culture by Arabs and Middle Easterners” because that’s a critique I’ve seen a lot of by western reverts and South Asians.

  13. Jamerican Muslimah,
    yeah. That annoys me so much too. I do not understand how anyone could justify using that word for their selves or anyone they care about. I am especially shocked to here it in some of my favorite rap music. When it comes to rap I only listen to political stuff, and the message is usually really great. All about resistance, working together, building a movement, education, not buying into this ridiculous consumer driven culture that constructs a black identity of thugs and gangstas then bottles it to be distributed in white suburbs, etc. And these amazing artists will throw the n-word around more so than brother or comrade. WTH? It seems so prevalent and accepted to. And it is most defiantly not an age thing. People in my mom and grandma’s gen. use it heavily as well. And it’s not about education either. because I have seen instances of college students freaking out and holding protests when white cartoon artists or djs used the word in an editorial or at a party. Then see them listening to music with the n-word thrown around while recruiting for an organization the next day (and I do not mean the political stuff) or in a facebook called Fly N’s.
    I sometimes wonder why I have such a strong reaction to the word when those around me have no problem with it. I guess it’s b/c where I grew up there were so many people no more than two or three generations removed from sharecropping, but I doubt that’s it. Maybe I’ve just always had that angry militant streak ( I blame it on the reading). I kinda wish you had retained the person. I sometimes feel like doing that when I see someone doing something that makes me think: Really? Are you that much of a commodity? Has BET and MTV got you so brainwashed you think your greatest assets is in what you can buy and how you can entertain? Maybe I should invest in a sledge-hammer to bust up rims and speaker boxes. Hopefully, one day I’ll get the courage and love will win out over fear (not busting rims but telling people to show consideration and turn down music in car/ipod whatever. (Though busting up symbols of conspicuous consumerism can never really be bad now can it?).
    Also, I totally respect people that want to wear shirts commemorating their dead loved ones, though it’s not my cup of tea. Also, I think pictures might be more of an American/Western European thing in general than black (the whole death pictures thing was far scarier than the shirt imo). I guess they just want to commemorate someone who they cared about and a great number of society didn’t and want even miss ( especially if killed as a result of violence).

  14. @ Samah007

    You have a decision to make. Please make the right one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Some food for thought to my African American/Caribbean brothers and sisters:

    – Can you tell me a single muslim community, tribe or nation on earth in 1400 years that has a solely Muslim identity but is devoid of it’s OWN culture, heritage, lineage and traditions?

    – Can you tell me a single muslim community, tribe or nation on earth that DENIES that it is a community, tribe or nation?

    – Did the Prophet (Salla Allahu `Alayhi wa sallam) separate himself from the ‘Kafir’ and stop being a Quraishi?

    Did Abu bakr stop being Quraishi?

    – Who was the prophet talking about when he made Du’aa for the guidance of the Daws tribe of Tufayl and Abu Hurairah and told the leader of Daws ( Tufayl) to go to YOUR people?

    – Who was the noble companion Jafar ibn Abi Talib (the confirmed martyr)(the cousin and close friend of the Prophet) talking about when he said to Negus ( re: his state BEFORE Islam):
    “O King, we were a people in a state of ignorance and immorality, worshipping idols and eating dead animals, committing all sorts of shameful deeds, breaking the ties of kinship, treating guests badly and the strong among us exploited the weak. We remained in this state until God sent us a Prophet, one of OUR OWN people whose lineage, trustworthiness and integrity were well-known to us.”

    Who was Jafar ibn Abi Talib talking about when he said to Negus- ‘Yet, OUR people oppressed us, made life intolerable for us and obstructed us from observing our religion.’

    Who was Allah talking about when he said- “And We certainly sent Nooh to HIS people, and he remained among them a thousand years minus fifty years…” [Quran: 29:14]

    Who was Prophet Ibrahim referring to when he said ‘O MY people I am free from all that you join as partners with Allah! I have turned my face towards Him Who created the heavens and the earth…’

    Who was Waraqah talking about when he said to the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) “I wish I could live up to the time when YOUR people would turn you out.” Muhammad (salla Allahu `Alayhi wa sallam)asked: “Will they drive me out?” Waraqa answered in the affirmative and said: “Anyone who came with something similar to what you have brought was treated with hostility; and if I should be alive till that day, then I would support you strongly- (Bukhari)- Who were these people who would oppose the Prophet?

