Ohh, I need to take a martial arts class!

When some Muslim hater or some unwanted person tries to attack me (may Allah forbid, Ameen). I’d love to be able to do this:

Personally, I think all sisters need to take self defense. We no longer have an atmosphere where Muslim women are considered hands-off. When I first took shahadah it was nothing but respect for Muslim women because people knew if they messed with us they’d have to deal with the brothers. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…


7 responses to “Ohh, I need to take a martial arts class!

  1. We started up a class at our Masjid here, so far 11 Muslim women have attended and 6 of us are stated to graduate at Level one in a couple of weeks InshaAllah. I totally agree, ALL sisters should take self defense and we have been encouraging other sisters to come out, it also builds a ton of self-confidence knowing that you can break someones arm or snap someones neck if the threat is there (not condoning violence or unnecessary force, but SELF PRESERVATION)

  2. Serenity Love Divine Earth

    Get a gun.

  3. Salaams Dear:

    I have a nice knife 🙂

    Anyhow, we receive great training by the Department of Corrections.

  4. As salaamu alaikum sister I wish they offered such classes for sisters in my area , I’d surely be there , Insha Allah. As salaamu alaikum

  5. Ms AlleSanDr|a

    I’m grateful we, Muslim women who wears hijab, don’t get stares in my country. U should migrate here 😉

  6. If you want to join a class for self defense, don’t join those non contact martial arts. (like the one in the video)

  7. oh i wish i could do THAT

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