I’m Grown


How do I know this? Because I actually had a conversation with a friend today about something that has been bugging me. We were able to discuss this topic without anyone becoming defensive or denying/invalidating the other person’s feelings. We talked it out and all the misunderstandings were cleared up. I’m happy I said something. I’m also happy she responded honestly and openly.

Why do I say “I’m grown?” Because when I was younger I probably wouldn’t approach my friend. I’d just “let it slide” but in the meantime I would be harboring hurt feelings. Eventually those hurt feelings turn into anger or resentment. As an adult I understand the importance of confronting problems head on. Ignoring them will not make them go away. They only grow; proliferate. I recently had training on conflict resolution and deescalation for work. Insha’allah, I’m definitely going to put the training to use not only at work but in my personal life. Besides, every personality test I’ve ever taken says that I have a tendency to engage in win-lose arguments (which is probably why so many people think I should be a lawyer) and I know it’s true. I’m trying to work on it though.


One response to “I’m Grown

  1. You grown because you handle your business and because you say you are!

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