You know you live in the hood when…

your neighbors are grilling chicken (on a very large grill) every weekend and you find out the delicious bird is actually part of a side hustle. That’s right, my neighbors are selling barbecued chicken on the weekend.

How do I know this?

I had returned from the gym one day and found that there were absolutely no parking spaces on the block. I circled round and round becoming frustrated as time went on. After about 15 minutes I found a spot and parked. As soon as I stepped out the car the smell of barbecued chicken assaulted my nasal passages, causing my stomach to growl. I could see smoke rising from over the fence. I ran into another neighbor (let’s call him Randy for clarity’s sake). During the course of our conversation I wondered out loud whether there was a big party going on next door. He informed me that our neighbors were actually selling chicken. He guessed that the city would be all over them soon because they do not have a permit to sell food. I nodded.

As I made my way to my house, sure enough, I noticed people, money in hand, forming a line, to buy their chicken. I could only shake my head and chuckle to myself.

This morning when I was leaving for work I nearly tripped down the stairs because I was staring at a large object planted on the neighbor’s lawn. What was the object? It couldn’t be…it was…it can’t be. Yep, a ceramic chicken! ROTFL!!!!

I can’t knock the hustle…



10 responses to “You know you live in the hood when…

  1. ghetto-fabulous, lol

    one of the brothers at my masjid BBQs at the gas station down the way and also on the grounds for sale after jumuah, mashallah!

  2. Salaams, it doesn’t look like ceramic to me. Yum. Oops, is it halaal?

  3. Dang-that picture looks good! LOL @ the ceramic chicken! Marketing 101, baby!

  4. OK, I like to think that I am gentrified but I must admit, if my neighbor was selling some Jerk chicken, would probably catch me in line to buy especially if they were selling it with hard dough bread or can’t knock the hustle, gotta luv it.

  5. Ok, I didn’t grow up in the hood, but this brings back one of my favorite childhood memories. There was a jamaican doctor who lived down the street from us, and for the block party every year, he made jerk chicken. That was the best darn chicken I ever had.

    *adds jerk chicken to the list of foods I need to learn how to make*

  6. Dang, I should barbeque this weekend, that chicken looks mega good.

  7. that looks amazing.

  8. Lol! Well, that’s something that’s new to me. But, I love chicken. So I can’t blame ’em.

  9. Now why did you have to attach that photo? I am sooo homesick for some Jamaican food right now!!!

    Do you know what I find interesting?

    I have been a few places outside of Jamaica, and I have never experienced the food of the places visited through smell. In Jamaica, I swear, you walk around any community around dinner time, an som breed a smel lik yu yu si! You can taste the foods!!! I remember when I used to drive home from school on the minibus…we had to pass by a jerk center (the best in Jamaica, I swear- Misa Brown, near Sandside St. Mary), and when the smell hit you man!!!

    I’m salivating at the memory 🙂 I’m going to stop. hehe

  10. hey man. if i can bring my own zabiha meat for them to throw on the grill i am not mad at all.

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