The Long Weekend

What’s up people? As salaam alaikum!

I’ve been enjoying the long weekend and chillin’ with my friends. One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is conversation. I love having conversations with people who are willing to take it below the surface. If there was a central theme to my weekend I’d say it was “How can we build ummah/community life?” I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s going to be more than one thing (some unpopular and some controversial); polygyny, early marriage, the coming together of like minds, challenging leadership, letting go of old grudges, having honest conversations without condemning, judging or invalidating, ridding ourselves of the baggage we carried into Islam prior to conversion and/from other communities and so much more. I’m actually feeling optimistic.

Aside from that, I went to “Next Day Air” with my friends this afternoon and it was hilarious. It’s not for the kiddies though since it was gory and contained some cursing. I was surprised by the deep message though.
Oh and I have a new celebrity crush:

omari hardwick



9 responses to “The Long Weekend

  1. I hope you post a little about what you guys talked about! It’s always nice to hear what young Muslim woman have to say.

  2. Who is this hottie ? lol

  3. He is HOT.

  4. sabrina, it was actually men and women discussing the subject. I’m amazed and pleasantly surprised.

    Naima, that is Omari Hardwick. He played Shavoo in “Next Day Air.” Google him. I think I’ll be watching his upcoming show on TNT just for the eye candy. I”ll be lowering my gaze though. 😉

    Kalimaat. He is, he is…

  5. I’m wondering what you and your friends had to say about polygyny… Do you all think more of these marriages will benefit the ummah?

  6. My two cents…No polygyny is not benefitting the Ummah because these brother are out here, lying, deceiving and not handling their BIDNESS! They forget that lying is a dispicable act. It’s not about helping the sisters out, its about the new booty that they are trying to get. BUT, sister, they wouldn’t do it if we didn’t allow it. They wouldn’t do it, if the new sister wasn’t walking around with her nose in the air like she’s the chosen one forgetting that how she hooked him is exactly how she will lose him.

  7. oh and that Omari…entirely too light for me, now give me Derek Luke, Ya Allah, I drool over that man.

  8. Found your blog while looking for him and yes he is quite a delight for my eyes to gaze upon. I saw next day air as well and kept asking my “date” who is that man? My date was like “damn you all on that brotha’s d@#%.” Needless to say that was our first and last date.
    Anyway your subject matter other than Omari Hardwick was also very intriguing I would love for you to expound upon that a little further perhaps….

  9. He’s yummy! Astagfurllah…

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