Random Thoughts & Goals


-Why did my high school boyfriend (pre-Islam) come into the Urinalysis Lab at work today? He was taking a court-ordered UA (drug testing). I didn’t ask…It’s a small world indeed.

-Speaking of non-Muslim guys, seriously I need to beat them off of me with a stick. What’s really going on? An example: I was minding my own business walking through the skyway and this handsome guy, dressed to the nines in a tailored suit winked at me. He chuckled when I looked at him in confusion. Then he winked again.

-I want to spend time working on my novel. I’ve started and stopped so many times. I’ve also changed the plot and the storyline. Whatever the case this character will not leave me alone. Don’t think I’m crazy but sometimes I hear her- in my mind- telling her story. I’ve heard writers speak about this phenomenon before…does this mean I’m becoming a writer then?

-My character is actually my alter ego. (I promise you I’m not crazy…just little weird at times. 🙂 )

-Sometimes I feel like an “Alien Muslimah”. I’m just so different from most of the Muslimahs I know. But this started before Islam. I’ve always been different. Not weird different but different nonetheless.

-I realize I need to get back to studying. I mean Islamic studying. I don’t see why I can’t commit to at least one hour per week (starting out). I’m thinking I can spend the time doing anything Islamic; listening to lectures, reading Quran, reading other Islamic books, or watching something that promotes Islamic learning. Insha’allah I want to make the effort starting July 1st.

– I also want to spend more time in the gym. I’ve been going regularly but I want my time to be more frequent. I don’t remember if I told you guys or not but I utilized my free appointment with a personal trainer and she designed a work out just for me. It’s actually quite fun. I’m thinking of taking Yoga as well. $38. Can’t beat that…

-Did I tell you Amanda Diva (pictured above) is my alter ego?


6 responses to “Random Thoughts & Goals

  1. How do you know he isnt Muslim? You should have winked back just to see his reaction.

  2. Salaam,

    I think the non Muslim dude loved the challenge, has little to no respect for any women, and was egotistically thrilled by your facial expression of confusion. Yeah, he took you by surprise, he knew it too, saw you first and baited you. What a jerk.

    Too bad you didn’t have a cup of hot coffee in hand to trip up on his crap-a** tailored suit. Cuz, don’t ya know, everybody’s sh*t stinks, even his, or especially his, in this case.

    Peace Out. And kick A**, or Tailored Suits, whatever the case may be.

  3. I’m not crazy either. Like you said, just a little weird 🙂

  4. Did capoeira ever work out for you? And the character development for your novel sounds amazing. I’m sure that means she’ll be very well rounded and believable. I’ve also heard that often when people have to work hard to convince others they aren’t crazy, they actually are. I’m certain that’s not you though.

  5. You are such an amazing and thoughtful writer. YOU ARE A WRITER! I am looking forward to meeting your alter-ego and reading more of your work, insha’Allah.

  6. Assalam walakum,

    This blog is a very nice blog, I have found it very beneficial to know more about islam. Thanks for sharing the information.

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