I am SO over…


-T-mobile. Gosh I can’t WAIT to get out of this contract.

-Abayas. Okay, maybe not all abayas but I just don’t see too many that I like. Lately, they all look the same to me. I need something snazzy without being glittery.

-Articles, radio programs, documentaries, books and television programs with titles like “behind the veil.” I was surprised to see that some Muslims have adopted the title for lectures on women in Islam. Are we really serious?

-Lectures about the position of women in Islam. Especially ones given by brothers…

My Google-stalking love. Sorry Cham. I will miss you, you”ll be in my heart forever. 🙂

-Going up to complete [Muslim] strangers and telling them that something they did, said, or are wearing is haram then walking away. Not that I ever did anything like that to someone to begin with. BUT I am SO OVER people approaching me or witnessing people approach someone else. Again, enough already!

-Reggaeton. Nuff said!

-Quran and Hadith wars. You know, when Muslims fight one another over “what Allah says” using ayat and ahadith. Over it!

-Muslims trying to convert each other to their ideology. One of the things I like about the group of sisters I hang out with is that we respect one another’s views (alhamdulillah). This is not to be confused with letting a friend completely fall off the path. Despite what some people think, there are many ideas Muslims can support one another on.

-The Twin Cities. I’ve actually been over it for a while now but I seem to be getting worse. The whole concept of this place (including Minnesota nice) is lacking.

What are you over? (And you can’t say my blog, lol).


21 responses to “I am SO over…

  1. “-Lectures about the position of women in Islam. Especially ones given by brothers…”

    Yeah thats on my list as well.

    One of the things that get on my goat is people who can’t accept difference of opinion. And Ramadan moonsighting/calculations wars.

    And the idea that “unity” equals to conformity. (esp around Ramadan)

  2. Aaminah Hernandez


    i’m with you and Phil!

    i’m also over:

    1) calling other Muslims hypocrites and questionning whether they understood the shahadah before they made it

    2) saying that any Islamic actions that go beyond the bare minimum are a bida… i.e. “i can barely do the five pillars, and it’s a struggle, so if you tell me that i should do dhikr every day, that’s a bida!” or “hijab is all that’s required, so wearing abaya or niqab is a bida! why you gotta make it hard on yourself anyway?” For real, you can choose not to do extra actions, that’s okay. You can not be ready for certain things yet, or not feel the need at all to do certain “unrequired” things – but don’t discourage other people from good deeds, and sure don’t tell them that they are downright wrong for trying to do them!

    3) identity blogging and talking about how “I can be fully American AND fully Muslim” or whatever else. Yes, yes, you can be and are. Anyone who doesn’t “get” that yet isn’t going to get it no matter how many times or ways you try to say it because they don’t want to.

    4) Akon

    5) Fear mongering

  3. – People asserting the notion that all Christians do or should believe in the Trinity and that Jesus is G-d. This is extremely dismissive especially when coming from those who say they oppose divisions in Christianity. Seriously, this is one reason I didn’t ID as Christian for a while. The prevalent view from my experience has been belief in Trinity, complete divinity of Jesus, and believing certain things about necessity of the crucifixion constituted the core beliefs and I do not like automatic association with those views. If you really respect diversity in the faith then do so.
    -corporate media
    – double speak, rhetoric that doesn’t address an issue and sets up straw men
    – music by often times college educated suburban-raised misogynists that creates, markets, and sells a manufactured for profit view of “blackness”
    – Ethnic isles where you can get soap, skin whitening cream, perms, matzoh balls, all the cocoa butter products you can imagine, and refried beans from the same isle (only exaggerating slightly)
    – Use of the word ethnic in general and “urban” when speaker really means black
    – Glenn Beck, obsession with celebrities making news, grades, setting out to study and spending so much time reading blogs/being random it’s more like taking a “work break” from my facebooking and blog surfing.

  4. As salaamu alaikum samah, Iam so over , the lack of support from sisters , meaning for what ever reason some sisters ( not all) can be very rude , thoughtless, inconsiderate and quite unfriendly. I think the is really sad I dont understand where this type of behavior comes from . we must began to support one another. I thank Allah (SWT) that I am not this way nor will I ever change who Iam to become any of these things Ive mentioned above , Insha Allah. As salaamu alaikum(smile)

  5. 1) Narcisstic/ selfish ass behavior under the slogans of “I’m taking care of myself” or “I’ve got to do me” or “I’ve got to put my family first.”