    Who did Allah mean when he instructed ‘And warn your tribe (O Muhammad Salla Allahu `Alayhi Wa Sallam) of near kindred’ (Surah Ash-Shu`araa 26:214).

    How did the Prophet (Salla Allahu `Alayhi Wa Sallam)respond to that ayat and instruction from Allah? Did he ONLY call his immediate family to Islam or did he call the TRIBES he lived amongst who were his kin?

    Some people are attemting to re-write human and Muslim history and directing African American muslims to go into uncharted territory that NO other tribe in history has EVER travelled. This is the territory of being tribeless and cultureless. Enter this territory at your peril!

  16. I am born muslim, ethnically mixed, of Jamaican descent and guess what, I will never disregard my culture because Islam doesn’t ask me to. I definitely don’t look down upon people, us vs them mentality benefits no one. People of color are my people, muslims are my people, west indians culturally are my people, we all eat salt fish and green banana, all of humanity are my people, I don’t burn bridges I’d rather build bridges. I shun folks without core values, now they aren’t my people!! But to write of one’s background upon accepting faith is ludicrous.

  17. Lastly, this isn’t about nobility in designating or identifying with one’s cultural background. Islam is a religion/way of life not ethnic background the last time I checked. Every other community is comfortable saying that they are Muslim of Pakistani/Palestinian/Syrian/ Saudi/Sudani/Somali/Malaysian/Algerian descent etc.. and are concerned about the development of and actively take part in the progress of their communities/countries and the Muslim world at large. Why do Muslims of African American descent have to forego their concern for their indigenous communities? It seems like an easy way out, what happened to social outreach and responsibility. The last time I checked just because someone doesn’t profess to be Muslim that doesn’t mean they are the scum of the earth without any sense of morals and core values. It’s like people are seeking license to lump everyone in a bucket and say to hell with them I am muslim now. It doesn’t work like that, this is the real world. And guess what, just as Pakistani’s love Biryani, and Palestinian’s love stuffed grape leaves, and Saudi’s love their Makloubeh, I will continue to love my ackee and salt fish and sour sop juice!!! I will continue to give charity to organizations assisting muslim communities in addition to organizations assisting sufferation world wide including black communities!!!!

  18. Let’s try this from a different angle:

    The Messenger of Allaah (salallaahu alayhi wa salam) let the people keep aspects of their culture that were halal. Name anything from african-american or caribbean culture that is halal. Name something!!!

  19. Margari and Jamerican

    All i’ll say is this trend exists in all muslim communities, unfortunately.

  20. I always say, sometimes my people(african americans) get on my nerves, but they are a part of me. I can’t blend in, in America, I can’t pass myself off as white or latino or asian or whatever else some foreigners pass themselves off as because they are ashamed of what they are or because they think it would provide them with better opportunities. When you see me, you see Muslim, but you also see BLACK. America doesn’t allow for me to deny that I am indeed a black woman. Yes, My Islam comes first, but being black is what has shaped me, what has made me the person that I am. I have a feeling that when people are talking about you should no longer identify with being black, they are surely stating that I should identify with middle eastern people. I am not middle eastern! The only thing I have in common is my Islam. You can not hold me to the same standards as other cultures because we are all different. It is mostly Middle Eastern Muslims that are talking out of the side of their neck. The same people that question my Islam BECAUSE I AM BLACK! DO NOT push your views on me which most likely are culturally based and have NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.

    How can some think that they are better than me because they were born Muslim or because they grew up in the middle east? To be honest, one of the reasons that Black American Muslims are having a hard time is because some “born Muslims,” are not portraying Islam the way that it is supposed to be portrayed, they are being loose with it. Also know as, Muslimahs walking around with skin tight clothing, neck showing, being loud, having boyfriends, not covering. Muslim Men walking around with no beards, no kufi’s no nothing…blending. Hmpf.

