My sister, her boyfriend and I were in Walgreen’s and I happened on this little gem:


All I can say is WOW! Why go on Maury Povich when you can visit your neighborhood Walgreen’s and cop one of these babies? (No pun intended). SMH…


5 responses to “Really?

  1. Sis,

    I saw the same thing before….also they have the home baby sex gender test ( to tell you boy or girl) and the at home hiv kit……all i have to say is wow……..


  2. Sister Seeking

    Salaam’Alaikum Sister,


    Sign of the times!


  3. Hilarious!! Wow, AIDS tests and now this. What next?

  4. home baby sex/gender test?Really? Wow.
    The wonders of science. What’s scary is that I get the feeling a home IVF kit may be in the works, or a home surrogacy implantation kit. What’s even scarier is that some people will need these and someone is going to have to pay out $119 (or at least half) b/c they and/or their partner didn’t take the responsibility to wait//use protection and contraceptives/be faithful/not get involved w/someone they didn’t trust or who didn’t trust them, etc.

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