    2) Muslims who bash other Muslims all day long in their critique of Islam. I’m all for clearing the closet but often I feel like the people who do this believe that they have perfected their deen or something.

    3)Feminism. Let me explain. I’m tired of every damn thing that might make one person happy being mocked or made fun of if it doesn’t fit in to the feminist box. Like being married-you’re a tool of the patriarchy. Wear hijab-you conform to gender difference-you’re a tool of the patriarchy and you don’t understand the difference between culture and divine mandate. Happy being a Muslim woman. I dare you be happy don’t you feel responsible for the Taliban’s treatment of women. Don’t you know that in the name of your faith a twelve year old is forced into marriage. Don’t you realize that the only reason you are happy is because you’re American (because American Muslim women are The only happy Muslim women because America is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!).

    4. Hearing the word twitter or tweet every single day.

    5. Beyonce. It’s getting to the point where I can’t stand the sound of her voice.

    6. Weave. For the love of GOD man-do you even know what your REAL hair looks like?

    7. Weave on the babies. No 6 year old needs extensions-I don’t care if it is braids.

    8. Michelle Obama hatred simply because it reminds me that if you are not shaking your ass in a video, singing or finger popping, playing mammy to rich or poor white folks (Oprah I know that you are soooo much more than this-but sometimes you just get on my nerves) people do not know what to make of a strong, intellectual, non stereotypical black woman.

  6. I am so over people with a victim mentality
    I am so over people who lack punctuality
    I am so over meetings with no agenda when no body ends up making a decision
    I am so over muslim women who do offer/return salam, even though they see you with your hijab and know you are muslim… jeez, one umma please
    I am so over people using laptop/pda during meetings then asking questions about things they missed because they weren’t paying attention
    And this is just today

  7. 1)I’m so over brothers from the East coast and their oppressive Salafi movement.

    2)So so over people judging me before they even talk to me..you can tell, they give you the once over and them dismiss you.

    3)Niggardly acting black folks..especially the ones on the bus that act like they have no home training whatsoever!!!

    4)These Muslimahs walking around with these tight skirts and trying to recommend them to other Muslimahs

    5)I’m going to have to agree with you on the Jilbabs, I’m tall as heck and Jilbabs that hit my shin is not the move..I’ve graduated to skirts. I’m also going to have to agree with you on these brothers giving lectures on the rights of woman, WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW ABOUT BEING A WOMAN???? I swear if another brother talks to me about…uh you know Allah gave women..PULEASE! And you promptly try to guilt me out of my rights SUCKA!

    6)These foreign men trying to contact me for marriage, DANG! In case anyone doesn’t know from meeting me or reading my blog…I don’t do accents..period! Oh and old me. I like black men although these negroids walking around got me looking at other races.

  8. 1) Many of the things you listed.

    2) Men.

    3) The rush to find a decent member of the above-mentioned group.

    4) Miss California.

    5) Getting e-mails about swine flu.

    6) “Britain’s Got Talent.”

  9. I am so over people feeling that the hardest opinion is the best/right opinion in Islam.

    I am so over blanket statements being made about non-muslims and christians as if they are the scum of the earth just because they aren’t Muslim.

    I am so over obsession with one’s outer states and not inner states.

    I am so over aggressive and abusive dogma.

    Yeah..I agree with the whole Reggaeton thing..

    I like ethnic aisles in the grocery store because you’ll find Jumex tropical fruit drinks.

  10. I’m so over…

    1) Flat sandals with no support, I can feel the rocks (ugh)
    2) People you love but intentionally or unintentionally put you down
    3) Muslim men who believe patriarchy is a natural and good thing (at least for them) and hide it in the mantle of religion
    4) Male privilege, White privilege, especially a White Muslim men who doesn’t recognize either of these privileges
    5) Feeling helpless
    6) Lack of manners and respect, you don’t have the right to ask personal or intimate questions, it says a lot about the power relations if you believe your entitled to such information as …..
    7) Dry skin
    8) Mean girls

  11. Salaam Alaikum,

    I’m loving these lists. I also hate T-mobile and today is the day I start using my new other mobile company sim. Yippee!