    Because of my Hardships as a BLACK person, my deen is Insha’Allah indeed stronger than some that think because they were born Muslim, they can disrespect the deen or think that they are Automatically saved from Jehennum. People seem to forget that although NOI is not Muslim, they brought a lot of people to Islam, giving black people pride when white folks were trying to make us lose our identities. Your people(and I do say this sarcastially) hold your fathers surnames, your grandparents names, you’re culture is intact…but do you really think that if I looked back into my lineage, I would have the last name of the slave master that owned my family or would I have a more African sounding name? Stick to what you know cause this ain’t it!

  21. It’s not just the comments sections; it’s the bloggers themselves. Most of you all don’t know a thing about Islaam, and have the audacity to try and speak about it, and unknowingly and sometimes knowingly spread false notions and ideologies i.e. baatil. Since y’all put it out there for public consumption, sooner or later one of your brothers or sisters who knows that what you’re saying is nonsense is going to oppose you. There are innocent people reading this crap, so someone has to clarify the truth. Most Muslim bloggers need to get off the internet and jump in some classes so they can learn their Deen, that way they can speak about it Deen with knowledge.

  22. Well now we know! You and some of your followers have openly rejected the book of Allah. No more to say!
    Allah said the kaffirs are our open enemy! Now you are saying, you don’t care what Allah is saying, because you and the likes of you, know more and better than Allah(swt).

    Now, watch all your spewing about me putting words in your mouth, and your little buddies coming in calling me names, and defending you. Whatever!

    Samah007 said:
    Halima, if you’ve read my blog any amount of time then you’d know that I don’t subscribe to the Kafir vs. Muslim way of viewing the world.

    Allah said:
    You will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred 58:22

    Allah said:
    The Noble Qur’an: Al-Ma’idah 5:51
    O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as ‘Auliya’ (friends, protectors, helpers etc.), they are but ‘Auliya’ to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as ‘Auliya’ then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust).”

    Okay, so, you have openly rejected the words of Allah(swt). You and your buddies of like mind is smarter than Allah. You are telling the rest of us, Allah is a liar. When he revealed these words, he didn’t know what he was saying.

    Shame on you all! Black Nationalism over Islam. Shaking my head!

    How can you shed the color of your skin? we are not talking about the color of one skin. We are talking about “being a kaffir Black” as well, as Indian Muslims needed to disassociate themselves from Hindu’s, and other kaffirs.

    Well, the Prophet’s job was only to convey the messenger. He wasn’t there to beat the acceptance in people. You carry on defending kaffirism, and blackism and Jamericaism, lol!
    May Allah(swt) guide you to the straight path, or break your back. Ameen!

    Will you post this?

  23. Mags said:
    Every other community is comfortable saying that they are Muslim of Pakistani/Palestinian/Syrian/ Saudi/Sudani/Somali/Malaysian/Algerian descent etc.. and are concerned about the development of and actively take part in the progress of their communities/countries and the Muslim world at large

    The key point here is they are Muslims! No one said you couldn’t be African-American! We are saying “make a new identity for “African-American-Muslim” not put all African-Americans together. Do we say Kasmir Muslim-Hindu? No we don’t.

    Mags said:
    Why do Muslims of African American descent have to forego their concern for their indigenous communities?

    Girl, we are not talking abou that. We are talking about not associating with their shirk. Food and all that other stuff is irrevelant here. We can still love food, as it’s just food.

    We African-American Muslims are always complaining about people looking down at us, and it’s partly because we don’t make a distinction between us, and kaffir AA. We simply have a different lifestyle. We share country of birth, skin color and that’s it.
    Well most of us don’t drink, party in clubs with them, make ho videos, don’t dress like them, stop eating pork and drinking alcohol, most of us would stop with the “n” word. We pray five times a day. They don’t. We fast doing Ramadan, they don’t. We make Hajj and Umrah, they don’t. We have strict halal restrictions on what we eat. What’s so hard to understand in what we are saying here? We dont have children outside of marriage, among the Muslims we get married first before having sex with our spouse. We have a totally different lifestyle. African-American as well as most Americans are used to different foods.

    Mags said:
    will continue to give charity to organizations assisting muslim communities in addition to organizations assisting sufferation world wide including black communities!!!!
    Alhamdullilah, and that’s what a Muslim is suppose to do. No need to say black communities, if we are to give. It should be for a good halal cause. No one is talking about that here.

    The title of this was “My people” and we are saying with the proof from Quran, that simply sharing “skin color, and place of origin, doesn’t simply make someone from your people. Islam was sent so this slave mentality can cease. We couldn’t help were we were born, but we can choice to practice Islam in it’s totality. Rejecting kaffirs is mandatory on all Muslims. If you openly said you dont want too. Oh well!

  24. “We don’t have children outside of marriage, among the Muslims we get married first before having sex with our spouse.”

    Surely you just? Not all or even most black people have children outside of marriage and not all Muslims don’t engage in pre-marital sex or have affairs.

  25. Dear sister, I can’t believe some people are so narrow-minded.
    In my opinion, if you cut yourself off from everyone non-Muslim, how can you spread the message of Islam?
    And whose to say you’re not “on the right path”?!!!

    And who is a “kafir”? Being a Muslim by name does not “guarantee” not being a kafir. It goes by your actions. Quranically, being a kafir shows a range of meaning, from: one who conceals/covers, one who is ungrateful, one who rejects, to one who is a non-believer.

    Regarding 5:51 : this verse is about a SPECIFIC group of Jews & Christians, not Jews & Christians in general. There *are* good Jews & Christians, who are respectful to Muslims and don’t attack our religion.

  26. The great thing about this deen and about life is diversity of thought. What I find problematic about this is not only do some bloggers have a very narrow view, which tries to rob people of their cultural heritage, but I also think it’s quite insulting to Muslims from non-Arabic/Subcontinet regions. In response to “Name anything from african-american or caribbean culture that is halal. Name something!!!”, if you feel this way why are you on this blog period? I can name plenty of things, however I won’t dignify this with a response. There appears to be lots of self hatred amongst some of Jamerican’s blog followers I see. Halima you are highly mistaken if you are going to sit here and try to convince me that all people of color, African Americans in particular are running around fornicating all day and getting drunk all night, that lifestyle doesn’t speak to the entire population. Is this the new brand of KKK, self hatred at it’s finest. Islam has given space for a person to integrate without having to violate a principle of the Shariah. You can don the cloak of Islam and call yourself a Muslim as much as you want and when you look in the mirror you are who you are. I am surprised at such naivety. Islam accepts (and indeed absorbs) the cultures and traditions of other societies on the condition that they do not violate the Shariah. Also exactly what is “Islamic culture”, I do not believe that an identifiable “Islamic culture” actually exists, rather Muslims have their own culture based on where they are from (with the aforementioned caveat of not violating the Shariah), therefore we see Muslims from China exhibiting Chinese culture, so too the Indo-Paks have their own culture, the Turks very much have their own culture (and more distinctly so during the Ottoman period), various far-eastern Muslims and even the Arabs are culturally diverse too and display their own culture. Principially, the overwhelming things and actions in this world are HALAL unless an evidence can be brought to the contrary. With this principle in mind we don’t just throw out culture wholesale, we evaluate, discard what is incorrect and accept what is good. We only have to look at the periods of Islamic conquests to realize that Islam, or rather Muslims (without objection from the ulama), took from the cultures they conquered what benefited and left what did not, the culture then took on a new form specific to that time and place. Ottoman mosques resemble Byzantine basilicas, in many cases that’s what they once were, in other cases the Ottomans employed Byzantine artisans and craftsman. Chinese mosques look like Chinese temples, Indo-Pak mosques have borrowed from culturally “Hindu” (as opposed to religiously Hindu) art and craft, the influences are unmistakeable. Diversity of thought people!! With respect to rejecting Kufr, nothing in what I have said connotates that i don’t reject disbelief Halima, instead quite the contrary so don’t paint everyone with the same brush. What i do reject however is one’s narrow view and disrespect. A muslim I remain of Jamaican descent that I have no reason to deny nor will I for anyone on this blog because your argument lacks substance.

  27. Dear blog readers: I’ve struggled with the whether I should censor/delete comments because I want people of different viewpoints and perspectives to exchange ideas. Clearly, Daud and Aboo are not about “exchanging ideas” but are about imposing their viewpoints onto everyone else. If we don’t agree then we are ignorant of the deen etc. None of their words promote dialogue or understanding.

    For this reason I must officially ban Daud and Aboo who are not only insulting me but other blog readers…

  28. Back to the subject…

    Did anybody notice in the video he said he gets his shirt made while is boy is still laying on the ground? Wow.

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