    Here is my list:

    1)Muslims who don’t realise common sense isn’t just halal, it’s actually a sunnah.

    2)Muslims who think that insulting Islamic scholarship is somehow railing against the patriarchy. We need to be more educated about our deen, not less.

    3)Muslims not realising there is a balance between letting a sheikh make every single decision for you and D.I.Y Islam.

    4)Muslims who think that Muslim majority countries are fairyland and have no idea of what the people living there have gone through/are going through.

    5)When you call them out on the above, they say they’re not interested in politics and try to make out this is a stance of piety. Oh, how that bugs me!

    5)Those who think the default state of any Muslim woman is victimhood.

    6)People who talk about Muslims, but never to them.

    7)People who write nasty comments about Freddie Mercury in the You Tube comments section of any Queen video.

    8)Artists saying their own name at the start of their songs. Stop it, it sounds lame.

    9)Being told that pornography is somehow liberating for women and if you don’t agree, you’re a prude. Likewise those who claim sex work is not different from any other kind of work.

    That’s enough for now!

  12. 1. People who generalize and hold their nose so high that they could wear a hat on it.

  13. sistafromanotherplanet

    I am SOOOOO over…

    1. The “haram police”. People who live in glass houses and all that…
    2. The South.
    3. Beyonce. uugggh
    4. All the hype over the swine flu.
    5. White folks with “dreadlocs”. Gimme a break!
    6. Jumping through hoops to make other folks happy.
    7. My mother-in-law. Okay my in-laws period!

  14. Salaam folks

    Just about everything of the above stated plus

    -You can’t possibly American- you Muslim-Where your family from?

    Dang! When did the world start thinking the belly button of the world for Muslims (of the 20 and 21st Century) start and end in the Middle East? That was once upon a time….

  15. Ohh, you guys have some good stuff on your lists. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m also over the following celebrities: Halle Berry, George Clooney, Kayne West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brittney Spears, Ray J (for the Love of Ray J- are we serious?), and Diddy.

    Also over all discussions about Michelle Obama’s arms, the Stimulus package, and Bo, the Obama’s dog. *rolling eyes*

  16. Oh and Xey, I hear you number 2. 😉

  17. Sorry to double post but I forgot some crucial items:
    Sagging pants (especially when they are worn with a belt. That just adds insult to injury)
    People playing music so loud you can hear (and feel) it in your car
    Grills (those jeweled mouth pieces) and multiple gold teeth ( I am not a fan of them at all but my mom or grandma said that in AL getting one use to be something special or something).

  18. HijabiApprentice

    Ooh I’m late but I wanna play.

    I’m over:

    Mommy Wars- SAHM v Working Mom, Boob v Bottle, Natural Birth v Drugs/Csection. Don’t judge folks.

    Hypersexualized Celebrities- Are Leotards (aka Onesies) the new outfit? Sex tapes. Nudie pics. (okay this is judgey but still)


    Being overweight- Nuff said.


    Ash- I’ve had to become the ash police for my family.

    People making things harder than they have to be for themselves- that used to be me.

    People thinking SAHM = eating bonbons watching soaps etc. News flash I actually work and it’s hard.

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  20. All the above and:

    My husband’s socks in the living room!!!

    Sisters not responding to salams when in public, as if by me saying Asalamwalaikum I was blowing out their cover!!! DUUHH you are wearing a Hijab!

    I am actually over the whole Hijab debate, period!

    sisters telling me that the hijab should not be too colorful!!! Why did Allah (swt) create all these colors for! I don’t remember colors being mentioned in any aya or hadiths (please correct me if I am wrong)

    Muslim men who see you in a hijab and still want to shake your hand or even hug you, seriously!

  21. I’m so over:

    1. Caring about what Somalis in my community think about my dress…they can trip on their long skirts for all I care (p.s I’m Somali:=) )

    2. Abayas – Why are they all black and cheap looking? In the middle east maids wear the designs they have here.

    3. Trying to be “over” religious, I want to stay normal and balanced.
    4. Minnesota -it’s very cold and not very “nice”=)

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